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Double Update!!!
I was unable to update again last week, so here's another double update!
Double Update!
Hey, guys!

I'm really sorry for missing the update last Saturday, so to make up for it here's a double update!!!
@MTZPyrakidsWolf: I prefer the way his arms look when they're blue. I'm fine with them being peach in the genesis games, since it would be hard to see them otherwise with so few pixels, but when the Sonic Boom redesigns made his arms blue I liked it far better
i was almost late but i got this done on time hooray
merr chrsmas
it holiday time hooray

enjoy some sanic
woo new payge
im hoping to speed up the amount of updates, but I promise there will always be a new page every saturday.
here we go
o snap baby boys time for my sanic camic
@Johne116: i have absolutely no idea what you just said. Cheers regdrthdrthr