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Hello my name is Caelynne I'm a 22 year old Panromantic Asexual Tomboy who loves manga and novels. I love to draw though my art isn't anything mind-blowing. I am mainly a Human artist but I do draw Furries on occasion. I am a HUGE Yaoi fan and will read anything containing BL so watch out >:-) I'm always open to questions about me or my work so ask away, though do be warned I do respond to hate with sarcasm. I hope you all enjoy my work because I know I'll enjoy yours ^_^ so thanks for looking <3
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Vol. 5 Release Date?
@LittleLynn84 Hey do you by any chance have a guesstimate on when vol 5 is going to be released? You don't have to answer me if you don't want to but it's just it's my b-day next month and I would LOVE to use my birthday money on the new book. Keep up the good work on your hiatus <3 <3
It's Just a theory a Baby Theory
@#1yaoifan (Guest) As the author is still learning and due to a bad commenter from the earlier chapters they are probably to scared to answer comments so here's my theory as I to have tried dabbling into the art of MPreg.
The Fruit is called the womb fruit so 2 things could happen 1. For the duration of the pregnancy the male's reproduction switches to that of a females ie. no penis all vagina so the baby would come out where you'd expect the hole. 2. and probably the most likely {And my favorite} is the fruit grows a womb off the side of the anus into a small space that men have between their stomach and bladder hidden just behind the intestines allowing the stomach growth we've seen and allowing for the keeping of the penis {As we have seen sex scenes} and in this case the child would come out the pooper and the womb in this case would probably shrink back down after birth to no longer exist until another fruit is eaten.
Well there is my 2 sense nobody asked for and I could be totally wrong and it's just magic so I hope you all have a wonderful day/night. <3 <3
Conversion Therapy?
Please don't tell me they put him through conversion therapy please because if they did I'll be very sad that they could even think about hurting their flesh and blood :( T-T
@CanaCastor: I know it's just wishful thinking on my part though I hope the rest of the gang can get through the year without to much hell... but I can't help but get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach hopefully it's just the McDonald's I had for lunch. September can't come soon enough :)
Nuuu *whimper*
Aww I was hoping this day wouldn't come :( but oh well you'll be back in my birthday month Now all I need to do is stalk your 'author page' until MW shows up then favorite it ;P Great Page as always Madam keep up the good work.
Now everyone needs to move to Ky's school... please :(
Great page as always Mrs. Lynn but now I'm getting scared because I want Friday to come but I also don't *sigh* can't wait for Moonlight Wanders though <3 but hey this is why I also stalk your deviantArt <3 welp hee have a great day everyone <3 <3 <3
Um... Spoilers?
The character page is set up for NEW readers and for those who need just a quick refresher on a character{or to find out their last name} so saying Ky should be added to Main chara's causes spoilers which Lynn is trying to avoid because at the beginning of the story Ky was just the downstairs neighbor with their sister Heather ie. an Other character so sorry I don't think that's ever going to happen just like Em is still considered a 'classmate' even though we now know she is so much more the Character sheet is for New readers and probably won't be updated unless we get a significant new character.
Sorry to dash your hopes.
Welp lol
I guess that's one way to leak a secret ;) poor Gavin well at least he has Ana... for now.
You do You <3
Take all the time you need hun by that time I'll be overdue for a reread anyway and I'm super exited for Moonlit Wanders so take the time you need and ignore the complainers as it just means that your comic is a beloved one. Love ya Lynn keep being awesome <3 <3 <3
Why must you keep all the best cliffhanger pages for the friday update T-T oh well *sigh* Keep up the good work Mrs. Lynn Love Ya <3 <3
That's some cute little banter the two are having right now but shouldn't they be running I mean the guy may have left the room, but depending on how close the nearest 'towels' are they still probably don't have much time." she says even though she already knows they've gotten Maria to safety... okay yes I am being a bit stupid here, but still idle chatter in a scenario like this is not the best idea especially when one needs to GTFO to avoid getting caught and stuck in a 'corrections' camp.
Ugh I want them to kiss soooo bad right now idk why, I guess I'm just a bad person, I know Todd's a dick but after Gaven teased him all the way back in chapter 9 {i think} about the fact that he 'didn't buy' Rudy and Rain's relationship I can't help but ship Todd with Rudy... I'm such a bad person maybe I should just go read bad yaoi to calm myself down ugh the weekend is going to kill me...

Keep up the good work LittleLynn <3 <3
That makes Sense
@LittleLynn84: Oh okay I guess being a writer myself I'm just so used to having 'period-dramas' as you call them but just adding what i want as the years pass. Thank You for the reply Mrs. Lynn keep up the good work <3 <3
I'm Weird...
Looking at this part of my brain instantly went to the 'Now Kiss' meme while the other half is hoping one of the 'good guys'{maybe gossip hen Holly?} is there with a cell taping proof that Todd is a huge f*ing piece of garbage and will spread it around school and to the news forcing the school to actually take some action against this menace since Miss Karma is overdue for an asswooping, but that's just me.
@Guest: I'm kind of curious about that too because I thought this took place in the 2010/2011 school year {since that's when irl the comic started} but seeing this page made me question everything I thought I knew... and I have the books -_-'
Welp yet another excellent page from lovely miss LittleLynn84 but sooo much to discuss
1. I think Blair may be hiding Maria to help out Emily and something is telling me the boy may be studying law {I don't know why} so there's that.

2.Poor Chanel though I'm glad she's got a descent family who's willing to give two-shits about her well being though this does make me worry about the impending prom since Mrs. Samara is/was taking votes on prom king/queen I assume there is going to be a prom arc one way or another.

3. Todd... Part of me still low key ships this ass with Rudy once he gets over his issues, but he really should have been kicked out of school seeing as Chanel's arm is freaking proof of his violence towards others and if Maria got expelled for almost hitting him he most definitely should have gotten an expulsion for physically harassing Chanel! But as THE AUSSIE BLOKE pointed out {and as I said myself last chapter} Todd is almost guaranteed to get away scott-free due to being the Nathan Prescott of this school I just hope Karma comes and bites his ass HARD. I also hope that we one day get to see into Todd's background as many have pointed out this is a Slice-of-Life meaning characters that are just evil for evil's sake shouldn't really happen {*coughRain'sDadcough*} and their should {eventually} be a reasoning behind all their actions {like domestic abuse, or underlying feelings, hell even schizophrenia}, but this is Lynn's story she can do whatever she damn well pleases.

Well that's all I have to spit out for now Friday can't come soon enough :(
Yay... kinda
I'm happy Donna is being a Momma Bear f-ing finally but I also get the bad feeling that she regrets saying that to her 'husband' of course I could just be reading the last panel wrong and she's just missing her baby but something tells me she may end up backfiring like everyone's favorite sister and end up doing something bad to Rudy. Of course this could all just be me over analyzing everything and it mixing with my current depression over learning about a friend's puppy dying that's causing me to think this will still not end well seeing at we are in 'The Storm' after all, but allas thank you for another beautiful page LittleLynn I hope you have a good weekend. <3 <3
Rudy my man <3
I love how Rudy basically became the voice of the comments on this page. I've been stalking both the SJ and DeviantArt comments since the last chapter and everything Rudy says here basically sums up everything we've been saying :) I love this boy <3 <3

Is it to much to hope that Donna slaps her husband and cusses him out, then takes Rudy and idk goes to a sister or something. *crosses fingers* please be a momma bear please be a momma bear... I also can't help but notice the similarities between Donna and Norman and Rains Birth Parents. I strong willed woman being put down by an asshole husband... hmm you trying to tell us something LittleLynn? ;)
No Tell Shelter?
Okay I know I replied to a comment above but I wanted to add my own because this page after being 100% amazing got me riled up. Maria is canonically 18 so she can do whatever she wants even if that means running away from home, but then that leaves Rudy unfortunately he and Maria are NOT twins as many have made that misunderstanding and he is only 16 so if he runs to friends they can be charged for kidnapping. I know that No-Tell Runaway shelters exist to protect kids like Rudy so there could be a chance he could go there, but as LUVBSTER (Guest) said homelessness is not easy or really a good thing to resort to especially if your under 18 but can I say I blame Maria and Rudy? No absolutely not I would have run away too to avoid being sent to an abusive camp where they are GUARANTEED to have a bad time, at least on the streets and with friends, there is a chance they can survive and hey public school is still an option like what Ky does. Hey Rudy and Maria could transfer to Ky's school so Ky wouldn't have to be alone anymore... is that to much wishful thinking? Anyway I seem to have gone off on another rant opps heh

@LittleLynn84 take all the time you need hun it'll be torture to wait but trust me when I say you're worth it ;) I'll just go off and reread the comic again XD yay Luv Ya Lynn <3 <3
@TranshumanAr: I was just about to say that either Emily or Chanel took her to their house, at least I pray they did, and plus MARIA IS 18! Technically her parents should no longer have a say in her life so she can go wherever the hell she damn well pleases, well as long as it's not to a bar seeing as this comic takes place in America.

On the topic of Maria's parents and the camp if I'm going to be completely honest they don't care by resorting to sending their child to camp they are basically disowning and abandoning their own blood. They don't care what happens in fact there is a chance they are hoping she just won't ever come home, and if she gets killed then so be it those camps, from what I've read, are basically just paid kidnappers they take in 'sinner' children and torture them until they either A. Manage to fake being the way the parents want and escape or B. Lose the will to live and commit suicide/let the torture kill them.