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Well, that's a common interest.
C'mon guys. Warm up to each other! :D
May 18th, 2017
I can't help myself from smiling. :D
May 18th, 2017
Humans are funny aren't they?
2 years later... no sequel. *cries* Wahhh.
Was the executioner just another victim of Oli's victim? This might be the real twin, then.
Oh no, please don't let the manager be back and turn poor Lucky into the next Executioner.
Ohnonono Oli please be kidding around with Lucky.
I expected this with the lab in the basement and what not. Mengele is probs killed off by the twins by now.
*heavy wheezing*
Hey, Oscar didn't kill Oli immediately, just him threw on the floor.
"You can have this one too!"
Yeah, and this employee and this employee and...
Please don't go for Lucky next. >_<
Oh no! He's nice! ;A;
He's becoming a little more like Oliver now!
So, they're used to cleaning up the remains of a corpse, excluding Lucky, but they are worried for a witness? I bet they're playing innocent. The witness is sure to die, I mean, that's what the graveyard is for.
Damn right he was.