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Aaaaaaaaaand we're back to BW <3 What do you guys think's gonna happen once they get back? :D
Last page in color for this chapter!
@martin25: Thank you!
We're so close to the drama, so close to the affection!!!!! HOLD IN THERE FELLAS! <3
@tyyyy: Thank youu sweetstuff <3 What's unrequited? No don't shuffle away D';
@SplodinHearts: He's long gone buddy!
@TheNyborg: xDD He made it better, while making it so much worse<3 *shrugs*
@Cacti: Exactly xD
@SimpleGeek451: I have no idea where you got that impression from. No idea!!
@TheNyborg: Thank you!! <3 UwU
There's about two or three pages left until the quality goes up! But then also the color disappears lol.

I made this page roughly a year ago when my wacom was broken :D
Don't worry! the comic is not on hiatus! I've just had to move the summer break a bit earlier than intended because of some family-health related circumstances.

So we're already on two for four weeks break this monday! so there's only around 2 mondays left after this week~

I do still post illustrations and stuff over at instagram if you wanna come hang!
just to clarify, shit got blown up.
@SimpleGeek451: awh thank you! yes there's quite a bit left :')
@SimpleGeek451: loool that'd be so funny if she shot the wrong person. This comic would be so over pretty quick x'D
@Cacti: oh that makes me so happy to hear *o* yes he'll need lots of hugs after this haha
The party has officially started! let's see how long this shit show lasts!
Oh no Gus goddamnit
@martin25: Thank you I will try! There's only a few pages on chapter 3 thats color and the rest is grey!
@znuff: yeah I'm not very good at drawing rifles! ;w;