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Creator and Writer of StrangeWorld and StrangeTales!

Please read them, they're good I swear.
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I *think* I can see where this is going hahah
Great work as always dude! It's great to see you back and working on Eko, your sprite work is honestly fantastic and the GIFs you throw in every now and again are a treat. I hope to see more of your stuff soon!
@artofjoe: oh no, Melanie is (and always was) a girl haha, she's the baby Axel's mom was holding earlier this chapter, just grown up. She just looks androgynous because she's a child lol
@artofjoe: Thank you so much for saying that stuff! I've been really slow with my updates and I'm sorry if that's frustrating, I'm thinking of switching to monthly, batch updates so that I have a proper deadline, but that's up in the air.

And yeah, Axel and Melanie grew up without their dad. You can probably tell from this page, but she's a lot more straightforward and blunt than Axel. I look forward to writing more of their interactions in the future!
@Oasis: Haha! I love him too, man
@artofjoe: Thanks man!
Here's the new cover for StrangeWorld! I know it kind of breaks the flow of the story right now so I'm gonna put it in Un-Chaptered so new readers don't end up with this visual explosion of colour in the middle of a sad part in the story. I also had to crop and move some stuff around so that's why it looks sort of different on the actual cover on SmackJeeves.

Anyways, I hope you guys like it!
Heeey, The Thief and the Cobbler wasn't a disney film! *You're* a fake Warner Bros. animation fan!
I'm trying to get quicker at these pages again so excuse my mistakes!
Pfff, a very interesting way to integrate the cover into the plot haha!
Crate's hair getting longer every page is pretty great haha
Thank you to the man himself Alex (Demfae) for allowing me to use his art for Axel's sketch! He's a great artist, as you can see.
@artofjoe: You too! Best of luck this year!
@artofjoe: I'm not sure, but I do wish crate would come back...
@artofjoe: well, I won't make you wait another month to find out. I'll have the next page up in a week or so, it'd be quicker if I wasn't out of the country right now, but hey, what can you do eh?
@artofjoe: Hey, when you grow up in a single mother household, you pick up some tendancies from her.
Happy new year's with a rather...unhappy page.

My resolution for this year is to double the amount of chapters I've completed, bringing the total up to 11 by the end of the year. It's going to be tough, I know that, but this comic is important to me, and I want to give it (and the people who read it) the respect they deserve by being quick and consistent with my upload schedule. Expect to see a lot more of Axel, Floyd, and whoever else in the coming year!
@artofjoe: Merry Christmas! Can't wait to see what tomfoolery these boys are gonna get up to
@artofjoe: Ayayai, that's alotta damage!
Damn that Gib-Splosion looks awesome, nice work!