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@Slayernice: Maybe he wants that face-to-face human connection. But probably not with Rob though...
@temmy: Me too! One of my neighbours once stopped me for a chat and I almost missed my bus because of it...
@Seve: The worst time...!
You already know we're on Patreon, but at the moment we're unsure about the rewards for each tier.

We would like to know what kind of rewards YOU'D like to see on our Patreon, regardless of if you're thinking of pledging or not! :) Art, Q&A streams, physical copies you name it and we'll see what we can do!
A speedpaint of this page is now up on our Patreon! :D Only available for $5 patrons!

@Amyko: Hahah that morning coffee he didn't drink is really kicking in!
@Slayernice: Snap indeed

Hope you've all had a nice week! We sure did! Not only did we get spotlit, we also reached 100 fans! This means we bought ourselves a cake to celebrate! If you're interested in what kind of cake, hop on over to our facebook page, tumblr or personal instagram to check out some photos! :)

We hope you'll have a fantastic weekend and Office Hours will be back on Monday as usual. Thank you for your support!
@Slayernice: I would too if Rob was my boss ^^'
@Slayernice: He should know better!
@Seve: They never learn, do they? 8)
@Seve: Same tbh ^^'
@firedragis: Yeesss 8)
@Slayernice: Good thing his colleagues are too busy snackin' 8D
@Seve: Thank you! :')
@Slayernice: Poor Jennifer ^^'
@Amyko: Someone get him a mug 8)
@Anon: Definitely 8D
@Seve: Haha yupp :'D