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the funny thing is that in my country durex is a brand of Scotch tape.
OMG, this third panel is sooo cute! idk how to react to this update.
OMG, this is so sexy! i was wondering how could natei react if he ends up having to dance this with eli.
I'm so excited for the next updates. I want to see Nate's reaction to seeing Eli dance!
Is he going to drool and blush? hahah
Eli is so beautiful and i love ur comic!
and he got the wine hahah
They r so comfortable with each other. so much love for this update
This page made my heart warm. I go into ur twitter just to see more art, i feel like a spy hahaha
I know that u have a update schedule, but i still want to see ur fic every day S2
Wow, the blushing cheeks... They never lie
@Seve: im breathing for this moment
Ahh. Such a lovely surprise for me. Thanks.
Those boy, when will they realize the situation? Aaaaaah, i suffer soo much
That expression in the last pannel...
I feel so sorry for natei. U said eli is obvious, but i want him to understand and dont make it more complicated. Aaaah sorry, i am emotional today
Omg. Its just me, or their hands arr REALLY CLOSE?
If i try to read everything on the background? Yes. And that "he doesn't likeu you" killed me. Natei, EVEN IF he doesn't likes u romantically, you should be honest with him. Communication is the base for a relationship
April 11th, 2017
Ooow. Why?
Spirit* cuz i love the songs and i like animations. The scenes are sooo beautiful. Night flight because i like those kind of movie. They dont tell u how u have to feel. U just see and feel. Kind of like moonlight is. The soundtrack is PERFECT. Never before I paid attention to this, but songs.... S2
And ur art have improved so much! Keep on going, i am willing waiting for
April 11th, 2017
I really liked that monologue. The colors and all. Loved ur comic before and loving now.
My favorite movies are be Spirit the cimarron stallion And night flight.
They are really not related lol
omg, that sleeve falling down. if i can't handle it very well, i wonder natei.
i want him to say what he feels, but i also like these tension moments. lol
April 4th, 2017
communication. communication is the key
Following o/
I had 3 Heart Attacks on this page. OMG im in love with they(and hope they r with each other) but i preview the drama how will come with the acceptance of that... ):