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the funny thing is that in my country durex is a brand of Scotch tape.
OMG, this third panel is sooo cute! idk how to react to this update.
OMG, this is so sexy! i was wondering how could natei react if he ends up having to dance this with eli.
I'm so excited for the next updates. I want to see Nate's reaction to seeing Eli dance!
Is he going to drool and blush? hahah
Eli is so beautiful and i love ur comic!
They r so comfortable with each other. so much love for this update
This page made my heart warm. I go into ur twitter just to see more art, i feel like a spy hahaha
I know that u have a update schedule, but i still want to see ur fic every day S2
Wow, the blushing cheeks... They never lie
@Seve: im breathing for this moment
Ahh. Such a lovely surprise for me. Thanks.
Those boy, when will they realize the situation? Aaaaaah, i suffer soo much
That expression in the last pannel...
I feel so sorry for natei. U said eli is obvious, but i want him to understand and dont make it more complicated. Aaaah sorry, i am emotional today
Omg. Its just me, or their hands arr REALLY CLOSE?
If i try to read everything on the background? Yes. And that "he doesn't likeu you" killed me. Natei, EVEN IF he doesn't likes u romantically, you should be honest with him. Communication is the base for a relationship
omg, that sleeve falling down. if i can't handle it very well, i wonder natei.
i want him to say what he feels, but i also like these tension moments. lol
April 4th, 2017
communication. communication is the key
Following o/
I had 3 Heart Attacks on this page. OMG im in love with they(and hope they r with each other) but i preview the drama how will come with the acceptance of that... ):
March 15th, 2017
I liked this panel s2
March 15th, 2017
How to approach really soft