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Dislikes: anime, teen-fiction novels (like Divergent), lawn mowers, four sided dice, historical romance novels, lame tarts, Hitler, cooking

Likes: hailing the almighty Satan, Teletubbies and Teletubbie amv's, the German Unification movement, eight sided dice, rabbits, music, people, exercise, being 16
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    Heather Rose Quadrino
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August 7th, 2017
@Ahjones: Ooo he should be fun to watch
August 6th, 2017
I love the character design! Chaser looks like a cool dude
ooooooooooooo mysterioussss
You're art is so pretty!
awwww Cosima's hair is so cute!
woah, jesus christ. when he killed that dude it made a pam sound.
Love your art style!
I love the look of this page! The coloring is amazing.
good god they're adorable. I love rabbits
Wow your art is really dazzling! Can't wait to read it!
The cover looks amazing! I love the colors!
Happy Birthday!
to me. I'm 16 now! (:
Here we go! (:
All feedback is welcome. Tell me if there is a grammar or spelling mistake and I will fix it immediately.
A friend gave me the idea and title for this comic a while back. I'm putting this online so my big brother can read it as he is going through college and stuff. I will hopefully start it soon during the summer. Thanks for reading, and I hope you like it!
I love the look of your comic!
I love your cover!
Ha! That's my type of smiling.
I love the way you drew the eyes!
@cookyroach: awww thank you, my cookie loving friend!