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'ello everyone, nice to meet you~
I'm a girl from Denmark, who loves BL, hahaha~ ;p
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Glad for at høre at det gik godt for dig!
Jep, jeg er osse fra Danmark ~.^
Min eksamen, tjaaah..
Jeg fik 7 i naturgeografi, 4 i AT (psykologi/medie-kombination i mit tilfælde), og 2 i tysk.
Så det er ikke ligefrem noget at råbe hurra for.. især ikke når det er min studentereksamen vi taler om...
Jeg mangler stadig dansk og engelsk mundtligt, og så er jeg færdig.
Hvad med dig? ^.^
Oh, I have a 24-hours exam on Wednesday-Thursday too TTwTT
Good luck~!
Miyu has a point, but then again, she doesn't;
Predators are hunters, it lays in their nature to hunt. You can't really change that just because you think it's murder.
Besides, Chain offering that predators only should hunt animals is the best solution - that way, there will be no "inhumane" murder.
Other than animals getting eaten, which they already do by humans, of course.
Miyu is kinda too lecturing.. she got her points, and most of them are good, but can she alone decide what's wrong and right? I don't really think so...
(I'm just ranting now, aren't I? =w=')

On another note; I can't get over the fact how tall Miyu seems XD
Yay, welcome back!
Vi har savnet dig~
You're not a horrible person~
Life just got in the way,
that happens for everyone ^.^
Yay! Been awhile, welcome back~
Will wait patiently for your decision, haven't given up on this story ^w^
HOLY -!!
Been 1½ years, haven't it?
Still sticking around, so I definitely want that you start again~ yeah, make a new one ^w^
Awesome! Congratulations~! \(^o^)/
September 6th, 2010
Ah, so sweet~ so fluffy~ =w=
Wonder how Matt is gonna react, when he wakes up though XP
Yay, glad you're back ^.^
Omo~ welcome back!! ^.^
Woah, cute~!! =¤w¤=

English version or German, it wouldn't really matter to me (since I live near Germany and understands it well)
But I guess English version would be most popular ^.^

Aww, this is going to be over soon... TT^TT
But a sequel? YAY! XD
Kekeke~ Shiratori seems to be okay with Haru, as long Haru isn't sparkling - but a date?
Haru is really aiming high XD

I support a sequel - since I love your art and story! ~.^
Ah, I feel bad about the fact that this is the first time I comment here..
I do really like this though, so keep up the good work! ^.^

1: hmm, I like many books 'n movies... But I choose 'The Spotted Sphinx' by Joy Adams (book) and 'Fly Away Home' (movie)
[just realized that they both are about animals.. oh well~]
2: a website you should know about.. definitely my yaoi/BL community on LJ called BLUSH¢¾BOYS - the link is:
3: and finally the FAQ.. What are the doctor's (Alex) family relationships?
December 2nd, 2009
. . . . . .
YAY, you're alive!
I have been a silent reader (sorry about that, btw (_ _'') ),
so I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading LL XD
Better late than never, right? ^.^'

I wonder what Simon is going to say... hmm~
There's so many interesting twists in this story~

Teh yeah, it can really suck in Denmark with that kind of things.
Being a Dane myself, I know that something can take forever here >.<'
Anyway~ cheer up soon, I hope you get new inspiration ^.^
I kinda understand the feeling you have about not having to fight the cancer anymore...
All I can say is that the only thing you can do is find something new to fight for (or against?)

Oh, fanfics and fanart??
*goes checking*
Woah, looks great!! XD
You know Yassa?
..I really love her artwork, always have~ (I have been admiring her talent for ages =^.^=)
And so many fanfics~ can't wait to read them~
But it has to wait, it's getting late and I have school tomorrow >.<'

Take care~ stay healthy~
I'll look forward to the next page~ but take your time, no need to rush~
LL is worth waiting for~ ^.^

Oh, and if I don't comment again before Christmas:
Her en lille julehilsen fra Aabenraa - god jul og godt nytår!
JOSHUA! Take a deep breath, and tell us what you're talking about!! Keke ~.^

Oh, May is really a good friend~ I wish she was a real person so that I could meet her, haha~ ^.^'
Yay! Joshua!
I had missed him [and the others] abit, though, I don't mind reading about May ^.^

Oh, please get well soon... it must really suck for you, with the hot weather and sickness you're still feeling....
Men hold hovedet højt! I morgen er der atter en dag! [<-- sikke en ynkelig trøst, sorry ^.^'']
Wah, that sounds wonderful!
I can't get enought of LL ^.^
Please get well soon, we'll wait for you~ ^.^ (even though it might take awhile, stupid cancer...)

EDIT: btw nice fanart, it looks really good!