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hehe the blush is back
awwww no way to prepare for this sort of moment! lol
whoo! lol they were so awestruck and mystified with each, i almost didn't see these last few moments of candor and seduction coming! lol
awww, i had no vision for this encounter, and it feels so perfect lol
teamwork, teamwork, everybody everywhere! lol
when you want him to see you looking like a snack *non casual casual model pose* lol
this was really beautiful. it really rang true to some of y own personal experience trying to lend a loved one my strength, having to show them that i could only magnify what they already acknowledged in themselves because i can't do the emotional work for them...so glad to see you putting this into a comic. thanks
bahahaha so you knew who it was eh? good eye soldier. lol
August 14th, 2017
yea they are! whoa, brace yourself muffin! this will be painful i'm sure, but...maybe a little freeing too?
August 12th, 2017
who...is that in that blazer..yessss tis bae. sorry not sorry lol
August 12th, 2017
sounds a bit like...you really shouldn't keep doing that. whoever you're with doesn't respect you enough to even consider you peace of mind! grr lol page three and i already want to protect someone
damn right, you don't have to validate shit! lol kennedy for prez lol
OH MY GOD lmao he actually believed him. lol damn rascal
god, you're a splendid story teller. lol i've learned and experienced so much with so few words and in so few pages. i'm so hooked
August 8th, 2017
ha so indignantly pleased lol
this is a conversation that makes me proud lol we will be sad for a bit, but transformation was due!
everyone is hot. lol and he's about to get teased lol
@ladypcp: hahaha yea, i figured we were just rolling with it! lol
dadadadamn lol the buff-ness took me by surprise lol
when your goth vibes are slowly taking over the ranch lmao