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Just your average, gay artist
@NeuroticSoulGobbler: He's happy and confused...but mainly confused lol
@Jazmin Zombie: Thank you so much! ^.^
Forced smiling is always the answer.

Guess what? Chasing's anniversary is coming up! So if you like my comic, I would love it if you could let people know as an early anniversary gift ;)
Hey no page this week, but here's an experimental drawing I did!

It's supposed to be a more realistic rendition of Axill and it was a lot of fun to try! ^.^
@NeuroticSoulGobbler: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it ^.^ I always appreciate the feedback!

I wish I could update more frequently, but sadly my schedule won't allow for it since it's just a hobby right now haha. Once summer hits I'm hoping to update biweekly though!
I know I'm relatively new to smackjeeves, but this comic has been out for two years now, so I'd like to say thanks for all the past (and hopefully future) support!
Last page of the chapter WOOOOO!

I was so hyped for this page! I haven't been this happy about one since the kiss in ch. 1 lol

I'm going to be working on some character designs for the next chapter, but expect the cover page some time this month! :)

See you all next time~

[I haven't mentioned this in a while, but if you want to support me I take commissions, and also I have a tumblr and twitter where I post other art][][]
Happy New Year!

Next week I'll be posting the final page for chapter 2, and then we'll be rolling into chapter 3!

Hope you all had a decent 2017, and I hope to get your support this year as well :)
@Sora_Hisui: Haha yeah, I didn't really do a lot of back story before this, but they've been flirting and whatnot for almost a year before this scene x)
Updates are slowly coming back, but it'll still be sporadic until next year due to work and classes! I do plan on finishing this chapter before 2018 though which is exciting. For anyone who's new, I have a tumblr and twitter where I post more art when I'm not working on the comic. You can find the links to those on my profile (twitter is more active). I also stream sometimes if you want to see me work on random art or play video games lol (carbonatedking on twitch and picarto).

Also I tried out some new things with this page so let me know what you think! Thanks, and have a good week ^.^
Hey, long time no see! I missed seeing my boys interact so I drew this :^)
I will slowly be coming out of hiatus, but I still don't know when the next page will be finished. Thank you all for your patience, and in the meantime please enjoy this drawing!

If you want to support this comic, I have a ko-fi (

If you want to see my other art while you wait, I have a Tumblr ( and a Twitter (
I'll be taking a quick hiatus until sometime in September! I might post some doodles here and there if I have the time though. Hope to see you all then! ^.^
I'm on a roll with all this plot, but I MISS SUNNY ;-;
If you want to see other art of mine during this dry season, I have a tumblr and a twitter!
( and

Hope everyone is having a good summer!
@nglrocks07: It's because I didn't want this scene to take long lol
Her design is so simple, yet weirdly difficult to draw >.<
The people in the purple shirt and green shirt are OCs from some friends on twitter, @ross_gerson and @eyestrology. They let me use them in as background characters because I'm lazy :^)
@AssyntAngel: Aww, thank you! I'm glad to hear it ^.^
@WindowMaker: Oh nuts dude, sorry. I'll fix that!
Here we go I guess