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@YaoiGirl09: woop woop!
@Macbeth: waah that's good to hear! :3
slice n dice baby!
@Pouika: omg *Cries* this killed me thank you lol!
@YaoiGirl09: lol! hope you enjoy what's to come :D
I forgot to update :< I legit thought I did and went to bed.. Oh well..!
I hate this page it's so cheesy xD
@YaoiGirl09: nooope so true lol! He's just lazy for using thr swords xD
I'd say it's smooth sailing here on out
This is the last extra I'll post here for a while! I'm gonna restrict the illustrations to instagram and tumblr for now :D

If you've got questions or wanna chat:
Don't forget to follow me on instagram @mentalglitch if you wanna vote on extras and see previews on future chapters~

also tumblr
which platform do you guys prefer? kind of feels like I'm inbetween platforms rn!
just for fun

I'm currently thinking about making grey in color from chapter 4 and forward >_>
@tksocrazy: >w> well, something gotta happen if they wanna get out of this situation lol!

aah thank you so much! I'm currently drawing chapter 3 so it means a lot that people like what I've made so far~ <3
@YaoiGirl09: mwehehe let's just hope they give Aiden his swords back >_>;;
@Guest: omgggggg xD
That does not sound good .__.
@Guest: it's coming >:)
@YaoiGirl09: xD lol yes, soon!
Scary dudes (:
Uh-oh ✌😎