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I'm an Australian girl who likes drawing, writing, playing video games and staying up too late every night for about a year now. I'm trying to get into making comics, but I'm no expert. I like Sonic the Hedgehog more than is reasonable. I also like The Legend of Zelda, Undertale, and Steven Universe, along with some other cool trash.
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Do my own two eyes deceive me? Or is Atty giving Rat some positive reinforcement and/or validation?
It is truly a most joyous day.
Well, Maria and Rudy are here, and not being shipped off to Gays Don't Exist Camp or something, which is good. But with what their parents know now, we certainly aren't out of the woods yet...
I gotta say, I really like this interpretation of Underfell. There's genuine character development and cute stuff in it rather than it all just being an edgy ball of hatefulness where barely anybody has redeeming qualities. It's a refreshing change of pace to get the edge with a side of people being at least somewhat nice.
January 13th, 2018
Based on what we've seen from Maria and Rudy's parents, I'm concerned.
i cant believe sans undertale is fucking dead
December 28th, 2017
@Jingle Belle: ah so the unfortunate implications were intentional

what the hell is up with your country dude i am so sorry
December 27th, 2017
As somebody not caught up enough with American politics, not fully knowing the context leaves some unfortunate implications with this.

Then again, Trump being in any position of power has unfortunate implications of its own.
It's been great.
*sobs quietly*

This is quite possibly the single most well-written, nicely drawn, and emotionally moving Nuzlocke comic I've ever read. The ending was bittersweet, and I think the comic in its entirety has easily made me cry enough tears to fill up my entire (embarrassingly expansive) collection of Sonic the Hedgehog-themed mugs. And I love it. Thank you so much for writing Myths of Unova. It's been a wild ride, one filled with twists and turns and lots of tears. But it's a ride that I'm so glad to have gone on.

Thanks for creating this. Merry December 25th. And until we hear from you next, have a good one.
Enjoy your holidays! Personally, I can't wait for Moonlight Wanderers - I got a copy of Ultra Moon for Christmas (in australia everybody is in the future) and it'll certainly be interesting to see the gen 7 story through your comics! I hope you enjoy your christmas and have a fantastic new year!
I relate to Delta on a spiritual level.
Man, seeing Pear always cheers me up.
That being said, DR no don't do this.
Atty. Please. Go to sleep before you literally die.
George, stop leaning on the fourth wall.
George, sweetie, you've been in Vermillion City for like eight years now.
Pear has returned!
You darn millenials and your artistically incredible, amazingly written fan comics. Back in my day, we only had the shitty Crayola pictures of Pikachu that our younger sibling wouldn't stop drawin'. And we liked it!
@Indyblackmage97: this is hands down the best comment conversation i have ever had. A pleasure to exchange puns with you, good sir/madam.
@Indyblackmage97: Perhaps we should Light-en up on the puns now. It's hard to come up with these Quick enough, Man. And as for the poor people who might be reading these... their limits must have been Met by now...
@Indyblackmage97: ayyyyyy

I must confess, I'm running out of puns. I'm really going to be in Treble if I can't think of something else...
I actually heard it was F sharp, not F natural. Oh well, the more you know.
@Indyblackmage97: eyyyyy

I have to say, it was pretty Wily of you to come up with that one.