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A link to that 'Amanda the Great' comic:
@MK_Wizard: I am not much of a coffee drinker. I adapted this idea from a comic by my friend, Amanda El-Dweek, who has a comic on GoComics. The punchlines were the same and I wrote 'french vanilla ice' in the comment section. Honestly, I have never drunk that particular flavor.
It is about time!
@MK_Wizard: I'm more like her roommate, Rococo. I'm lazy and I hate to crawl outta bed.
The lyrics are from the 1984 song, Walk Like an Egyptian
I made a second version of yesterday's comic. Let me know what you think, which one is better? 'Walk Like an Egyptian' by the Bangles or 'Dark Horse' by Katy Perry?
Panel #2 is what a FB friend wrote on his post one day. Panel #4 was my response on his thread.
Oh, so there is an overabundance of cats. That's where that smelly cat who is bothering Celeste came from.
@MK_Wizard: yeah...I don't know whether or not I'll keep the cat as a re-occurring character.
An alternate history by Chris Parker, PhD.
This is a comic I made last year for American Thanksgiving. I am re-using it again and publishing it for the first time on Smackjeeves.
This line is (panel #2) from a Key & Peele skit, 'The Substitute Teacher'
spelling mistake
Incidentally, I misspelled 'cephalopod'. Instead of correcting it, I think I will leave it up there to advertise my "shame" for all the world to see and mock me for my lack of spelling prowess.
@MK_Wizard: well, it is universal
@MK_Wizard: Paige is an art director at an advertising agency. It is the closest thing to an artist I have in my cast of characters.
I don't know if this considered NSFW or not.