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I like whales
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Also, apology for not being great at getting these out in the past few days
this is the reason why I've had trouble getting them out. I've been hanging out with friends a lot before I go to Canada so I didn't have much time to plan these past few comics. Sorry :(
Sorry this one took so long
I was at a friends house and I didn't get enough sleep, so I was napping for quite a while.

so this one is kinda lazy
I'm a bit late to the party
but oh well, at least it's still relevant
this is almost a true story
I've been watching little witch academia all day, I almost forgot to do a comic!

(don't worry, I've eaten)
Bzzdroid all the way
@BestBuilder101: lol idk i think smackjeeves messed up, I uploaded from my phone on cellular so it probably got confused
Lol how did you forget your password

Also why are you questioning anything in this comic, at this point bumble can literally do anything, he went to space, got back to earth and survived.
Sorry this one came out late
I ran out of ideas and I wasn't able to think of anything good today so I decided to just remake the first one. I should have some more Ideas by tomorrow.
@Taco's fun times: just be glad you can't pause and see long bean bumble
Tacointhesea's links