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I'm an Australian girl who likes drawing, writing, playing video games and staying up too late every night for about a year now. I'm trying to get into making comics, but I'm no expert. I like Sonic the Hedgehog more than is reasonable. I also like The Legend of Zelda, Undertale, and Steven Universe, along with some other cool trash.
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please go to sleep atty you need it
(in jontron voice probably)

what the FUCK
I can't tell whether the other members of the club are devastated or thrilled to find that George is leaving, and I don't know which one is funnier.
"I'm so sorry, Alexandria. But the grass here is just too long. I'll have to pause our conversation to cut it down and neaten it up."
Every time we get a shot of Atty's face I remember just how sleep deprived the poor guy is.
March 3rd, 2018
Is she cis and just a little confused? Or is he trans? Who knows? We sure as hell don't. There are just too many goddamn curveballs in this storyline to ever be certain of anything.
I guess that considering the kind of reactions some characters have had to these sorts of things, this isn't going all that bad so far.
February 28th, 2018
i really hope colette doesn't turn out to be homophobic or transphobic i really like her so far and it'd be a shame if it turns out that she's not actually that great
Is the following chapter going to come here in French, or is the French version published somewhere else? I don't speak much French, but hopefully I can find a translation software of some sort that can help me follow the story.
god damnit todd get your bitch ass away from that perfectly nice-looking background girl you glass of fucking orange juice
stick around
also who's the douchebag spamming up the comment section lmao
February 7th, 2018
*cracks knuckles* alright todd get over here you goddamn carrot looking piece of shit you don't talk smack on some of my favourite webcomic protagonists like that and get away with it
January 29th, 2018
Maria is a good girlfriend, and I am very proud of her for being brave and confident in the face of homophobic bullshittery.
oh no! how will they escape this situation?
the suspense is just unBEARable!

take away my commenting priveleges
Do my own two eyes deceive me? Or is Atty giving Rat some positive reinforcement and/or validation?
It is truly a most joyous day.
January 15th, 2018
Well, Maria and Rudy are here, and not being shipped off to Gays Don't Exist Camp or something, which is good. But with what their parents know now, we certainly aren't out of the woods yet...
I gotta say, I really like this interpretation of Underfell. There's genuine character development and cute stuff in it rather than it all just being an edgy ball of hatefulness where barely anybody has redeeming qualities. It's a refreshing change of pace to get the edge with a side of people being at least somewhat nice.
January 13th, 2018
Based on what we've seen from Maria and Rudy's parents, I'm concerned.
i cant believe sans undertale is fucking dead
December 28th, 2017
@Jingle Belle: ah so the unfortunate implications were intentional

what the hell is up with your country dude i am so sorry