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Lord Z
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This died ages ago, I'm afraid. =/
Hmmm...because he was annoyed of all his author comics becoming crap? Why else would he comment about ABP?
Lol at the bit under it.
Zkechz likes blowing things up. =D
The author list is full, in case you haven't been looking at the top of the page.

Angel: It's called "Zkechz's Intro" for a reason.
It looks like a Tar Chaos, but it's not. I just tried to make it look like some dark creature.

And, there should kinda be a new banner. =)
Angel: I'm presuming that's an insult... -_-
Yessums, I'm back, and with a new character! =D

But I'm afraid Zhecks and Ziggs won't be starring no more, though. Sorry. =(
You haven't told us why Adria's wearing a chicken suit! D=
Happy Belated Birthday! =D
I'm still waiting for a certain background. Sorry. =S
Happy Belated Birthday! =D
100 bucks on the guy with the cool comic maker thingy. =D

50 bucks on the guy who watches One Piece. =3
Lite: There were Tarentateks in KOTOR, weren't there? As enemies in that planet?