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I re-read from the beginning of the chapter and definitely feel for Marie... I know that feeling of regret when you realize you should have tried harder to get close to certain friends, and now you're drifting apart and its too late.

And maybe there's a reason you didn't get that close to those friends. Maybe you didn't have that much in common after all. But the nagging feeling of what-if remains!

...For a historical comic, Loud Era is way too relatable ^^
Whitney's the guy that Cecilia is "supposed" to be dating, right?

The page where he comments on her hair felt really familiar to me... What is it about guys you haven't seen in a while thinking you did something with your hair, when it's exactly the same? :P

This was a pretty "off" year for me, too. I'm afraid to count the actual number of pages I drew, but I know it's not as high as 14 >_< Congrats on keeping it going though, especially with these impressive establishing shots you've had to draw! I'll be sure to check back soon so I can read your 'looking forward' post.
September 21st, 2016
Happy belated birthday! And also glad to hear you've been on the upswing lately, with your comic and life in general :)

Okay that joke is pretty bad but it made me smile (most puns just make me groan, haha). Hmm, is Eddie playing dumb to be polite here? Or did he really not know there were going to be girls at this school?

In my first year of college I had to share a "single" room with another girl. She got there first, so she claimed the side that didn't have a sink (and therefore, more wallspace).

After she moved to a different dorm, I got to keep the single for myself. It was blissful freedom, even if the room itself was very dinky. After that I tried to make sure I got a single no matter what dorm I was in. I was one of those unsocial people who spends a lot of time in the dorm anyway, so I imagine I was a pretty unfun roommate to have. :B
Good layout here! With the claustrophobic series of close-ups as they go back and forth, then the expansive open panel at the end for silence...
Mine started in 2008! Yeah I had an ending planned out for What Nonsense but now I'm starting to question myself on it. I haven't actually changed the story outline yet though, just been poking at it in my mind.

I have a feeling that any changes in Loud Era's tone will be more obvious to you than to readers at first, since you'll be more aware of "how it could have been" otherwise. I still want to reread this comic from the beginning at some point. (I have way too many "I need to reread this comic" entries on my comic to-do list lol)

Maybe then it'll be easier to pick up on any gradual changes in the comic's tone. It sounds like Aggie's story will be darker than the rest of the comic, but there's already been some foreshadowing of that with her nightmare at the beginning of "Ties."
I hadn't checked in with this comic in a long time, but just happened to see the new page the day you posted it! Weird coincidence. (Still waited to comment till the next day, sorry...)

I can kinda relate to what you went through during your pause, just a little. I've been drawing my comic for long enough that I'm a different person now than I was when I started. I need to really sit down and think about what I want to say with my story. Problem is I don't daydream about my characters like I used to--so while I feel motivated to draw everyday, I don't ever feel like brainstorming upcoming chapters. It's weird.

Anyway I'm very curious to see if your new thoughts and perspectives give the story a different feel from here on out. I think you should update at the pace that works best for you. I'll still be checking every once in a while! (I agree with the others, lovely dusky colors here. I'd love to explore a home like this)
I love teens being deadly earnest, haha oh man...

Oh yeah, I've been advertising my comic using PW from time to time, I'll give your adspace a whirl next time I do :)
Yesss, an arc about Marie! I really want to know more about her!

Glad to hear you're feeling better and that you're going to take it easy on the editing-- you really don't need to be a perfectionist about it. Editing fine details is such a joyless part of the process and doesn't contribute -that- much to the overall look of the page. I wouldn't notice the little places where colors overlap unless I was looking for them tbh.

Also, I love the color gradation of the hills in the final panel, looks very realistic!
@mitchellbravo: Ah thank you! I actually worry sometimes that my drawings (in terms of the original sketch) look stiff and overworked, because I have a bad habit of treating every line like it's precious >_< So that makes me feel better to know it still looks confident.

As for your inking, I'm surprised you were considering scrapping some pages, they look fine to me. You have a lot of variety in your line weights which is good. And you use colors way better than me. Seriously. You're so good at lighting scenes and using bold colors without over-saturating the page. Looking at your latest pages makes me feel like I've gotta step up my game!
Another beautifully colored page. I envy how confident your linework and colors are, even in their looseness. You've really got the hang of this comicking thing. :)
December 12th, 2014
God, I can't handle looking at injuries on google at all, I feel ya there. :( Like when you just want to double check what a brown recluse looks like again, and there's all these horrifying pics of recluse bites.

Injuries are something I'll have to get better at drawing eventually, but it's sooo hard for me to look at actual photos of that stuff.
"When our dignity is occluded by dementia!" I think you're getting a little ahead of yourself Marie...

Aww, this scene was really sweet! It's kinda nice to see a competition story that's more about the characters having fun than winning or losing. I'm glad we got to see the gang all together before they split up. Although I'm also interested to see how some of the stuff earlier in the chapter will be resolved, especially with Aggie.
Oh, just checked in and saw that you were back! Looking forward to see how this goes. Great crowd scene too, I like how you gave them all something to do and treated them as individual characters rather than just having samey people standing around!
I just read this scene and it's sooo cute, gosh. I'm really happy Clarabelle reconsidered.
Oh, the comic's back! Pretty intense way to begin the chapter. The backgrounds in the newest pages are really good btw!
A really sweet ending to the chapter! Best of luck with your goals for 2014. :) I'm making some similar promises to try and improve my time management with my own comic.

Your art has improved noticeably in even the short time since I started reading Loud Era, so I'm looking forward to watching it develop even further.
I wasn't really expecting that, but it's weirdly adorable.

Oh man, your stuffed animal story... High school is a cruel time. :P
@mitchellbravo: No problem, sorry to hear about your computer going kablooey. I'm happy you're still checking out What Nonsense, despite its glacial schedule :P
Resurrecting my old SJ account to comment! Oh man, I didn't expect to see this side of Eddie... Also, I really like your coloring and lighting in this campfire scene.
Final page of part 1. This page was released 2 days after page 50, so you may want to go back to see if you missed it.

I also should mention that I have an important announcement to make about What Nonsense. I'll post it on the front page -- it's a good news bad news kind of thing, just to warn you.