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That glare
I honestly totally get the look of complete disdain Peter is giving the phone in panel two. I absolutely feel the same way about the phone ringing most of the time. How dare someone interrupt my existence, even if I am doing absolutely nothing.
I get it
Heck, even as a guy, shaving or trimming my beard down from it being really thick and long is actually strangely cathartic. Even if I'm just feeling a bit listless or slow, it can make me feel cleaner and somehow more motivated.
To be fair, it was pretty shitty of Greg to all but hold Peter responsible for Christo's actions. Honestly, as long as both Christo and Jackie are both old enough, he doesn't have to like what choices they make.
@Gibson Twist What can I say, I have an oddly good memory for some of the most random things. Besides, overall, I really enjoyed that moment in the story.
Damn it, was it because of Lauren and Sam again? Can't we just leave their relationship (issues, problems, success, and happiness) as parts of the very dynamic nature of human relationship? Things can be seen differently when viewed through individual lenses. Even if someone is "at fault" or "doing something wrong", that's part of being human. We don't make the right decision all the time, if there even is a right decision. Even the best of allies to women will probably do something that could be seen as misogynistic by someone else. LGBTQ allies will do something at least mildly -phobic at some point. It doesn't make us good or bad on its own, it makes us human.
And on that note, it's a work of fiction. As if any rant (including my own) or tirade will in any way change the story beyond making Gibson lose all faith and stop telling it (please, for the love of any and all deities you may or may not believe in, don't stop telling the story). To paraphrase and appropriate Christo, can we just be people? Can we just drink beer?
Sometimes it can be all the worse for not having the big blow-up.

Also, shoutout to Axis and Allies!
Damn man, thanks for sharing. It's that kind of thing that is the absolute worst. Where nothing you could have done could change things, but for whatever reason you keep blaming yourself. As Mr. Twist said, I'm glad you are getting better and forgiving yourself. That's a long-ass road to travel.
Well said
Lauren shows a very surprising understanding of this whole thing. Surprising for anyone, not saying I don't expect insight from her.

...and I'm expecting things from fictional characters again. Damn, but you are good at what you do Mr. Twist.
To Khalid!
You gotta love the people like Khalid. Those that slave away the long hours in the kitchen and fuel our plans, plots, schemes, and the aftermath of all our bad decisions. Salt of the earth they are. Cheers to you Khalid, and cheers to you Mr. Twist for spreading the love.
Pretty sure that is the universal look of disappointment that says, "Damn it! I forgot to put anything between the bread again."
Everybody was...
Ebenus, that is exactly where my mind went as well.
Well said Mr. Twist. Indeed, I think the words "we were all assholes some of the time" could pretty much be the motto of many a group of friends.
Right there with you Arcana. Hindsight likes to think it is 20/20, but it can sometimes just be torture.
@ Wusel
Thanks, it's my own two cents from personal experience. It's tough for everyone with these things. The hardest thing to realize sometimes is that as much as you want to, you can't help someone because you simply don't have the needed skills and tools.
You raise excellent points. And I completely agree, Mulligan is definitely not a considerate or nice individual. As I mentioned, the mushrooms definitely didn't seem to help things at all.
All in all, it's a work of fiction with roots in reality. Short of Mr. Twist giving us an in-depth report on the actual events and how they tie into the comic, we'll never know the truth of things beyond what we see and draw from it.
Thanks for the back-and-forth anyway. Good to see the comments section is again becoming a place for civil discourse.

In Mulligan's defense, he isn't a great person, in fact, many might describe him as an ass, but it's not like he gave Wiley any special negative treatment (maybe my memory is skewed, forgive me if I am wrong). I'm not defending how he acts, but I've known people kind of like him, and honestly, the fact that they even take the time to remember you or interact with you is their own level of respect. He cared in his own way, as cliche as that is, and he was definitely hit hard by his suicide. People are complex and freaking weird creatures. The way we interact with others is not always straightforward. Not calling him a great person, but he definitely cared about Wiley.
As for the mushrooms pushing Wiley over the edge, I doubt that. It certainly didn't help it seems, but things like the symptoms Wiley showed can show up over time and are often repressed for years without seeking help by those who feel like they have no support network or like what they are going through is taboo. Between being disowned by his family, the social anxieties of being gay, and the mental health issues he clearly had, it was a recipe for disaster of some kind. Avoidable if you have a good network of care and people around you that are equipped to help, but he had none of that. As much as Michelle loved him and looked out for him, she just didn't have the tools needed to help him. The levels of care for mental health patients we see now (at least in the US, I don't know about Canada) are relatively recent.
That lighting though!
Thank you
Mr. Twist, thank you. Thank you for making a character with mental health issues real, whole, and multi-dimensional. Thank you for showing the struggles faced by not only them, but those around them. Thank you for showing people's attitudes and thank you for showing the struggle with medications and therapy. You took what is too often a trope, a flat character model, or a stereotype and making them a person, actual and whole. It validates and acknowledges a group of people that in many media portrayals are ignored or placed in a box.
Damn though, but how that layout of panels naturally builds the tension and sets the sequence of events.
Also, I think it is really cool that after all this time since the comments were taken down (not unfairly), I can still recognize some of the names on here. Gotta love that strong community.