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I really love the premise of your comic and your art is top-notch, however you do this thing where your pages seem very full and heavy and that ruins the flow of the comic. The main characters we (the audience) follow blend in the background and it all becomes mushy and unreadable. I would advice you to think each time you draw a panel "What do I want to highlight here?" or "What is important here?" and make it pop rather than become one with the background. I hold no ill will when I say this, I just know that you can do better.
*Sniff* *Sniff*
Do you smell that? Shit's about to hit the fan.
Interesting... very interesting e v e
Precious. My eyes are sweating.
That's amazing!
Really admirable that you're not going to cave into peer pressure. I love this story and it's character, it's so vibrant and engaging.
"How are you feeling?"
"Oh nothing in particular, just my dream world turning into a hellish nightmare."
I live for this kind of fluff omfg
You have a very nice art style! I love the amount of simplistic detail you put into your comic.I hope this comic turns into a great story as well as visually appealing.
"Suck it up dudes"
Louie's face is priceless!
This page was really expressive! Louie being a worried bro is what I live for.