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This is another one of Midnight-fox18's accounts, which I never really used except for now, with the purpose of keeping TEA safe.
Not that I don't like TEA, it's just that I don't feel that this spectacle of a comic should be on my main account's profile. Putting it on this profile helps me to feel less like I'm claiming responsibility for someone else's work.

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this is my favorite page
k i think thats enough comments we are done here bois
another character is alice the alolan vulpix and im love her
shes gone through a character revamp recently. shes a very tender and kindhearted girl, but trouble is, shes an aristocrat as well, being born into a wealthy family. this makes her very naive, and concerned about rather trivial things, which is a stark contrast from a lot of other characters who have had to deal with much hardship
another character i have is malik hes a linoone and hes so edgy yet wonderful i love him
too bad he’s technically an antagonist
not that hes bad (he actually would be considered heroic in the eyes of many people) but the definition of antagonist is someone against the protagonist so the definition screws him over despite being a good person rip
uhhh idk what to say now
shit and i still need to add more test comments
oooh another fun fact milos and zoeys parents play a significant role in the story their names are naomi and lucius
Naomi is midnight lycanroc, Lucius is arcanine
like i changed zoeys sexuality to homosexual
ive been questioning milos sexuality too?? but idk what its gonna be yet so hes just questioning for now
should i reveal a major spoiler in these comments that no one will ever find
i think i should

zoey is gay
hhhh these recent comments are going to appear on SJ’s news feed aren’t they
Oh well
That ES RP community is pretty dang active they’ll probably wipe my activity off the feed soon enough
SS is kinda sucky mediocre but whatever i love my children fight me
honestly even though this account is used for TEA people still wont find it because we’ve all moved on to TFM which BTW is an awesome comic i love
no one will suspect shayrock shinx hehe now my site can remain hidden
okay ive gotta redo all my recent comment code test thingies because my awsomdoge account was used recently
Good news!
The Eeveelutions Adventure will be starting again, in a reboot called The Fourth Moon!
There, the world and characters of TEA shall return once more, enhanced by Eon’s more experienced drawing and writing skills this time around!
Come check it out here!
So, my unbiological sister, EeveeEon, has started a new comic called Hey. It will be quite different from TEA, (it's not a pokemon adventure comic) but if you wish to support her work and see what she has in store for this comic, then check it out here!:

And from what Eon has told me, TEA will not be continuing, even though she is getting better bit by bit. I think she wants to move onto other works now, as she continues to grow as a writer and artist, and I respect her decision.

... So yeah
Middy out
-moonwalks away-