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Cat lover with big dreams and a small future.

Writer for Office Hours

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@NewAgeTesla: Thank you so much for reading! :') We hope you'll enjoy chapter 2 as well!
@AndreTheLugia: We're so excited! :'D
@Guest: >:D
@b: You're no bother at all! We're hoping to update it sometime around next week. We've been busy lately but are trying to work our comic into our new schedules the best we can! :)
We're really bummed we've had to take such a long hiatus but we'll have some pages coming soon! :D
@AndreTheLugia: Maybe he eats really really fast xD
@Lunch: Hehe...heh ^^'
@Unearthlyones: Thank you so much! We're really glad you're enjoying it! :'D
Whooops forgot the Author Comment ^^'

We hope you all had a lovely weekend! :'D

I'm currently working on rewriting chapter 2 and Lem is busy with school work but we hope to see you again this Friday with a new page!

Have a nice week!
@Kylin: Oh god... o_o'
@Soup: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Friday again!!
We wish you all a nice weekend and we'll see you next Friday with another page! :')
@TechGrl: Haha sorry :'D
@AndreTheLugia: Seems likely.
@ZSnazzy: Definitely not B)
@Let gasp: Bahah nice! xD