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Just your average, gay artist
HUUGE THANKS to the sponsor for this page: Gabriel Richard! This page would've taken another 2 weeks if it hadn't been for you! <3

Also, as a gentle reminder I have a twitter! I post art and rant and also give updates for the comic! My handle is @ carbonatedking ^.^

Anyway, have a good night and see you next time! :)
Hey guys, I left my tablet charger at my Mom's and it'll take a while for it to ship to me :( I literally had to add the text in with my mouse because my tablet died right at the end lol.

That being said if any of you would want to sponsor the next page or two of the comic so I can get a second charger (which would only take like a day or two instead of 2 weeks) I would love you forever ;-;
I'll even add your names on the page and in the description as a huge thank you!

You can donate here:

Have a good rest of your week and see you next time!

I can't believe it's been so long since I've drawn Axill! And it's been like a year since I've drawn Wicke too @.@

I noticed that I made the text super big before and then remembered that most of my audience are not, in fact, old people so I figure you can read it if it's smaller. Then I can add more words to each page :)
@tksocrazy: Aw, you're so sweet! I'm glad my comic was able to be a stress reliever of sorts. I've always wanted to make something people can relate to/find interest in, so that means a lot to hear!^.^
Also I usually just go by Carbon on the net, so if you want to use that that's fine lol
@tksocrazy: Haha, yup! I couldn't have said it any better x)
@tksocrazy: Oh yeah, the rebellion is super under wraps. Not many people know because they're trying to make it a surprise attack. But yeah, it's going to get awkward to say the least lol
**Slow version of the mission impossible theme plays**
Who could stay made at that face?
This page has so many panels guys, I died a little drawing these @.@

In other news, it's finals week so I'll be done soon! And then I just have to focus on job hunting and the comic for 2.5 months aha

That being said I am taking commissions if anyone wants to help a bro out...
But otherwise, hope you enjoy and see you next time!
I tried making a font out of my handwriting to makes things a little more uniform. I had done something similar waaaay back in the first chapter but it didn't last (it sucked).
Let me know what you think! ^.^
Thanks to everyone who was such a good sport yesterday! You know I love stupid jokes, though I'm not sure if any of you found it actually funny x)

On a side note, we're getting super close to 1,000 readers over on Tapas which is suuuper exciting! I'll be doing another giveaway then, as well as officially launching my Patreon! ^.^

Anyway, hope you all have a good week, and I'll see you next time!
@Jazmin Zombie: Haha, I can never resist doing stupid stuff for April Fool's x)
@Adipaige: I guess you're too sly for me lol ^.^
Soggy boi...

I hope you all enjoyed this super update! I can't believe I managed to get so many pages done this weekend ^.^

I kind of burned myself out though so who knows when the next page will come out @.@

See you all next time!

....aPRIL Foools
You can almost hear the sarcasm in his voice.
I dunno' if she's going to buy that lie Sunny x)

At least he tried.
I have exciting news! I got some free time this weekend so I managed to finish 5 WHOLE PAGES of Chasing! This is the best work I've ever done, so please enjoy ^.^
Drawing maps is more annoying than I thought it would be, but it's relaxing to put in all the tiny buildings and ponds.

I apologize in advance for any typos...I was definitely rambling
Since I haven't been able to upload a page in a while, have some rambling world building instead. Whestan is the story's current setting! I hope you enjoy the random facts!

Another fun fact: Iravrens was founded by animals lovers and is known for protecting the mountainous species against poachers that sneak across the border.