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@artofjoe: I hope I can keep it unpredictable!
@artofjoe: I get you, I've just had some people tell me that the pacing is a bit off due to my release schedule, so I may as well try uploading at a different rate, to see if it's better or worse.
@artofjoe: Heh, I like his dad already!

Also, I forgot charming was a vegtable...
Hey fellas, I hope you like this new page!

I'm thinking of changing my upload schedule to 2-3 pages a week, rather than a page per update, with two days in between. Would you guys prefer it like this, or is the current way fine?

Either way, thank you for reading!
@artofjoe: I imagine this sound when he gets hit:
@artofjoe: We'll have to see, won't we?!?!?!??!!??!?!!??!?
Much like the "Fists of a Florishing Friendship", today's update is a double whammy! I hope ya'll like it!
I like Box's new pet frog.

Also yeah, you should probably turn the page!
@artofjoe: Who KNOWS what 100% looks like...

Me. I know. Because I made him.
@artofjoe: Hehe, thank you~! Those last two sentences made me really happy haha!
@artofjoe: Nice job Slitheren!
@artofjoe: Well, just look at the numbers! You've got almost double the amount of people reading Charming than I have reading StrangeWorld. You're doing something that people like, and to me, that's the fact that you're doing what you want, and having fun with it.

Speaking of which, I can't wait for the next update!
@artofjoe: Hey, from now on, I'll comment on every page of Charming, too!

I love everyone's comments, even if they're saying something like "This is shit", at least they're honest!

Speaking of which, if a page is shit, please tell me.
@artofjoe: I've missed your comments!
I'm back!
That's right! I'm back from Spain, and that means regular uploads (a page every two days) should commence from today onwards!

I hope you enjoy this page!
@artofjoe: You're very welcome!

Also yes that's my brithname. My parents are awful.
Hey fellas! As of tomorrow, I'm gonna be in Spain for a week, so don't expect any updates next week. However, if I have some downtime, I'll try and get at least ONE page finished next week!

Either way, I hope you enjoy this page!
@artofjoe: Just in time for christmas!
Oh Steve, you big, dumb, angry idiot...
@artofjoe: His name is Steve "Short Sword" Stevens and he'd like you to refer to him as such!