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Is it weird that I acually feel sorry for Thad? I mean, no one deserves to get their arm ripped off
It's been a while! Only 5 pages left to the end of chapter 1, woo hooo!
Way too many figures in here
Ok, they might be jerks, but I like them already
Well, things sure escalated quickly
While doing this, I was listening to Requiem for a Dream, Furious Angels, Megalovania and... Jailhouse Rock. Yeah.
Oathi kind of looks like Howl's demonic form :D
soooo... Oathi has six limbs then? two arms, two legs, and two wings? And two heads too? Weird
Dangit Argenta
Also Sol (that's his name) is playing his own theme. Yeah.
So, what does one do when you find a dragon sleeping on your coal sacks.

Finally got a new computer (a good one this time), and am astounded at all the new colours I can see on the screen!
With this music in the background, for the entire intro
...what would he have left?
Hype train
I've been waiting for this moment for TWO AND A HALF YEARS. Just sayin'.
Also, please immagine it with music like this (at that minute)
I know this doesn't seem to make any sense now. But it will.
Protip: regular pages have gray panels, flashbacks have white panels with rounded corners, and limbo has black panels (and colour).
Awww, Fish is so adorable
@Ian Evans: Comment all you want, I like it! And thanks again
@Ian Evans: I pride myself at that
@Ian Evans: dragon lady + bodysuit = booty