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Please read them, they're good I swear.
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@artofjoe: I'm glad you like it! It always makes my day seeing comments like this!
Sorry for the late update! Got a new job scanning tickets for a stage show on the weekends, so it took away alot of my free time that I could have spent on the comic. I promise that I'll try to adjust to my new schedule and keep the uploads consistent!
I bet you it's filled with syringes...or razorblades...or clowns...or even clowns with syringes and razorblades for hands.
@artofjoe: maaaaan, it's a plot chain, alright? :P
@artofjoe: you'll have to see! Maybe Floyd will actually do something in this fight, maybe he won't (just like last time!).
Sorry for the delay! I recently started my new job and it really took it out of me yesterday, so much so that I didn't have the drive to finisht he page.

Either way, I hope you guys enjoy this one!
Love the style and the world of this comic, so I'm glad you're back!
Since there's been a huge influx of new readers recently, I just want to say to everyone that I really appreciate comments on what you thought of the comic! Maybe tell me who your favourite character is, or your favourite moment? Just anything you wanna say, really!
@Calfredie01: If I remember correctly, it's actually inspired by a mix of MHA and Marvels Inhumans/X-men combined into one, so you're sort of right!
100 uploads!
I decided to try something a little bit spicy and animate the page a little bit to celebrate it being my 100th upload! I hope you all enjoy it!
I love this so far!
Equal oppurtunity murder. I like it.
Pinocchio is the best so far (Maybe just behind the prince).
Oh my lord, what a great attack. I love it!
@artofjoe: Hmm...I'll let you off with a warning then :P
@artofjoe: Hey now, episode 4 is my favourite one!
@artofjoe: I'd definetly love to hear your thoughts when you catch up!
@artofjoe: That would be fantastic!!
@artofjoe: If starting this comic has taught me anything, it's that it's possible for anyone to create something they love, so I say go for it!
@artofjoe: Glad you're enjoying it bby. Hope you keep reading!