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hey y'all, it's me. i'm australian, i'm biromantic ace, i'm multifandom trash, and i'm very very confused about things like taxes and history. i draw things and play video games and like funny stuff. i am not good at any of these things but i do them anyway. i might put things here, i might not. who knows? not me, because i'm barely functional. yeehaw.
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as somebody who has made similar-looking pizzas before, i can confirm that it will not cook right through.
oh fuck, they're glowing! this character is definitely important!
[that picture of the dude yelling no]
so long, rippedgull. your meme that only i ever thought about or participated in for like 3 days will be missed by one person (me) and nobody else
tfw you accidentally start arguing in the group chat instead of dms
love the chapter so far! the scenery and lighting in this mystery world is very cool.
@TerrytheTeryx: i'm going to edit wingull to have machamp's arms
i realise now that everyone is probably in their pokeballs, hence the bag, but my first thought was 'wow that wingull is SHREDDED' jgjnbjgfnkjf
@Mopruk: hey op i think that this comment is considered a war crime.
do as you will with any legendaries and mythicals, but please for the love of fuck don't hurt my gal virizion hhfjngb
a little suggestion - the text on the bottom isn't aligned quite on the centre, and parts of it are cut off on the right. while it's still legible, it throws the viewer off a little having it so close to the edges. i'd recommend moving it up and to the left a bit.
gotta say, i'm loving these campfire pages. they all have a very cosy feel to them.
can't wait for the sick lore that's about to get dropped! after all, it is the unwritten law of fiction that whenever protagonists relax around a campfire, the sickest of lore shall invariably get ever so incredibly fucking dropped.
i warned you about those stairs bro!!!!! i told you dog!!!!!
just @ me next time
@UndyneLover: 1. thank you! i drew it a while ago and it's honestly one of the only things i've drawn that i still like vgklfjbnlgk
2. i regret to inform you that your comment was, in my timezone, posted at 6:12. hand over your crabs
very cute page! i love the panel layout. it's unique and fun to look at, but doesn't sacrifice readabiltily (important for people such as myself, a dumbass illiterate bi). i also love how expressive everyone is here - there's a lot of variety in the eyes and mouths that compliment the dialogue nicely.
it's great to see kishi come out of her shell, a little bit at a time. detaching herself from sasha is a good representation of this nervous willingness to make friends (that may not have been intentional, but whether or not it was, it's a nice touch for those who like to comb everything in their path for hidden meaning (english teachers)).
day 35 of waiting for my girl rose to have but a single line of dialogue..... please i love her bnkfnkjnfj
[kishi voice] heylilmamalemmewhisperinyaear-

it's lovely to see all these characters again! hopefully they'll all develop into a great supporting cast. so far just looking at them and their expressions/body language/dialogue etc. gives a clear first impression of who they are - airri is outgoing and friendly, rose (babey girl!!!!! babie!!!!!) is a quiet observer, and toby is stoic and hard to impress. it can be a challenge to communicate even basic information like about a character so quickly, so the fact that you've managed to set up all of their personalities so quickly is really good writing!

as always, the art is beautiful, and your shading ability never ceases to impress me. the only criticism i have is on kishi's face in the bottom left panel - her eyes, mouth, and dialogue are all communicating somewhat different emotions (eyes and speech both say nervous, but mouth says bedroom), which is a little confusing to look at. i know from experience that getting expressions down can be a bitch, but keep trying! it's just a matter of finding that balance.
@TranshumanAr: [victory jingle plays as emily falls through the timestream and routinely fails at very simple decision making]
oh god, she's adorable jhkfljhfgkj
this is a really nice page! i love the way you draw kishi's eyes, they're simple to look at but so expressive (and frankly adorable).
i have to say that my morning today was something abhorrent, mainly thanks to The Epilogues (if you don't know about those, then god i wish that were me), but seeing this cute little page really cheered me up. i especially love the last panel - it's not only well drawn with some great use of body language with kishi, it's also adorable to see how much she's already latched onto sasha as someone she wants to trust.
@Zosonils: whoops, double commented by accident there. anyway, i'm going to poland and starting a new life under a new name
i really like the shinier shading! a suggestion, though - it looks fantastic on characters like sasha who would naturally appear shinier due to scales/etcetera, but the old, softer shading is arguably more fitting for fluffier characters such as toby. i recommend mixing the styles up to have each character look the best. either way, it's a really nice style, and the page itself looks really good!