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Aquarius (2/11)

I am a super weird, super crazy guy who has weird OCs and makes cringy art and comics. Read them, if you want.

Mishaps of Dreamland was my first comic ever, and it has NOT aged well. Only read to see improvement.

Q&A for MoD has now evolved into BestBuilder101’s Q&A! Ask any of my OCs a question, or even me.

And finally, Poyo: Life with a Blob? is a comic that usually has my day-to-day life in strips.

I’m also a co-author for a LOT of comics, such as Life of a Comicmaker and Kirbeh Wrold.
That’s about it, catch you on the Flipside!
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Wow, you actually kept this going!
That's commendable!

...that or I have a (poopoo cuss) memory to get things done.
My grand return is another KIRBEH WROLD comic! Woo-hoo!
I can explain-
Second comic up and running!
@Rocatex: Atleast your charging socket isn’t broken so you have to swap batteries every 10 minutes

*gestures to own computer*
@WiispNightmare: You can REVIVE IT.

If you wanted to.
These comic strips are sooooo goooood.
Unrelated but I’m desperately trying to find a voice-to-notes thing and I can’t find a good one

I’d say “Skipping in the Snow” or “Blizzard Bounce”.
This comic series is so gooood, man! Thanks for posting it here!
Hey, Pixl, it looks like you get REALLY MAD in RPs, why is that?
Yep, I have. But I don’t know, should I post my stuff here?