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I made this account to keep up with and find BL comics. :v
That 4th panel has real "I love you...bitch" vibes.
do not do that
That 4th panel, with Asoro being a cutie patootie supreme, balanced my checkbook, made my crops flourish and fixed all of my split ends. My God...
bless this page and narrative,with all its implications aaaaaaaaaa
Phury,in the last panel: "Harry Potter and the audacity of this bitch."
my sweet sweet boys,bless them 💖💖💖
**gorges popcorn*** aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
**gorges popcorn*** aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
All this sweetness is gonna give me cavities. aaaaaaa
Really loving your art style! UwU
MY BOY!!!! D:

Also: congrats on your bday!!! Hope you have a really nice celebration!!!
This is like **thee** most perfect exanple of "they said the devil would be tempting" if I ever did see one. BOIIIII

Goddamn,but seriously: I am so in love with how you're building up this scene and just how well-thought out it is!!! What a treat!!! 💖💖💖 Like yeah,I wanna see them at it but I also really wanna see Aiden and Freudian Wyatt's interaction. Like,boi: this rabbit hole is wayyy deeper than what you were ready for,son.
I MEAN yeah, it hypes me up!!! XD I just mean that it also looks so dynamic and so well composed and executed!!!
That last panel is giving me life!!!!
@sleepingpoppy: @everything: stop hurting my SWEET BABY 🔪🔪🔪
Ngl,I'd be sad af but I get it! Do what works best for you!
o w o