User Data
I think someone needs to contact Human Resources on that guy.
Page 12 Black and white for now
Not my usual colored page, but one will be up later on in the week. See ya guys Thursday.
Late update again
Sorry for another late update. My day job has me on a very mix schedule, making it hard for me to work on pages at a decent hour. But I will have a better reign on updates for next week. See ya next week.
Can't be helped
Food fight has been called, who will answer?
Page 8 I'm kinda late
Page numero 8. Sorry for not getting this up earlier, I was having some internet issues, but everything is good now. See ya guys Thursday.
Page 7
Don't know why this page gave me such a hard time., but it's good to go. See ya next week.
pg 6
Full page this time. Might have gone a bit crazy with the spray paint tool, but I think it came out well.
Page 4 and new schedule
Page 4 is up and I'm going to start a new schedule of bi-weekly updates, or try to keep up with the schedule. Look for updates Tues/Thurs.
Getting started
Beginning of a good thing for me. A story that I have been working for a while and finally going to start loading pages. Hope everyone enjoys the story.
March 31st, 2017
This is my favorite page. Lu is just great.