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Hi, Iā€™m miesmud and I art sometimes. You may call me MUD for short :)

Sorry for slow updates, I am merely a full time game-artist who likes reading comics more than making them.
@Kyotee#2: Thank you for all your comments haha. I'm glad you like my comic šŸ˜˜
@Snarltooth: I find it kind of concerning that you're the first to mention this... Because yeah, Logan and Isaac barely know each other yet. And we don't know Isaac's motives yet. What does he want to ask???
@JKHoganBooks: I'm so jealous of her shirt!!! you have NO IDEA
@Teal Shark: He could have saved his tooth when he lost it, but he was too hipster to go to the dentist.
@boiseboo: true best friends value free food over each other.
@Urutake: In the previous page you can see Jonas sitting next to him :)
@Urutake: Yes it is! I love Long Exposure a lot! Thank you, I'm glad you like my comic so far :)
@sunnysideupdicks: When I drew this Marty didn't have his long, majestic manes yet haha. Thanks deary! :D
@sunnysideupdicks: There's indeed Jamie with Aiden and Vicky. Then a bit to the right there's me and another random normie. Then the laughing dude and the one laying on the ice are the main characters from Positron. And the tiny character with the less tiny character are from Humor me, which isn't on Smack jeeves I believe (it is on Tapas). And in the top right corner there's two characters from another comic I made when I was a teen. And there's Rho from Postcards in Braille looking at his phone.

Long story short: Too many cameos in one panel haha.
@deee45: Well, Logan is supposed to be 5'6" / 5'7" ish. I believe that's a bit small for a grown boy. But I have to admit I kind of suck at drawing accurate height differences...
@Jashi: Haha yeah, Isaac is 6'4" which is pretty tall for American highschool boys.
@Kuelemelelele: Thank you! :)
@BhadBhabie: Aww thank you very much!
@PeonyRose: Thank you, I'm glad you think so!
Isaac: "Don't give me the cold shoulder"
Logan: ...
Isaac: ...
Logan: "Stop."
Isaac: *Finger guns*
@Lizbet: Thank you for your sweet comment ?
@SomiJuli: Ahahaha thank youuu! <33 Good news, I'm working on it, there will be another 8-ish pages in a week! (If school cooperates lol)
Stay tuned! :D
@SomiJuli: Thanks for all your comments haha. It's nice to see you be so immersed in my story <333
@WeirrdOz: They are from some of my favorite comics at Tapastic <333
@resoko01: I'm glad you like it, and good news!! I'll be uploading another 20-ish pages tomorrow. From then on I'll have to go to monthly updates of 7 pages again.