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I'm an Australian girl who likes drawing, writing, playing video games and staying up too late every night for about a year now. I'm trying to get into making comics, but I'm no expert. I like Sonic the Hedgehog more than is reasonable. I also like The Legend of Zelda, Undertale, and Steven Universe, along with some other cool trash.
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Pear has returned!
You darn millenials and your artistically incredible, amazingly written fan comics. Back in my day, we only had the shitty Crayola pictures of Pikachu that our younger sibling wouldn't stop drawin'. And we liked it!
@Indyblackmage97: this is hands down the best comment conversation i have ever had. A pleasure to exchange puns with you, good sir/madam.
@Indyblackmage97: Perhaps we should Light-en up on the puns now. It's hard to come up with these Quick enough, Man. And as for the poor people who might be reading these... their limits must have been Met by now...
@Indyblackmage97: ayyyyyy

I must confess, I'm running out of puns. I'm really going to be in Treble if I can't think of something else...
I actually heard it was F sharp, not F natural. Oh well, the more you know.
@Indyblackmage97: eyyyyy

I have to say, it was pretty Wily of you to come up with that one.
I wish that Mega Man was the one here so that I could make a 'Rock candy' joke.

...Guess I'll have to find something else to Bass a pun off of.

i am so sorry.
shit this got dark all of a sudden
What an asshole. He's great.
Enjoy yourself on break, see you later.
At least Atty tried his best.
@The_mad_one: You win the internet for today, good sir.
@Rana: i didn't hear it until you pointed it out what have you done
Thanks for the update. Hope you're feeling better and that everything is going well for you. Remember - this comic is great, and I'm sure that plenty of people could back me up on that, but your mental health should come first. Keep up the great work, no matter what work that might be exactly. Drawing comics or keeping yourself happy, both are things that everybody here wants you to do. Don't give up! <3
Silly Thad. Of course it's all about Atty, he's the definitive main character of the story.
I hope that my tears taste delicious. Because in recent updates, there have been more than enough to go around.
love your work, tho.
I don't know if the joke was intentional or not but the whole 'pumping iron' thing is kind of funny to me because, y'know
they're robots
or maybe I just made the conclusion because I'm addicted to puns. Both of those explanations work.
Great page as always!
Ten bucks says that Rudy's doing something he should absolutely not be doing at the moment.