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Those chairs were a pain to draw. THERE'S SO MANY OF THEM
Btw, the chairs-to-infinity thing is just an expression of Argenta's mental state (the room in reality is about as big as a classroom). Have you ever had a nightmare where you're in a place you know very well but it's waaaaaay bigger/smaller and it makes you feel squashed or cramped? This is something like that...
@Bokuto: No, I do the lineart on paper, then scan it and remove all the white background with Gimp (that's what I use the colour to Alpha function for), making it transparent, and then colouring on layers underneath it. In that way, I can't go over lines XD (it's a litle like cheating, I know)
@Bokuto: Both, actually, but I use pens instead of pencils. I use black ballpoint and gel pens for the outlines and then gray felt-tipped pen and pencil for detailing and shadows.

I just open the lineart on Gimp and use the 'colour to alpha' function, then create a few layers under it and colour on those. It's actually really simple, if slow... But i can't colour anything that isn't already in lineart (such as shadows) because I don't have the lineart to follow ^-^'
@Bokuto: The tutorials are pretty cool, I looked at the character design and animation ones, and their tips about colour are spot on!
Since I use the select tool in gimp, anything that isn't already lineart (such as shadows, for instance) comes out all blocky and stuff, and gradients get boring if you use them too much. So, I just... use flat colour, which in my opinion is better than any alternative. Unless I faintly draw the shadow lines on paper, which I have actually tried once.

You can send it to my e-mail or my parents' :D!
@Bokuto: I'm sorry about that...

I was wondering if someone would catch that! Cool!
@Bokuto: Weeeelll, you'll see XD.
I'll only say that I dropped quite a few hints here and there for things to come.

I've tried my hand at actually colouring stuff with Gimp instead of just doing simple gradients (like this ) but I still never used the airbrushes before, because the strokes come out all wobbly and stuff. And just bucket-filling everything (which is what I do) just makes things seem flat. I've never tried pixel art before, isometric or not, but i really like some of the stuff I see online.

If you do want to edit a page can you send it to me afterwards? I'd like to see it.
@Bokuto: Airbrushing is really hard for me because I don't use a tablet (just selecting parts to fill is hard for me lol), so I think I'll just stick to good old pencils and simple shading in non-coloured pages for now...

As for the centaur thing, you got it right! I'll explain it more in detail in future chapters (it actually is a lot of the driving force for Argenta's story).
Dragons in my universe are the great historians, choosing to remain neutral in every conflict, and publish the works concerning a particular event only years (or decades, depending) after it happens. It would be crazy --not to mention insulting-- to even imply that a dragon be careless with that
@Bokuto: Hello! Thanks for the critique!
Some of the story is supposed to be cryptic, like Limbo for example. I actually really like that you commented on that, because I'm afraid that I'm not being as clear as I could be, but you know, practice makes perfect :D.
As for shading, I'm really just kind of lazy, so I only do gradients with Gimp if the scene takes place at night or something, otherwise I mostly leave it alone. Maybe one day I'll get super rich and buy Copic Markers to do easy shading with (yeah, right -.-)
Anyway, thanks again! I'm so excited to have interested readers!
New Year, new chapter!
This... is a pretty big one...
I think Argenta's theme sounds a little like this
Character unlocked!
First silhouette is... Argenta the White!!
This is the end of chapter 1! Next chapter will be entitled "NEVERMORE"
Team Stormbow
December 16th, 2017
Alone again...
The Warrior's (that's this spirit's name) voice sounds like many versions of the same voice talking at once. They sometimes make vague harmonies (like, right now there might be a slight E-minor to C-minor slide, for suspence and slight melancholy?).
And then he just... sinks back under and disappears...
Listen to this while reading, for atmosphere...
Team Stormbow
November 30th, 2017
Seriously, it's been so long. I'll be uploading 1 page x week for some time now! (I have a few pages in stock...)
Not for long, though... exams soon and all that. Uni's hard.
Anyway. I love drawing pylons. I think that's clear. If I could, I would stick them everywhere, along with flying machines. But sadly, most of SB is in a medieval setting, sooooo.
Is it weird that I acually feel sorry for Thad? I mean, no one deserves to get their arm ripped off
It's been a while! Only 5 pages left to the end of chapter 1, woo hooo!