I'm just a simple girl who likes to make comics, sooooo yea

Want more pictures? Look at Deviantart! StarJBlackheart is my name on there too

Wanna read the stories before they become comics? Look up StarJBlackheart @ wattpad.com !
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@Calz like no other: Her base is 10 Deviantart points -- i made her as a YCH :D
@WildfireK: <3 Its a YCH i made and decided just to use it as refs lol
xD I dont mean it @Shadow but WCs dont have magical powers

Its just something i dont like reading
@WildfireK: Ye but WG isn't really true warriors
@ArionArts: I searched all of this place before i posted Star Cross and im like :O I CAN BE AN ORIGINAL--

we need to make some sort of story together--first two WC comicers in this website--
good to see im not the only one writing warrior cat comics here XD