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Well, I suppose the only way to say this is that my name is Lauren.My occupation is being a proffesional Nerd. I enjoy acting, writting, reading, and drawing. I suppose for now I've said I've needed to say.
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I swear if the picture from the voice incentive is actually just Dake sneezing instead of naughty things, I will cry in anger - ANGER I TELL YOU!!!
Three syllables
Wait, you mean I'm NOT here for penis induced web comics?

Kiding, kiding.

Your comic is great and I think your drawing skills can totally conquer the forth coming fight scene. :)
One day a girl can't wait to drink, then BOOM. In bed with Horus. Where did their life go wrong? Many put the blame on daddy issues, I feel. :P
AH MAH GAWD NO GUYZ MAKIN OUT!? THAT IS SOOOO LAME! (please tell me you heard the sarcasm or else I'll look like an ass).
I couldn't help but enjoy this. I hope you'll consider adding more to this.
Fan comic?!
Reading the title before I saw the page, my instant thought was "IS SHE ADVERTISING ABOUT A KINGDOM HEARTS 2 FAN COMIC!?!?!" and then I thought, "AXEL AND ROXAS!!! :D" and then I was dissappointed to discover this wasn't the case. Either way, I don't review enough like I should on this beautiful, wonderful super-foxy comic and I'll just throw in a "This is great" real quick. Because it is.
Haha, "woman questions".
Maybe Shiratori is being nice because of Haru's "Confession" and feels bad because he can't return the feelings? Though maybe that is me being mean. Shiratori might actually... like him?
I love this page. The last few pages, I realized, are reminisent of "Herz" with the whole "I'm Sora and I'ma gunna eat 'chuuu". I love both Doujin. :) This page is wonderful, hush yo' face.
I think the reporter discovered females like seeing male on male action by going on to smack jeeves... :3

Tommy, no, not the young! Quick, Dake, hide him in your clothes! Claim you're siamese twins!


Rape avoided, Misty understands, Ash becomes enraged with Pika, Pika gets all sad faced, Psy gets all sad because Ash and Misty are all friendly, Psy and Pika fight. Plot. Solved. :P

No matter how this goes I just want the rape to end! RESIST THE SEME RAPE URGE, PIKA!
It's been a year since you last updated... but I still love this comic and hope for an update everyday. it's that awesome.
Tommy needs to tell Dake to stop being a pansy and to start makin' some sweet lovin'. ;)
yes Tommy, you wish to continue up stairs IT IS YOUR ONLY DREAM IN LIFE!!!
Can we get married? BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! :D the faces at the end, oh those beautiful faces!

You see, this is all my face did before I died due to spontaneous combustion because HALLELUIJAH!
His ex is hot.
That stranger should not
Give Hotaru drugs
'cuz he just needs hugs.

I made that poem for you in hopes of a speedy update. :)