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is kim the kind that do it and then run away?
ownt haha he was already missing him
fuck they are such good friends.I COULD NEVER EVER DO THAT
i feel like i am an asshole but i would say no
@Ruby sparkz: I am from Latino America so thats why for me dulce de leche is a very specific desert and has nothing to do with caramel,but i guess that maybe if you are not uses to it ,it can be similar?
He has no probrel about being a drag.There is nothing wrong about it Strawberry haah i love it
@Ruby sparkz: Nop its not,Caramel is not dulce de leche, o.O
wow!I thought Kylee would be the dominant (as bottom or top he seems like a dom!) but Kim is just...rocking it!
BUT KIM WHAT DID U JUST MEAN WITH "I doubt it"?! Sweetheart!Take care with the person who is currently HAVING SEX with you U^U
Oh gosh i hope Kylee will be fine or be able to handle it!I now many people couldnt handdle such a "horse" dick HAHAH
awnttt <3
HAHAhAH Discussion about food is the most important in every relationship
e.e whats happening with poor Milk?
awn i would be the client petting him forever
STRAWBERRY <3 Caramel will be so happy i think
awnnn Coffee cares about Milk <3
awnnn Coffee <3 u have the friends from the cafe
he is so bitter !But sweet at the same time <3