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To WDLKD. Your nearly right about the first panel. If you want to read the translated version go to the next page. Disgo is calling a gnome his father because, quite simply, anime is silly nowadays, and this comic was made to illustrate that point. The grammar structure is Japanese, well I hope it is else google translate is going to have a few words.
I guess I should encourage people to read the latest news thread. And Enjoy.
Well they went out their way delete my un sellable items, so why wouldn't they delete my pants just to annoy me further?
Stealth Bladestorm Whine Comic! ;P
Flashback to the Past 2!
Finally learnt how to make proper speech bubbles! Horay!
Development! A gripping story has emerged! Stay tuned!
I figured I'd start introducing some more characters from the guild. Must of us are a decent bunch, but some? They just like being evil (It's an RP Server afterall)
Was made right at the end of halloween, sorry for being late.