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Eric S
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I'm back after a 4 month hiatus. Sorry for the wait.
This is an old comic I made in 2003 (hence the bad art). Here is some filler while I work on new material.
@MK_Wizard: I'm super normal, but that is my attraction to Celeste because she is anything but.
@MK_Wizard: I think I do, 4 generations down.
@MK_Wizard: today, some Turk thought I was Greek. He thought 'Salinas' was of Greek descent. Opa!
@MK_Wizard: I like it too. That's why I stole it. (the things you find on FB just scrolling down)
@MK_Wizard: I dunno. Maybe. Her surname is 'Artemis' after all.
Guest art by Bea R. of 'InSecurity'.
This my last comic for awhile. I will take a few months off to rebuild my buffer. I will return hopefully by January.
Doesn’t everybody?
@MK_Wizard: I'm not quite sure but I don't think she was joking.
@MK_Wizard: thanks but I can't take credit for the caterpillars or butterflies as I just copy / pasted them from google images
@MK_Wizard: I figured that the birth of Celeste was proof enough that the mom forgave him. But who knows, if I think of a story idea, I will write that story arc.
@MK_Wizard: In my head (because I haven't fully explored it) Celeste's family is together, her parents, her siblings (I imagine she has some) and Celeste all grew up in one household. Her parents are still together and love each other. However, her mother refuses to have a wedding ceremony no matter how many times he asks her since that one ill-fated class trip. I hope that clears things up.
@MK_Wizard: You don't need to be married to have kids.
@MK_Wizard: I do too. But she would be cooler with a katana, amarite?
@MK_Wizard: I have the weirdest strings of thought when I am half asleep too
@MK_Wizard: She is my sacrificial lamb.
@MK_Wizard: Haha... you think she makes an adorable zombie?