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I no longer visit Smackjeeves, but you can find me at The Shovel Take (linked above), or contact me at Pyroman777 [at] gmail [dot] com

If you are having issues with a template that I constructed, please do not hesitate to let me know, however try to avoid asking me about pre-made SJ templates as it is no longer my job.

See the forums for more help.
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At which point the sketch battle became an actual sketch battle.
Terrifying and ridiculous, all in one page! Sheer Artistry!
*cries forever*
I clearly am unable to draw a believeable horizon. I can't believe I missed that.
Sorry for the massive wait on this stuff. School and work take priority!

Some terrible art on these pages that I am not happy with, but unfortunately those are the consequences of no-guide inking. Still, there are some good bits, and they are done, so Tyler can now make his pages in like a day since he doesn't work or go to school. *shakes fist angrily*
So just a heads up, this isn't all of my pages, but I'm away for a week, so I thought I'd at least post this as a teaser. Enjoy!

This turned out to be not as much of a 'sketch' battle as I expected due to Tylaaah's terrific first pages, but I was still very fast and loose with this. For example, all of the panels were simply boxed out with simple figure markings, and then actually drawn with the ink. It's risky, but rewarding, haha!
haha awesome!
Haha, a fellow thong-lover! Welcome brethren!
And begins.
Hey guys, it's been a long time since I visited Smackjeeves, but I'm back and ready to publish a sketch battle with my friend Tylaaah. Anyone familiar with SJSmackdown will know the format, but essentially it's a sketched out comic-brawl updated as fast as each artist can finish their pages.

I hope you enjoy it!
Agggh, so sorry for the delay on this one! Kingdomnerd uploaded this 10 days ago and I was an idiot and forgot to check the gmail.

Sorry guys, and a belated Happy Holidays to E26!
I made this pretty much at the very beginning of this, and sadly it didn't turn out to be as impressive as I'd hoped. (I used the masterlist to write this, but if I missed your name I am really sorry.)

Either way, I wanted to take the time to highlight the mammoth effort that Imi personally put into this, because honestly, no matter what she says I was just Santa's little helper.

First up, Imi instigated the entire thing, coming to me as excited as a child on Christmas morning. She was prepared to do the whole thing on her own, in fact, as I was brought in mainly to do the website.
Imi then spent time to learn and re-write all the Secret Santa rules and procedures. I was away partying when Secret Santa started up, and Imi handled the event so well that no one even noticed!
Not only did she do the writing, she also set up the email address, wrote out the list of signups and answered all of your questions with amazing speed and manners.

For comparison, so far all I have done is made the website and split the PM list.

As the emails started to roll in Imi continued to answer copious PM questions, as well as take part in the discussion thread. Even when there were issues with something, she was very quick to act and often PMed me with an amazing idea that I just had to thumbs up. Imi even made a user a comic. Let me repeat that. She made an amazing gift in the middle of all of this.

So again, comparison, at this point in time I have uploaded some comics and received a comic.

And guess what? Her job isn't even done yet. Right now she is organizing helpers and working out the various scrooge threads. If you ever wondered who Santa is, you now know.

It's been a joy to help you out, and you deserve every tiny little bit of thanks you get!
Check out their profile here.
I keep laughing at me falling down the chimney. This whole thing is just so funny, haha.
Check out their profile here.
Check out their profile here.
Check out their profile here.
Check out their profile here.

Also, your Secret Santa wished to say that they are sorry it took so long to make, especially as you have been scrooged twice already.
I absolutely cannot thank everyone who helped make this happen enough! I'm so stunned that so many of you got together to do this for us, not to mention my amazingly badass voice.

You guys are the best thing that ever happened to Christmas!
Check out their profile here.