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I love love love animals I have 4 pets.Besides Pokémon my fovorite game is minecraft.
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Does anyone else notice the grey? Im wondering if that means the comic is sort of part of the plot instead of fully being part of it
Yay the comic is
here :3
Thank god for photoshop
oh your probably wondering about who those mon are all i will say is the one on the right is karma... maybe
Volt used to tease a lot more one day crystal got very angry volt didn't tease anyone for years. I wonder what happened?
Ok guys sorry for not updating I'm trying to make a plot video and I also have to draw all the characters
A checkpoint in Ssec also Miku is adorable!!!!
Annnnnd Luna is an umbreon
Ok sooooo
There will be one comic that will fit with the chapter name
@The question eevee: I agree a 100%
It seems I have lost my thought😈
This is a young version of Karma but after.....
I have just gotten a better art app soooooo that means a new series😁
> <
I feel bad for Max but I'm also glad he got what he deserves
:l Harmony your lucky he even likes you>:(
@xLollyx: always this comic is awesome!
You know after everything she did Melody is still cute
I have rated every comic 5 stars ? It's really good!!!