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Maybe One Day
@Amalockh1: Yes, maybe one day. *looks into the distance*
Beat him up. He deserves it.
This is a masterpeice
This is a masterpiece. I love it. Welly written. 5 out of 5 stars. Needs a sequel about Jeremy and Lance's relationship. 10/10 would read again. Would recommend to anyone. Here, have an Oscar.
I can feel something is about to happen and I'm not sure I'm gonna like it
how do you gay wrong
Is this destiny or is this just pro stalking? The world may never know
the shipage is growing
I can feel it
This was posted on my birthday
Sugar does have that evil power
*sighs* It does
and we've all faced it
don't you love it when your friend comes over and immediately starts making you brownies
Even though I'm not homo I probably would have broken that sign too
there is so many things wrong with this plan, but go for it anyway
dat ass though
Oooh La La Bazilion Edition
He screwed up man, he screwed up
Now that's cute