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Out of the Blue will return on November 24, 2017, so I can make the next few pages in advance, and start my other nuzlocke comic.

uugggh finally
I got sick of colouring in the lineart so we're back to black
...And, that's a wrap! I'm very excited to start Chapter 1!
September 27th, 2017
Coming November 17, 2017!
I couldn't be bothered drawing speech bubbles cause I really wanted to finish this prologue off.

Also, here's a basic hierarchy of this kingdom that the Tentacool is in:
Panel 1: That won't be necessary.
Panel 6: ENOUGH!!
Panel 7: I can take care of it when he arrives in Hoenn. Your work here is done.
Panel 1: WHAT?!
Panel 3: I see. Go on.
Panel 4: Is there anyone else in the house? That's all?
Panel 5: Hmm... Hoenn?
I should probably mention that the Ancient Hoenn text has different symbols for capital and lowercase letters.

WHO'S THAT POKEMON? It's Tentacool!

Did you know that Tentacool are capable of cheating death by restarting their life cycles? They can only do this when they're fully evolved, however, and can repeat this as many times as they want.

Tentacool are highly intelligent Pokemon who communicate via telepathy, as they lack of mouths. Supposedly, they can control the minds of other beings. Their main targets are politicians, because that will make it easier to manipulate human societies, and rule the world.
this page is bepisy but whatever it'll be better when the prologue is over with
@FinalFanatic: I'm working on it
New artstyle, new cover.
Just a heads up, the next few pages are going to be a little shorter, since I'm trying to be like the professional webcomic artists and make a buffer. I'm going to try to update the comic on Tuesdays and Fridays! When I'm done with this chapter, I'll start drawing longer pages again. Plus, I'll be able to stop worrying about trying to get the pages done on time, and focus on my other art (and Splatoon 2!)
@ZHODY the delfinator: That's weird, the link cut off for some reason. It should work now. Thanks for letting me know!
To avoid any confusion, I recommend reading the history section of Aidan's reference sheet.
I slightly altered the lore. The next part may not be out for a while.
I forgot to mention this earlier, but I'm restarting the comic!
@ZHODY the delfinator: I'm rebooting the comic.