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If you had
One shot, one opportunity!
Come on Slugger, we're getting the band back together!!!!!!
We're on a mission from God
We're getting the band back together.
Oh boy
As with everything else, there are different levels and circumstances. Very few things exist in a black/white dichotomy. Yes, sometimes people need to leave, and leave now. Yes, sometimes you need to cut people out of your life entirely. But things like this walk that blurry line. On the one hand, yes, it could be argued that people deserve to know he is at least alive and ok. Do they need his address or number if he doesn't want it shared? Hell no. That's almost never ok. Life is messy, and that is one of the things this comic has so brilliantly portrayed. Everything from the tragic death of Wily to the relationship between Michelle and Christo is shrouded in layers of circumstances, what-ifs, prior experience, and personal prejudices. It can be easy and convenient when things are neat and clean-cut. Rarely is it ever so. Can we ever make the completely "right" decision? Will it ever not hurt someone or leave someone feeling the worse for what we feel we need to do for our own well-being? Shit man, if I ever meet the person with those answers, I wouldn't know if I'd even want them.
Thanks for pointing out the page Kotire! I saw it the other day. Also, congrats Gibson and Rori!
Wait, I think I see what you saw... 2nd panel?
That face
I know that face and feeling all too well. The one where you suddenly see a very real ghost.
You had to do this to us, didn't you? It's almost like you planned it. My guess is Michelle or Patrick. God, why do you have to be such an enchanting bard?
This is adulting done right. There is still pain, still hurt. They probably don't really want to see each other at the moment, but they can still talk and be civil and laugh. If only things could always go so well.
Relationship goals right there
1: I definitely strained my eyes before finishing the comic.
2: I'm so happy to hear that there are other people who call it the head. Yay nautical terms!
People like Al are the best. Sometimes you don't even know their name and they don't even know yours. But that doesn't matter, they don't care and neither do you. All they see is a person who's "alright" and that is good enough. Just willing to be nice or lend a hand. Cheers Al and all those like you.
Definitely Hallelujah
Peter looks damn good. I'm a comfortably straight man, and I'm still splooshing.
Holy crap, was there just a respectful, informative, and non-hostile exchange of ideas and information on such a topic on a public internet forum? Great gadzooks, this may be a major milestone.
But in all seriousness, further proof that this community is fucking awesome and awesome fucking.
I know this is a work of fiction with good dollops of reality mixed in, but I am super curious about just how much reality is in this particular scene. Like, curiosity just killed the cat, but it can't help but come back and investigate further curious. Like, Curious George looks to be in a vegetative state due to being so uncurious in comparison to just how curious I am right now.
Michelle's face is perfect for that comment. Happy belated birthday Mr. Twist. If it helps at all, there are years I forget it's my own birthday until someone reminds me.
They be speaking the universal language there.
Not even a little ready. These are friends I don't want to lose.
Yeah, those events are just as much for the parents as they are for the graduates. Although I totally get Lauren's feeling of "I need to be not here right now."
Ah, good old Kevin, he makes the best lagers.