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@Truefan108: Thank you! I'm working on the next parts, so please look forward to them!
@Allieluigico : That's probably his mood alskdsdmks But I must say that Fia's not a 10 years old girl though. She's a fully fledged adult!

@Rubombee : Oh fuck, oh shit. It'll all be ok!
@Truefan108: Aw, thank you so much! I'm glad that you're into it so far! :D
@mrjacob77: Sure! Pinwheel clause is a clause that allows you to catch more than one "first" Pokemon from locations that have two or more areas with same name but different environments and sets of wild Pokemon.

It's called Pinwheel Clause cause Pinwheel Forest in Unova is the prime example of it. You have the Pinwheel Forest outside area with the puddles where you can encounter mons like Sawk, Throh, Tympole, etc. and then the inside forest area where you can encounter Cottonnee, Venipede, etc. So if the Pinwheel Clause is applied, you can get one first Pokemon from outside the forest, and another one first Pokemon from inside the forest.

In this run's case, it's for
- Route 210 (the area north of Solaceon until the cafe and the foggy area)
- Route 212 (the rainy area and the clear area)
- Wayward Cave (the real and the hidden cave)
- Mount Coronet (the areas between cities and towns, the northern tunnel and cavern that you can access late in the game, and then the one outdoor snowy area on top).

I hope that explains it owo)b
@LKWayvern: Ahahah, glad to hear your thought about it! It's always great to hear people's theory or impression about it because it's been just so varied and really fun.

There should be more lores incoming. Please look forward to them! 8D
@LKWayvern: Hello, thanks for coming by and reading my comic! ;;w;; Sorry for not replying sooner, it took me a while to figure out SJ a bit. But yeah, I decided to cut the opening (because the events are mostly similar to canon) and jumped straight into the heart of the story. I'm glad that you enjoy it and please look forward to more! ovo)b
@Anike469: Thank you, Anike! I just edited the site's look (with a help from Mouse) and I'm excited to show more ;w;)b
[It's Been 3000 Years.jaypeg]
So here is our man himself, guys. It's been ages since I want to be like, say his name outright and now I can do it sobs. It's Sirius, yes. Say hi to Sirius.

Anyway about this update, it's absolutely meant to replace the scene where we met him in Lake Verity at the beginning of the game, but we skipped those, so... a brand new scene where I have the liberty for Fia to land on his moobs. Yes, I channelled my whole thirst into this update, yes.

This will be good from now on.

Special thanks for this update goes to MouseWithADinosaurTail (again) for helping me proofreading my update!
Some Worldbuilding Notes I guess XD
<ol><li>Pokecens tend to have their own hostel rooms, but they get crowded easily, esp in high season (spring, which is when most kids starts going on their journey if they decided to skip school lol), and they always prioritize younger trainers, so a lot of people in the cities w/ gyms open their house for some sort of homestays or BnBs kind of thing, which is what Fia was doing. </li>
<li>Who walks between cities when you can get on trains? Sadly even w/ trainer discount, intercity magnet train is still expensive (you can google shinkansen ticket price for comparison) so in the end u gotta walk then (or get on bus to actually get you to the train station, but I guess you gotta watch geodude roll race first and accidentally fall over the cliff)</li>
<li>Mar is a goode. </li>
<li>When you're a fan artist, literally nothing can stop you for drawing local food stuff into your comic. </li></ol>

Special thanks for this update goes to MouseWithADinosaurTail for helping me proofreading my update!
So anyone here guessed that...
...I got wiped by Roark? #...

I'm not sure if I conveyed it really well, but I pulled a bullshit clause on it since this run was actually my first Nuzlocke ever along with my first Pokemon game after 13~14 years, hence I thought I... might deserve that bullshit a bit? |D;; On story side, this event also helped me forming the story around the involvement of Sinnoh legends, so that's a silver lining because lord, Sinnoh legends are so much fun to play around with.

Special thanks goes to MouseWithADinosaurTail for her help on proofreading this update!
Psyduck is so cute it's illegal
So we jump straight ahead into the story! There's a reason why I decided to skip those 13 updates entailing the original beginning but we'll save it for the next update XD

Special thanks for this page goes to Nuclear-Smash for her help in this update!
The Beginning at the End
I started this game on February 9th 2016 and finished it on March... 11th same year. Since then, I managed to develop its stories and learned a lot of stuff. Honestly that page took over one year to make which is kinda sad/hilarious, but I guess I eventually got there XD I started posting this comic on August 8th 2018, which would make it the comic's anniversary.

Anyway early note, I took huge creative liberty in writing this story. For one thing, I don't actually have shiny Giratina in my run. I made them shiny for aesthetic and story deliverance purpose. Same goes with pink Distortion World, which was inspired by this piece here. I changed a lot of things too so... expect to see more modified canon here? XD

Shout-out for this update goes to my betas, Raycchan, the creator of The Outliers and PiyoStoria of the Pi and Pea's Adventures fame. Special thanks goes to Emilianite for her kind help in motivating me to work on this page ;w;
At beginning I didn't have anything else besides the basic two Nuzlocke rules but along the way I adjusted my rules with my gameplay and this was... the final rule, I guess? Some "mercy" rules I guess made this more of a Nuzlite rather than full fledged Nuzlocke, but ay.

There's one more secret rule you'll find out soon enough.
Hello everyone!
So after a while, I finally got around to upload my comic in Smackjeeves. SJ's specific cover formatting has made me put this off for a while but here we are!

The run's title is taken after a song by Sound Horizon titled Namida dewa Kesenai Honoo which translates to.... roughly the title of my comic, yeah. XD

Anyway big shout out to my betas of this comic, Raycchan, the creator of The Outliers, and PiyoStoria, the creator of Pi and Pea's Adventures.
I love that whole panel of the laughing kids. Your Torchic are so adorable!
Nooooooo the poor azu bab it's so scared ;; glad Quentin saves the day!
I saw ukulele
He's going to put that into good use, isn't he? *A* Oh man, Roland and BB are the best.