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I'm an almost genius level teenager who makes comics... (Duh).

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@supahswag I'll clarify.

Aussie is short for Australium, which is a type of weapon skin in Team Fortress 2 that you can get from completing a tour in the Mann Up game mode. They're generally very rare drops and fetch really high prices in the TF2 trading economy and on the Steam Market. They don't provide any benefits, they just track kills.

Unusual Hats are just cosmetic items with particle effects on them. They are rare loot from crates in game (1% chance of unboxing one) that can also fetch a pretty high price, and do nothing but look cool and make new players think you're an expert.

To get a better idea, go to these pages:
Some info
If you read our latest news post, Gamermaster and I are currently in different locations and making comics will be a bit harder now, that doesn't mean we're stopping.

Aside from the comic making challenges we're going to have now, enjoy July 4th, the fireworks and all that good stuff.
Important Info
Because of major problems in our personal lives, we're going on an extended, maybe indefinite, hiatus. We don't know when or if we'll continue the story, so don't hope for us to make a triumphant return. We'll only continue when and if all of these problems are resolved, and not any sooner.

So, have a nice day, and here's to hoping we can continue, see you some other day.
Wow. 4 years!
I hate the song I referenced in real life, but it just seems to fit a party like this, at least to me. Also, this page is a JPEG, the only reason for this is because the PNG version of the file exceeded the 500 KB limit (I hate JPEGs). Even so, thanks for sticking with us for all this time, and here's to more L's Empire to come.

Also, we might not update for a while because Gamermaster has Pneumonia, so don't expect comics for a little while.
Welcome to Insanity!
Behold, the L's Empire April Fools Day storyline. For every hour of the day, another part of the story will go up. I hope you enjoy this, I wrote this over the course of 2 years (which is pathetic even for my laziness making these comics).

Also, this storyline IS cannon, it takes place before the last timeskip.
Plus, you know have the reason why Future Void didn't do that earlier... he's an idiot.
Since he's the king of Kayoss, it means that he is gifted with the power of chaotic order (which basically means that when he's fighting, he's more powerful than the combined power of those he's fighting.)
In case your wondering, Future Void pierced the missile as soon as it was fired.
Since it's magical time travel, he only knew that his past self would be sent into the future. Things will end up being different than he remembers.
Gamermaster, this is a threat!
Gamermaster! Mommy is absolutely miserable right now! If you do not call home, me, Mark, or Mommy as soon as possible, I will not update this comic at all, I will go on strike until you call us, I'm going to message you until you answer us, CALL NOW, or I will not update this comic, I will spam you endlessly, I will spam you anywhere I can think of, if you do not respond, this comic is history! This is a serious threat, I AM NOT JOKING HERE, RESPOND, OR ELSE!!!
Okay, now we're all doomed, for real this time.
A brief description of Peri Palms:

Peri Palms is the form Shadowpalm takes when he merges almost competely with Peri. It puts him on par with at most Stonemaster, for about as long as it lasts, which is five minutes. And I don't mean dragonball Z five minues, because that would take a years worth of comics to fill in that time frame.

The reason why Shadowpalm weakened and slowed down so quickly, is because absorbing Vim requires ones feet to be FLAT on the floor, much like sage mode from naruto, except you can move everything except your feet and without the whole turning into a frog statue thing. Since Shadowpalm does not have flat feet, and instead a second pair of hands, which is a birth defect/condition (depends on how you look at it), he can not stand FLAT on the floor, and therefore can not store the Vim he steals.
Dimentio Pet Peeves #1 has FAILED?
Well, it looks like L's Empire's last resort for taking palmaster down has become null and void, it now looks like they are doomed, are they, we'll see.
The Reality of this Page
Gamermaster actually made Eagle on August 26th, 2009. But he only had his Eagle court of honor this past Saturday, that being Saturday, February 6th, 2010. So I decided to make this page in honor of 2 things, one, Gamermaster making Eagle, and 2, the fact that everyone keeps telling him he's a marked man, ha ha ha ha, I'll never let him forget that, ever! I'm sooooooooo evil, yeah, congratulations Gamermaster, I hope I can get there too.
Behold, the logo!
If you look at the top-left corner of frames 5, 6, and 7,you will see The Official SubrosainDimitri Seal of Laziness! I'm not going to post it to be used on this site. But instead, I'll post it on my Deviant Art account: SubrosianDimtri...yeah, I am starting to get out of my habit of different names for all of my accounts on different websites.

I also have a list of my accounts of different sites:

EmperorDalek2000 (Youtube Account)
TheEricoriaRanger (Youtube Poop Account)
Shadowpalm64 (Mario Fan Games Galaxy Account)
L'sEmpireOfficial (Youtube Account for L's Empire shared with Gamermaster)
SubrosianDimitri (Newgrounds Account)
SubrosianDimitri (Deviant Art Account)
SubrosianDimitri (Zelda Fan Game Central Account)

And of course:

SubrosianDimitri (Smackjeeves Account)
Ah, truer word have been spoken!
Zain is right though, what value could 2 crappy edits possibly have? If you have 2 thing with no value, you still have no value! Yeah 2 things are better than 1, but 2 times 0 is still 0!
Badly Executed Reference
You can just place the fight scene music (or maybe it was from the opening) from the Adam West Batman TV show over this comic and there you go, you have and obscure, and really badly done Batman reference!
My First DECENT Edit!
Infinight was my fisrt edit that I counted as something that was actually worth it, even if it took me 3 years to finish him because I was lazy on finishing him, not to mention he was sitting in "My Pictures" for maybe another 3 years before I actually used him in this comic.
Since when have fictional geneticists ever been ethical?
Amazing What a Bit of Paint can do!
This really making fun of crappy sprite comics, having no indications of work being done, what looks like a unintended sexual joke(what, you don't see it), and a bad altitude half-assed blur effect that could have easily been done by getting or using Photoshop if you have it. And I'm still leaving gaping plot holes in the comic, just like a crappy sprite comic would do. Oh well, at least I have a half-decent background.