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Y’all Knew I had to put a yee haw in here somewhere

Also, opinions about the speech icons? They were inspired by pmd-hellfire​, who makes their own icons- which I may do in the future if a scene where they’re needed comes up again

Find PMD-Hellfire here:

and the sprites are from here:
@DarkFireEevee: glad to be back!
@WriterRaven: glad to be back!!
Outlanders is back!! Thanks for being so patient during the hiatus!

Continuing the original schedule, new pages will be uploaded every other Wednesday! Next one will be 9/18!
@WaterFang: Kingdom Come will be put on Smackjeeves upon its completion, as it says on the first page of each comic where the reading order is listed! for now, you can read it on my deviantart, Hawktalon07!
@AmberFang: wow that sounds like some cool oragami!
@notifluttershy: because, as it says above, you can read it on my DeviantART at the moment. It'll be put here when it's finished- it's too much work for me to keep the comic updated on three different websites
I don’t really want to put any more starter lines in the comic- I have so much already and they’re already the usual characters in a lot of Pokémon! I like to use Pokémon that are less common- which you’ll see soon! If you wanna see a good Marshtomp though I’d suggest the comic Finding Your Roots!
Very convenient!
@Starfang: omg after all this time the ship finally has a ship name thank you op
That’s fair. I’d chalk it up to that and also like movement and using energy puts you in more stress and strain so you... feel the poison worse? Idk lol
Things just popped off in a major way so we had to skip plan c
Kit has good dialogue
Lol yes it’s like Smokescreen?? Maybe??? Probably not??
It’s supposed to lol!
Hmmm... maybe?
Smokescreen is probably supposed to be bigger than that… Also you know how poison gets worse when you move in PMD? Maybe you shouldn’t run, Kit…