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Kylee's ass would say a different thing from gay cowboys...
ain't so bad...hum heheh
@Quadrant: Distance really sucks.You are so right
Oh god just admit how much u like kylee
I hope you get better soon! I will check your youtube channel i am sure its awsome
I cant believe kim is doing that.Thats a lot being a asshole
where is the next chapter? T^T did something happened and we will have no chapter today?
Kylee he doesnt own you satisfaction but i know how is to wait someone when u expect this person to bring food so i dont judge you hahaha
i wanna see what kim will answer
this scene is just so dam pretty i cant stop looking
is kim the kind that do it and then run away?
ownt haha he was already missing him
fuck they are such good friends.I COULD NEVER EVER DO THAT
i feel like i am an asshole but i would say no
@Ruby sparkz: I am from Latino America so thats why for me dulce de leche is a very specific desert and has nothing to do with caramel,but i guess that maybe if you are not uses to it ,it can be similar?
He has no probrel about being a drag.There is nothing wrong about it Strawberry haah i love it
@Ruby sparkz: Nop its not,Caramel is not dulce de leche, o.O
wow!I thought Kylee would be the dominant (as bottom or top he seems like a dom!) but Kim is just...rocking it!
BUT KIM WHAT DID U JUST MEAN WITH "I doubt it"?! Sweetheart!Take care with the person who is currently HAVING SEX with you U^U
Oh gosh i hope Kylee will be fine or be able to handle it!I now many people couldnt handdle such a "horse" dick HAHAH
awnttt <3