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January 7th, 2019
Hello ! I'm a french fan, and I can see some mistakes in your sentences :3
When she says "I bet that you were forced to leave me" it's more something like : "Je parie que tu as été obligé de me quitter" and the sentence "Why wasn't I enough" would be more "Pourquoi n'étais-je pas assez bien, hein ?" Because in French "pourquoi n'étais-je pas assez" isn't enough ... It's like something is missing in the sentence !

( And I'm sorry for my bad english :'( )

(Btw I really love your work ! <3)
Taylor will be raped because he wasn't conscious of what happened .... isn't he ?
OMG, I just shed my tear when I saw the situation in which he is ;; It's just awful. Poor little guy ... hope so much that his situation will get better !
I just wanted to know (to be sure too) if we want to have some notifications, where could we have it ? If we follow you on Twitter ? :)
@Bloodingheart: I will read it now. I can't wait to see the following chapters !
How can you do that ? ;;