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@MK_Wizard: people will find anything to criticize about
@MK_Wizard: Well I haven't experienced this personally, just stuff I've seen over the internet
@MK_Wizard: It is always fun to do a Celeste/Seles switch-a-roo every now and then
@MK_Wizard: Thanks. I made this last year for Tapastic and I thought I would recycle the image again this year here on SmackJeeves. Happy Spring Holidays to you too.
Special thanks to Ian Johnson and BJ Tinch for submitting caption ideas for this art.
@MK_Wizard: This is how I write Celeste. Not as any particular person I do know, but as a person I would like to get to know.
Cacti are cool. What type of cactus was it?
I came across your strip because it was on comic spotlight, and it is refreshing to see aother gag-a-day comic strip in a world dominated by webcomics. I have a question, 'Naz Dravie', are you Czech?
Revenge is a dish best served cold.
A link to that 'Amanda the Great' comic:
@MK_Wizard: I am not much of a coffee drinker. I adapted this idea from a comic by my friend, Amanda El-Dweek, who has a comic on GoComics. The punchlines were the same and I wrote 'french vanilla ice' in the comment section. Honestly, I have never drunk that particular flavor.
It is about time!
This is the "Sator Magic Square", an ancient Latin palindrome. You can find the explanation and clues how to decode this puzzle on Wikipedia and Youtube.
Guest appearance of Ari by the Instagram cartoonist, Ari_Stocrate
@MK_Wizard: I'm more like her roommate, Rococo. I'm lazy and I hate to crawl outta bed.
The lyrics are from the 1984 song, Walk Like an Egyptian
I made a second version of yesterday's comic. Let me know what you think, which one is better? 'Walk Like an Egyptian' by the Bangles or 'Dark Horse' by Katy Perry?