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To be honest, I was hoping for a Hungary man. So much Pun potential.

Istanbul's good, though.
Heh. Maybe.
The suggestion will be taken for consideration. Thanks for your suggestion, but it won't be next exactly, you see, we have a line-up, but i'm waiting for Bluto to do something right now before anything continues.
Bluto, Bass was calling the 'Donate to Blutos cannon project' hotline. That's the only one you ever answer. Also, Metool already got his love for the week. No love huggers.
I'm working on it
See how damn lazy I am? Oh well.

Jump, skip, fall into plot hole. =D
Yup.Always and forever. I actually saw that before. I left it cause' i liked it. Deal with it or don't.
I messed with a Megaman sprite.
I don't exactly know why it looks so funny, but its definately my fault.
I like it.Best filler i've seen in a while.