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hey y'all, it's me. i'm australian, i'm biromantic ace, i'm multifandom trash, and i'm very very confused about things like taxes and history. i draw things and play video games and like funny stuff. i am not good at any of these things but i do them anyway. i might put things here, i might not. who knows? not me, because i'm barely functional. yeehaw.
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lulu: hey guys i'm gonna go make some french sticks in the oven! i'm taking a nap though so someone wake me up in five minutes so i can flip em over
sasha: lulu it's been five minutes flip your sticks
lulu: snzzzzz

shitposting aside, lovely page as always. i agree with nintenduck on the last three panels, the simpler style is really nice to look at and helps to break up the page visually for less serious moments. i imagine it's also a lot easier for you to draw, lmao.
when the dust clears topaz is just lying completely knocked the fuck out on the pavement
what's this? a communication error for drama actually being resolved in a timely, realistic, and reasonably un-frustrating manner? it is like fucking christmas up in here.
i really like the way you've done the shading here! it's a fkjghfdjkillion times cleaner than it was when i first clicked into this comic (ah, the dark era of espurr kishi.....), and the colours are much more nicely balanced. you'll have to tell me what you did with the shading layers, especially on sasha and the last panel with kishi's fantastic oʌo expression, they look amazing! and pass my regards on to your friend who did the backgrounds, too, they look great!
i really like the way this page is set out. maybe it's just that 15 pages of fairly dialogue-based storytelling wore me out (not that the dialogue heavy pages are bad, of course, it's just easy to get tired of them after a few weeks lmao), but i love the completely silent storytelling here. this is usually where i would add in the constructive feedback that typically comes with my long-ass rambly comments, but i honestly can't find anything to truly critique here. it's a fantastic page overall. keep up the good work!
holy shit it's mega meown
@Zosonils: shitposting aside, lovely page as always!
(crystal voice)
nice to see you back in action, even if it'll be less frequent.
i'm calling it now that an espurr is at least a minor antagonist, if not the villain of the whole dang story. giratina? darkrai? yveltal? [rich disney villain spitting noise.] pathetic. but espurr? that thing..... that thing scares me.
chanel looks so cute!!!!!
'aye kishi check out my sweet pride pin'
joking aside, very nice page! i like the glow effect on crystal a lot.
@Sakarime: the representation i need.....
the intelligent analysists of this comment section: mewnium z? is that a mewnium z?
me, a fool: bjhkdjfbnjsdhhjhj bi pride flag

lovely looking page! i really like the way the outlining looks on crystal.
oh my god i already love cooler kishi
mysterious glowing effects! video games have taught me that anything that glows is important. hmmmmm.....
ahhhhh, i love fennekin! kishi is looking super cute, and hopefully she'll also be more enjoyable for you to draw now!
ten bucks says that we turn to see george looking utterly distraught
December 21st, 2018
@Sudux: mate, that affordable healthcare is on your side. no danger noodle, eight legger, poison seabag or pointy fish can do any damage to you that can't be fixed right up for the low price of bugger all. so yeah, come on down under, we have an entire desert's worth of space we can use to squeeze you in.
i'm calling it now that he's showing her something that george drew.
honestly? big mood
November 1st, 2018
i cannot BELIEVE i almost forgot what a damn cutie patoot ky is...