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"she could be straight"...words of betrayal and grounds for a drink to be bought for me lol
shit....that truth pressure lol
July 18th, 2018
oh muffin!....
"the freaks come out at night" also, he said don't look up..but the blood was on the no fair
their making out is polite as all their other interactions lol it's sweet
prettiest tea i've ever seen drawn lol
bahahahahaha same lol
literally the red week is for you BOTH to figure out what you want. unfortunately, even you coming to conclusions about his wants and needs not matching yours..all on your own..that's still being selfish. in communication, if you're prone to being selfish, at the very least give the other person the opportunity to either confirm or deny your thoughts by ASKING. i see this all the time, it's good intention, but it robs the other person of their place in the important emotional dialogue
Agnes, you're gorgeous, let's go for sushi lol
bahahaha i thought the last panel said "shook" and that made sense too lol
haha can't really be as grumpy as you wana be now can you? lol
unf that moment when they shut your mouth,,with their mouth lol
April 16th, 2018
i always love your simple, quiet way of telling stories and illustrating complexities
wooooow i can't tell if they're disregarding his ill ease at being an escort...or if they're genuinely misgendering him by accident. either way..are all the recruits in this place involuntary??
when you can basically wee someone running away lol but it's a pretty intense setup they've got going, so it's understandable lol
March 27th, 2018
bahahah i can't lie, i could understand that sounds weird to say but oh well lol self love
so he went from, prefect - full daddy mode in 8 hours lol wtf are we in for with this guy
i'm in love with the way rough and tough Kenneth looks so tenderly at Harvey lol so warm, this is like the most positive rejuvenating fling lol
@portisHeart: i feel that feel lol
February 23rd, 2018
oh yes, this looks like the hooman verb "help".....