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Beryl & Tree met in their first year of college and became friends second year. Beryl majored in Biology and Tree majored in Environmental Studies, but they were both always writing stories on the side. They decided they wanted to make a webcomic together while still in college and developed a few stories before settling on doing a nuzlocke comic first. Beryl and Tree currently live in NYC with too many cats, frogs and a hedgehog. Beryl handles the majority of the writing and internet stuff while Tree does most of the artwork.
First Bonus Panel!
No NGP update this week so please accept this silly bonus comic based on this classic( by turbles( about how Silver feels when you pick Totodile as your Johto starter. It’s one of our favorite little comics and pretty much encapsulates Azophi’s feelings on this latest turn of events.

Anywho, we had fun with this and are going to try and make it a thing. Leave us some dank memes or refs in the comments if you think they'd be fun/applicable.
We're back and the starters and trainers are finally together! It's official!
We should be updating every Saturday/every other Saturday for a while.
There are so many feelings flying around on this page. Azophi alone is experiencing at least six.
I love how happy Hau is right now. What a mush.
Azophi, this isn't a wedding. You can't just bust in and yell "I object!"

Side note: Tree has a cat that does this all the time.
@GrinningWolf24: The Rowlet has chosen!
And you can see the answer now that the next page is up! We hope you enjoy the direction we've taken.
Thanks! We had a nice little break. I hope your holidays were good as well!
@GrinningWolf24: Thanks! I love owls and barn owls are a particular favorite. Tree kinda wanted to stick closer to the original borb (and who can blame her) but I managed to convince her with a few mock-ups of this design. We both wanted something sturdier for Litten and we both have cats so we've got good models on hand. And then Tree LOVES seals and sea lions so Popplio had to be an absolute unit. I think we went fur seal pup for him. We wanted something equally goofy but a little more cumbersome than the original to contrast with the other two.
And thank you for this great question! We'll be posting those answers next week hopefully.
@GrinningWolf24: Welcome back!
Mauna is the buffest and I love her.
Thanks we will!
We’re back folks!
Sorry about that unexpectedly long hiatus. Life just be like that sometimes. But our schedules should be a lot more open in the coming months so we will try to jump right back in to our once a week update schedule.
I love Silver's mouth getting smaller and smaller. And that Totodile looks tough!
Poor Jilly just getting completely bamboozled into doing all this stuff. I love how cool Bartleby is with everything. What a competent and curious little bean. The tone of this comic is fun and I laughed in a couple places. The expressions in general are great as well. That prologue and Jilly not being sure about pokemon talking certainly left me with some stuff to ponder. I’m enjoying this comic so far and looking forward to more!
@WriterRaven: Everyone needs an absolute UNIT in their life
The Units
I wonder which one Azophi wants. Hmmm.
It's NGP's first anniversary! YAY! We didn't quite make it to our goal of 52 pages but at least we've finally met the starters!
Leave a question for us or any of the characters here or on any of our other sites below and check out the extras!

It is time
Azophi is totally fine and not panicking internally.
Early Rise
Guess which of these people is not a morning person.
Can you spot the author and artist on this page?
Under control!
And by "we got this" he means stepdad's got this, but whatever! Pokemon adventure is a go!
The Verdict
Geez Azophi, don't make him so anxious!