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just re-read it all because i'd forgotten.
love iiiiit!
so, yeah, i'm reading it i s'pose!
You are indeed the cat's pajamas.
Fo' Sho'.
Heh, just had to slip that in there.
Ahaha, this made me chuckle.
My second/third cousins are from Australia, I love it over there, we chased Kangeroos and tried to catch yabbies but they were all asleep.
Tis a lot different to England....its sunny for starters.
My fursona is a highland cow because my fringe looks like theirs aaand their horns rawrk.
That's so cute!
March 29th, 2008
He's rather forward eh?
Its always how confident and spunky the littluns can be. x3
Talk about suprise.
At least the title makes sense now =D
Bo always seemed kinda princely in a weird, quirky way.
Cats have their ways.
Strange and slightly spazzed ways, but yes, they have their own methods of doing things.
Its so embaressing when your tummy rumbles in class, especially when everyone is silent.
You capture movement very well!
I do so love this comic.
Can't wait for the next page!
Lick his hand, lick his hand!
That's what I do...though you don't know where that hand has been.
No wonder Ak's hungry though after what happened last night =P
I like Bo's little tail ^^
Ohhh, prettyful!
Yay! The next Chapter.
The first was a blast so the second should be a blast and a half =3
The colouring is of experteeeeee standard.
awesome, i likey.
those first four panels are cool beans =3
he's so cute. i've just found this comic and i've fallen in love with it.
tasty stuff!
geez, i could do with those skills for my art class. i hate human form so much and my attempts suckkk so i just end up throwing it away.
what a waste of tree.
in other words, i likes it very muchly ^^
I liiiiiike
Good work =3
D'aww, look at his ickle face =P
Oh Nu!
Chain him downnnn

D'aww, poor cats =(
You've had a tablet for a shorter time than me and you're already really good. Hmm, I need more practice.
Anywho, its great =3
Love Saja's expression in the second panel by the by.