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Aaawh he called him nurse again D:
August 14th, 2017
First page~

So old but it's nice to update now *w*

Art, Story (c) Mental Glitch

Instagram @ Mentalglitch
Maaaan this page looks amazing
I am happy to announce that now, with almost 45 pages as a buffer I can finally start posting!

Mondays afternoon-ish (CET) will be the main updating day. With extras, holiday greetings, QnA's and other stuff on weekends!

If you're curious to see more and look how much the characters and story + style develops don't forget to follow me on instagram @Mentalglitch. It's my main hang out and I can't stress enough how grateful I am and how much fun it is to talk with you guys on either platforms! I got a tumblr, but my activity there varies. I'll tell ya if it changes lol.

Let the story begin!

(If the story ever is confusing just ask! I don't mind.)

Story, Art (c) Mentalglitch
Omg Dakota just be quiet holy frick
Can't wait for Kennedys comeback to this xD
Hello everybody! Took a break from chapter 2 today to work on something more colorful!

Hope all of you got a nice summer, I still got 2 week until work starts again~

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram if you want previews and wips of the comic! I'm most active on Insta nowadays :)
my name there is mentalglitch so go follow or just drop by to say hi!
LOLOLOLOL man Dakota you need to chill
Character sheet Soso Matthews

Name: Soso Matthews
Pronunciation: Soso -Like so and so
Nicknames: Girly, Soso
Gender: Female
Titles: None
Birth Date: 23th of August
Birth Place: Queens
First Word(s): Car
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Blood Type: B -

Scars: Shoulder.
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Dark brown

Equipment: Sniper and rifles
Languages: English, high school spanish
Vocabulary: Medium
Temperament: Short
Learning Style: Medium
Emotional Stability: Strong
Mental Health: Stable
Outlook on Life: This ain't so bad.


Primary Objective: One day at a time
Secondary Objectives: Stability
Priorities: Having fun while kicking ass.
Motivation: Sleeping soundly.
Self Confidence: Medium
Self Control: Medium
Self Esteem: High

Hobbies: Photographing
Closet Hobbies: Cooking
Habits: Following order

Desires: To have a family of her own
Wishes: That the path from the valley opens
Traumas: Watching her sisters dying
Worries: That she will get lost
Soothers: Sounds
Soft Spots: Back massages
Most Valuable Possession: Earrings from her mother

Humor: Gustav
Pet Peeves: Gustav
Greatest Fear: Radioactivity

Confidence: 6
Creativity: 4
Generosity: 6
Honesty: 8
Loyalty: 8
Insecurities: 5
Patience: 1
Predictability: 8
Reliability: 9
Respect: 6
Responsibility: 9
Trustworthiness: 4


Likes: To cook
Dislikes: Being alone


Martial Arts: 2
Strength: 2
Gun: 9
Sniper: 10
Knife: 3

Home, Work, and Education

Employer: Bear
Job Title: Delivery
Experience: Some
Rank: Scout
Supervisor: Lace
Work Ethic: None
Income / Salary: Point system

Elementary School: Loud and proud
Middle School: Funny
High School: Sassy
Grades: C- / B


Mother: Dead
Father: Dead
Siblings: 4 sisters, all presumed dead, 3 confirmed.

Best Friend: Lace
Close Friends: Gus
Confidantes: Aiden
Friends: -

Family Dynamics: Bitchy
Reputation: Strong willed
Dominance: None
Status: Fighting off Gus


Adolescence (13-19): Working extra to support the family

Adulthood (20-54): Working with Lace and Gus
Awh yesh!! But poor Dakota tho *cries*
Awh maaaan he's gonna lose it xD finally ;w;
Aiden Greys super duper long character sheet! Now with even more useless information ;D

Character sheet Aiden Grey

Name: Aiden Grey
Pronunciation: Aiden, just like you say aid. And then and N. - Grey, - Like the color
Nicknames: Puppy, kiddo, baby bird, spitfire
Gender: Male
Titles: None
Birth Date: 8th of April
Birth Place: Tokyo
First Word(s): Hawaii
Astrological Sign: Aries
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Blood Type: AB -

Scars: Everywhere.
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Medium
Eye Color: Dark blue

Equipment: Two katanas
Languages: English, Japanese
Vocabulary: Small
Temperament: Silent
Learning Style: Fast
Emotional Stability: Strong
Mental Health: Stable
Outlook on Life: One death at a time


Primary Objective: Avenging his parents
Secondary Objectives: Not getting killed in the process
Priorities: All 8 dead.
Motivation: Once he fulfills his duties he can start over.
Self Confidence: Huge
Self Control: Massive
Self Esteem: Irrelevant

Hobbies: Training
Closet Hobbies: Fighting
Habits: Standing on the sideline

Desires: To find a home
Wishes: To feel loved
Traumas: Watching his parents dying
Worries: That he won't be able to avenge his family
Soothers: Silence
Soft Spots: Doesn't like being touched
Most Valuable Possession: His swords

Humor: None
Pet Peeves: People asking questions
Greatest Fear: Radioactivity

Confidence: 8
Creativity: 7
Generosity: 5
Honesty: 2
Loyalty: 8
Insecurities: 1
Patience: 9
Predictability: 5
Reliability: 9
Respect: 9
Responsibility: 9
Trustworthiness: 2


Likes: Shower and train
Dislikes: When there's no exit


Martial Arts: 9
Strength: 4
Gun: 8
Sniper: 4
Knife: 9

Home, Work, and Education

Employer: None
Job Title: None
Experience: None
Rank: None
Supervisor: None
Work Ethic: None
Income / Salary: None

Elementary School: Silent
Middle School: Straight A's
High School: -
Grades: A++


Mother: Dead
Father: Dead
Siblings: None

Best Friend: None
Close Friends: None
Confidantes: None
Friends: None

Family Dynamics: Stern
Reputation: Dangerous
Dominance: None
Status: Single


Adolescence (13-19): Raised by his uncle from 7+ he trained everyday to go out and search for the people who killed his family.

Adulthood (20-54): -
June 25th, 2017
A little thing I did a couple of months ago. Thought I'd put it here since it's lovely baby Aiden!

Finished chapter 1 and now I'm battling the first 10 pages of chapter 2!
I bet it's Kennedy that smells good
This page is so beautiful!
Waaah I love this page I can just look at Kenken foreverrr D':
Hey here's a super duper long character sheet for ya my lovlies~

Character sheet Lace Thaler

Name: Lace Thaler
Pronunciation: Lace , like the fabric - Thaler, heavy on the TH
Name Meaning:
Nicknames: Sour patch kid
Gender: Male
Titles: Leader of the three man team nicknamed Wolfs
Birth Date: 16th September
Birth Place: Washington
First Word(s): Splash
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Blood Type: A +

Scars: Left side cheek from a fight with scrappers
Hair Color: Blonde with brown tips
Hair Length: Short undercut and long bangs
Eye Color: Brown-ish

Equipment: Handgun
Languages: English, high school spanish
Vocabulary: Medium
Temperament: Sour
Learning Style:
Emotional Stability: Basic
Mental Health: Medium
Outlook on Life: Staying alive


Primary Objective: Keep his group safe and try to stay alive while working for Bear and his sanctuary
Secondary Objectives: Make sure Gus and Soso is feeling okay
Priorities: Missions completed without any harm done to the group
Motivation: This time he won't let anyone get hurt
Self Confidence: Basic
Self Control: Semi
Self Esteem: Semi

Hobbies: Reading
Closet Hobbies: Gambling
Habits: Frowning

Desires: ?
Wishes: ?
Traumas: Killing innocent people
Worries: That it's his fault his sister became evil
Soothers: Feeling physical pressure from another person
Soft Spots: Behind his ear
Most Valuable Possession: A book his father wrote on the human psyche

Humor: Stupid
Pet Peeves: When Gus keeps talking when he's been told to shut up
Greatest Fear: Radioactivity

Confidence: 3
Creativity: 4
Generosity: 6
Honesty: 5
Loyalty: 7
Insecurities: 6
Patience: 4
Predictability: 6
Reliability: 8
Respect: 7
Responsibility: 9
Trustworthiness: 5


Likes: To read and have peace and quiet
Dislikes: When Gus tries to make him try new things


Martial Arts: 3
Strength: 7
Gun: 8
Sniper: 4
Knife: 7

Home, Work, and Education

Employer: Bear
Job Title: Group leader
Experience: A couple of years
Rank: Medium
Supervisor: -
Work Ethic: Get in, get out
Income / Salary: Point system

Elementary School: Shy kid
Middle School: Messy kid
High School: Stoner/Slacker
Grades: Medium


Mother: Dead
Father: Dead
Siblings: Older sister Macey

Best Friend: Gus
Close Friends: Soso
Confidantes: Candy
Friends: Oliver

Family Dynamics: Messy
Reputation: Get's shit done
Dominance: Lots
Status: Single


Adolescence (13-19): Lace was a typical slacker teen that hated to do shores and would sneak off any time he could

Adulthood (20-54): Super responsible adult running errands for Bear other sanctuary leaders
Thought you might like an update! Currently on the last pages of chapter 1, if I continue in this pace I might even be able to start updating before 2018! So that's really neat!

Here's a quick illustration that I originally did in color, wips can be seen @ where I also post pics of other character illustrations~ Like one of the sanctions chiefs, Bear and his two sons!

I wonder if you guys are interested in some backstory or such before I start posting pages? if you are tell me and I'll whip something up in between working on pages!
All of these panels are pure gold ;__; <3
Dakotas butt is on point *thumbs up*