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I know this is a work of fiction with good dollops of reality mixed in, but I am super curious about just how much reality is in this particular scene. Like, curiosity just killed the cat, but it can't help but come back and investigate further curious. Like, Curious George looks to be in a vegetative state due to being so uncurious in comparison to just how curious I am right now.
Michelle's face is perfect for that comment. Happy belated birthday Mr. Twist. If it helps at all, there are years I forget it's my own birthday until someone reminds me.
They be speaking the universal language there.
Not even a little ready. These are friends I don't want to lose.
Yeah, those events are just as much for the parents as they are for the graduates. Although I totally get Lauren's feeling of "I need to be not here right now."
Ah, good old Kevin, he makes the best lagers.
panel 4
I both love and appreciate the levels of personal sarcasm it takes to muster up that face Peter puts on in such a moment.
Mr. Twist, good sir, I just reread the first few pages on a whim and I couldn't help but notice that on page three you mention faces you'll never see again and right next to that is a picture of One Inch Punch with Wiley's face blocked by another photo. You sir, are a master of foreshadowing!
is it just me, or does anyone else check the site 5 days a week for new pages, knowing full well what the upload schedule is and that on two of those days, there will be no new page?
This is just not a good night for anyone. Just about everyone is in the wrong somehow. A friend once told me a culture I am unable to remember had a curse, "May you be cursed with a justifiable resentment." Seems like that is in full swing all around here.
Started on page 1687. In romantic Junkies, I believe the chapter was We are Stardust. I may have gone back to look that one up... I have a life outside of this comic, I swear!
I hope book 8 is a long one, because it's hard to imagine this wild ride coming to an end.
One of the many things I love about the comic is the depth of the characters. Mulligan is quite often an ass (aren't we all). By his own admission, he and Wiley didn't always get along, but damn it, he's human. The kid had an amazing voice, and in his own way, Mulligan respected him. I can't think of a character in this amazing piece of work that feels flat or one-dimensional. Well done Mr. Twist, well done.
Them boys
Aw hell, the best stories are rarely about decisions that turn out well in the immediate aftermath. Few people love to regale their audience with the time they said, "No thanks Phil, I can't go out drinking this evening. I'm going to put in these unlogged hours at the office to finish up this expense report nobody will thank me for even though it is a Friday night and I'll never get this time back."
Except Gary, but nobody likes Gary anyway... He knows what he did!
As hard as it is for people you love to exit your life forever, as much as you always wish you just had a chance to say goodbye, what goodbye would be enough? Is there really a way to say goodbye to someone like that forever? And amidst all of that, you still are required to worry about something as mundane as rent.
That glare
I honestly totally get the look of complete disdain Peter is giving the phone in panel two. I absolutely feel the same way about the phone ringing most of the time. How dare someone interrupt my existence, even if I am doing absolutely nothing.
I get it
Heck, even as a guy, shaving or trimming my beard down from it being really thick and long is actually strangely cathartic. Even if I'm just feeling a bit listless or slow, it can make me feel cleaner and somehow more motivated.
To be fair, it was pretty shitty of Greg to all but hold Peter responsible for Christo's actions. Honestly, as long as both Christo and Jackie are both old enough, he doesn't have to like what choices they make.
@Gibson Twist What can I say, I have an oddly good memory for some of the most random things. Besides, overall, I really enjoyed that moment in the story.
Damn it, was it because of Lauren and Sam again? Can't we just leave their relationship (issues, problems, success, and happiness) as parts of the very dynamic nature of human relationship? Things can be seen differently when viewed through individual lenses. Even if someone is "at fault" or "doing something wrong", that's part of being human. We don't make the right decision all the time, if there even is a right decision. Even the best of allies to women will probably do something that could be seen as misogynistic by someone else. LGBTQ allies will do something at least mildly -phobic at some point. It doesn't make us good or bad on its own, it makes us human.
And on that note, it's a work of fiction. As if any rant (including my own) or tirade will in any way change the story beyond making Gibson lose all faith and stop telling it (please, for the love of any and all deities you may or may not believe in, don't stop telling the story). To paraphrase and appropriate Christo, can we just be people? Can we just drink beer?