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September 10th, 2018
Hello lovelies! I've finally settled in in my new apartment so updates should be on time from now on :D

On another note, I'm planning a hiatus during the Christmas weeks so I can round up chapter 3 and start chapter 4 so we can have yet another stress free year!

Tho I am planning on making a mini-christmas comic! it'll be sketchier but more fun and out of character >w>

If you've got questions or wanna join the chat:
September 3rd, 2018
@IronDog: Main towns are more protected, it's usually the stations in between that are dangerous :3
September 3rd, 2018
Yooo my little pumpkins! I'm finallyyyyyyyyyy moving tomorrow. So there's still gonna be a bit empty on my social medias. But if you wanna join the fun anyway! Drop by and say hello

If you've got questions or wanna join the chat:

If you've got questions or wanna join the chat:
Heeeeeey! Currently updating and fixing my wacom! Hopefully it'll be up and running very soon! I'll start posting on instagram again :D

If you've got questions or wanna join the chat:
@IronDog: omg lololol! Yeeeees so much more land! It's a semi-functional community but they're making it work!
@IronDog: He'd rock the outfit for sure!
@IronDog: Thank you I spend way too much time thinking of them lol
@IronDog: *splasch*
@IronDog: It's a common risk he takes xD
@IronDog: xD
@Torse: Hiii and thank youuuu <3 It means a lot ;w;
@Erstina: happy to have you on board! :3
@YaoiGirl09: he's the biggest ass xD
Hey my people. Sad and bad news! My MSP wacom decided to just die, out of nowhere. And since I'm staying with family until our new apartment is finished (september) I haven't really got any place or room to whip out my older wacoms. So there's gonna be a bit of a drain on our page bank. But do not fear! The little bugger is on repair and I managed to upload all finished pages to the drive..

SO nothing is lost. Except all my work files and a shit load of art work.... Luckily I've drawn almost all of chapter 3 so we're set for this year :'))

Mourn with me. It'll be quiet on Insta for now since I can't art.
This page is everything. ❤️❤️❤️
Hi! Yes it's a bit out of context but Lace let's go of Soso and runs towards Aiden when he hits the ground :) sorry of it’s a bit confusing!
aaaand this weeks page ~ I've been busy moving into my dads spare apartment since there's a six week gap between when we gotta move out of our current apartment and our new apartment. So this week there's a double update <3 thanks for being patience!
Last weeks update!