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I like Kirby, Animal Crossing, Pokémon and other franchises!

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@pixlyJolt: If I did one of these author-Megas, would I make a mega of my avatar or Pokesona?
I’m gonna draw everyone’s Megas because I can.
@pixlyJolt: You’re welcome, ask me anytime!
@pixlyJolt: That’s a great idea! I also thought of including Fusions not shown, such as some of my old ones I could dig up.
This is so cuuuuuute!
These comics are genuinely charming.
No idea, but it’s a good drawing nonetheless.
Happy birthday!
@Flaming_Eclipse: Thank you! Yeah, it's pretty great!
I got a little creative...
@pixlyJolt: You hold on the right to of the comment, then click the little arrow.
@pixlyJolt: ...and sorry for forgetting the stats on this one. I included stats on the other pages though.
@pixlyJolt: I did. I used a little program called IbisPaint X on my mobile device. I just went from there.
Ability: Levitating Weapon

“Ground and Water moves will not affect this Pokémon.”
@thebradyiceeevee02: I wonder who it could possibly be... Hmmmmmmmmm...
Inspired by Brady’s “You can’t keep me out, Brady”. Anyone can post one, there isn’t even a continuing story. It’s just for fun.