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April 12th, 2019
I think I know where this is going
I hope things work out, for everyone.
I was also like, “screw prom, I’m staying home” as well. I didn’t really make any friends at school, and I didn’t wanna be around all those people, so what was the point in going. I just did what I had to do to get my diploma, and so long to everyone at my school.
Really hope she’s able to make it.
We’re almost at the big prom.
I LOVE SMASH. Greatest crossover series ever.
Yay let the rain flow.
I can’t wait til Smash comes out. So I can unlock and play as her.
I also agree with Julie
That’s real.
Ok I understand. Moving can be rough. I love to help but I’m not really great at drawing people.
Purple Haze Feedback
Wish I had that kinda luck, in catching Pokémon I want
I ship it.
I actually kinda like this
Sweet. JoJo fancomic. Never seen of of these before. Let’s see where it’ll go
Sweet Chapter 9
Can’t wait to see her brother
I’m actually autistic myself and I get stressed around people
By far the best comic I’ve ever read
Thank you