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Oh no Gus goddamnit
@martin25: Thank you I will try! There's only a few pages on chapter 3 thats color and the rest is grey!
@znuff: yeah I'm not very good at drawing rifles! ;w;
Blood, bullets and bombs and other stuff that starts on B!
He protecc
@SimpleGeek451: awh thank you! That makes me so happy to hear! :3
@Battle Ravyn: Thank you!! :D
@znuff: It might be a part of the story a bit down the line :3
And we're back from easter break my peeps
Next couple of pages are going to be color so hold your hats cause it's a bumpy ugly ride *cries*

I never thought it would be hard having a big page bank but it keeps me so far ahead of you guys and I can't enjoy where the story is D':

But thanks to your support I keep pushing ahead! I appreciate every like and comment!
It's not long until there's a few color pages which is gonna be interesting to show you guys :D
Well.. Y'know. Places to be, people to kill! Can't hang around all day.
Aaaaand we have lift off!
@TruelyMe: Yes he did :>
Ready to do some ninja moves
Sounds like there's more than one player in the game now
February 26th, 2019
Sorry for the delay! Who thinks Aiden will stay out of trouble and shove all them feelings down the bottom of his shoes?
February 18th, 2019
Ay turn down the sass Gus
February 11th, 2019
Don't disturb Lace when he's reading!