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My dude has a HARD case of the feels
Fuck's sake, Jay... XD
@Guest: One hundred percent xD
Does it make me a bad person that I was hoping he slept nude? XD
Do what you need to do! I look forward to the paperback!
Finally made it through to panel xD
Okay, I know this posting is just for storage...
...but I'm a newcomer to this comic led here by recommendation to the site that no longer supports the images. So as a first-timer, I have two things to say:

1. This series is absolutely adorable and I'm loving it more and more with each page.

2. My reaction to Amal was pretty much the same as TJ's XD

"All I wanted was one thing, and you DENIED me!"
- Shere Khan
@Kimmikala: Seriously? Now I have to go back and comb through the pages, because I missed that. Brings me to a deeper level of sympathy XD
This build up is killing me...
Don't deny yourself, Howie. We know you wanted to look xD
Last panel is so hot XD
@midgart: HUZZAH!
Aaaaaand there we go.
Huzzah for the main story!
Love Hiro's face in panel 3
@Kevin_Redcrow: Wait, #66? Are we still in Sunkissed or back to Crushed?