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awww the starry sky is their shadow looks like a killer whale in the last panel! lol
lol "everyone wants my balloon." clsssic lol
crap lol now ive seen bae, i'm doomed. theyre stunning
the plot twist literally everyone bu you expected lol
February 9th, 2018
no, ya goof lol
@chamastories: yes yes! you did so well! the music written was much more notes held for longer than one beat unless there was a soloist moving towards the baroque period, ugh, you're awesome for doing the research lol
oh, good catch, well done monitoring your self awareness
@Kyt Cordell: yea, i imagine so lol smh i was hurt. if someone had treated my old trombone this way...or flippantly given me a cold before a vocal performance.....
friggin gorgeous hair, unh lol
enter, distraction numero uno lmao
awwwww i love precious dads in comics lol my favs
damn son... you're breathing out of your Mouth And your gut lmao
@anthy: i am so pleased to see you avi pic, omg
mana from heaven lol plus i love your characters, that makes all the difference
wow, that's really nonchalant behavior regarding a whole ass instrument. who's to say he has any way of buying new strings himself, and now he's away from his parents too. how tf is he supposed to play? do you even guitar?? if you don' know how to handle it, why volunteer to damage someone's instrument? lol and a stranger at that.
i mean, to be perfectly fair: it's Day one, even if i cared about the rules, i wouldn't know every one by heart lol
yea, this is why i wasn't mad at Dad. once you see their friends putting your kid in danger of the law..oh it's on like popcorn, do whatever we have to
five bucks says there's a heart to heart, so Dad can try and escape the "bad guy" cape kiddo has him wearing lol this is how my dad is with my little brother. he's sensitive and wants to be liked but ends up having to put his foot down a lot. he hates arguing or yelling
@Guest: same here lol they don't seem unreasonable. but as a kid, this is hard for him regardless