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@DaughterOfOwls: mai oui! lol but of course! haha also: ooh my god, i'm so glad you're back lol
lol you sir, drive a hard bargain......but will Wyatt be swayed?
whoa!..lol well precious melancholy man will be surprised by this, to sayy the least lol
i love the language Joa uses when he's surprised lol
aw damn....lol
there you go! now, stick to it, i believe in you!
haha me, first time my ex gf wore lingerie for me lol. i'll never take for granted the care and elegance of lingerie
it's always different, isn't it lol the excitement of another person
my life lol
and i just keep thinking....i NEED that cloak
suzy bae strutted out without the bra. HELLO! slay me
honey, SAME lol i felt the same way in all the panels Suzy has been in so far.
happy birthday! you share a birthday with my papa :) lol
wow, the page looks amazing!
uhmmm first things first,,,get tf off of me dude :/ someone come get my little muffin out of here! lol
yesssss ride together that's it lol
May 26th, 2017
lol. so valid. i'd be frustrated too catching all the insinuation and knowing i'm just trying to help out to knuckle heads lol "i've got my own lost idiot"
May 24th, 2017
is Karma like..getting some shockwaves of the way their energy comes together, like some conducting metal?lol. no wonder it felt good
May 24th, 2017
whoa..my heart wasn't ready for that lovely vision lol
May 22nd, 2017
aww hehe