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I'm a small gay transboy and i'm just making comics for practice and fun. Feel free to message me or comment on my comics if you have any questions <3!
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Fuck man this whole page had some seriously killer art behind it. Kudos hot damn
God, I just adore your expressions and style. It's so pretty
I trust fish with my fucking life
I love the way you draw and color wood textures
I'm back wow! I meant to have this up earlier in the day but I had to run some errands with my mom so it fell to the side. I might change my update day to Monday but for now I'm back!
I apologize so much for this not only late update but weird canvas sizing. My computer was throwing a fit when I tried to save it as a png to the point I just had to screen shot it because it just would not save. I'm going to make sure the issue is resolved before the next update. Sorry!!
Time for things to start getting darker >:3c
I have had barely time to work on these lately I'm so sorry. I might take a small hiatus to build up pages but for right now I'm trying to handle the fact that school ends for me in a bit over a month. i promise during the summer my pages will be of higher quality.
Sorry for the one color back drop but I just did not have the spoons to do this page. I've only been home three days this week and I'm dying.
Ahhh I love this. The way you draw Markus is so lovely!!! My gay ass can't handle it haha!
I'm trying to put more time into these. I'm hoping to have a couple more pages done for next weeks update since I have spring break to do a lot more art.
I meant to have two pages done for today's update but I am literally leaving for a Panic! At the Disco concert in less than an hour and there is no way I'll have the second page done in time.
I just realized I haven't left a comment on this comic yet!! I'm really enjoying this so far and I can't wait to see where this all goes!!!
First Page!!!
I've been wanting to launch a comic for like two years now and I finally got the motivation to do it yay!!