I sead it before I'll say it again your comic is well worth the wait and I hope your motivation restores in full because this an amasing comic your a great wrighter an amazing artist and i absolutely LOVE this story. Please take your time and continue!!
June 19th, 2017
I only remember CU's I have to babby sit on Mondays lol so i get it.
I live him like this lol
im having a nose bleed just trying to imagion what's going to happen
I think I see where its going. Hint hint lol
June 16th, 2017
i love that last sentence omg im dying!!
please enjoy your break and try not to work too hard!! cant wait till your off hiatus!!! "sob sob" cry's in the corner.
@Micahjjg: omg!! wow lol
@clemcat: your comment makes me think of Jeff Dunham!! lol
yay cant wait!!
June 16th, 2017
wow he looks so much younger in the last panel!!! i realt like it!!
@Typo1024: his name is chip or do you mean the baby dragon? i can never remember his name
gosh pushing him is one thing but i think you just shoved him over the edge!!!
you haven't even really started with the story and i already love them!!!! :)
and that would be me lol
Nooooo I got to see this!!!!!!!!
Yes please just like always forget the shirt;!
Congrats on page 100 can wait to see more of this amazing story and art!!