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@artofjoe: Hey man! It's nothign serious, It's just that, on top of the next four pages, I've been drawing a lot of non-SW stuff for fun!

I really do plan to release those pages as soon as possible.
The video is..
amazing, brilliant, fantastic, and above all:

@JimPickenz: Thanks man! I really appreciate it!
@artofjoe: I love you too! I'm glad that you've kept uploading pages for this long, it's always a great little addition to my day when I log on and see you've updated Charming, it's the only comic on this site I'm subscribed to!
@artofjoe: I actually went back through the last few pages just to see what they were haha. Have you done them on every page?
Hehe, I like the little secrets you find when you hover over the page.
@artofjoe: I noticed that! His mask scrunches up, it's pretty awesome haha.
Hey, Box's expressions on this page are really nice, You're improving!
@artofjoe: Hahaha! However, since there's no new page yet, I propose this as the official listening music for that last panel:
@StrangeWorldComic: Oh, also, I notice the extra detail you put into the princess Turnip's panels. Somebody's got a crush!
@marshman101: Thank you very much! That means alot!
@artofjoe: SSSHH! Don't SPOIL it!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry for the huge break! I was away in Florida for 10 days, so it's gonna take me a little while to get used to the schedule again.
@artofjoe: Nah, doubt it, there's no way you'd set something up, then have it pay off later!
@artofjoe: Well, I can't see a single way that overloading yourself with posion could EVER hurt you!
Hehe, I love her little creepy eyelash-wiggle in the third panel.
@artofjoe: dangit! Now I gotta reread the pages!
@artofjoe: Oh my god hahahah that drawing got me laughing so freaking hard! Also I genuinely thought that Box was gonna confess his love for her for a second there.