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About me:
Dislikes: anime, teen-fiction novels (like Divergent), lawn mowers, four sided dice, historical romance novels, lame tarts, Hitler, cooking

Likes: hailing the almighty Satan, Teletubbies and Teletubbie amv's, the German Unification movement, eight sided dice, rabbits, music, people, exercise, being 16
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Love your art style!
Aubrey wants a snack mmmm
Oooooo creepy creepy
That color palette is amazing! Congrats on six years of making this amazing comic!
woah, really nice job on this page! It looks beautiful!
Sorry was gone so long, guys! New comic pages will be coming out soon!
August 7th, 2017
@Ahjones: Ooo he should be fun to watch
August 6th, 2017
I love the character design! Chaser looks like a cool dude
You're art is so pretty!
awwww Cosima's hair is so cute!
woah, jesus christ. when he killed that dude it made a pam sound.
Love your art style!
I love the look of this page! The coloring is amazing.
good god they're adorable. I love rabbits
The cover looks amazing! I love the colors!
Happy Birthday!
to me. I'm 16 now! (:
Here we go! (:
All feedback is welcome. Tell me if there is a grammar or spelling mistake and I will fix it immediately.
A friend gave me the idea and title for this comic a while back. I'm putting this online so my big brother can read it as he is going through college and stuff. I will hopefully start it soon during the summer. Thanks for reading, and I hope you like it!