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Nerdy guy from Norway. I like videogames and comics. Drawing is pretty much my life.
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@kidcthulhu: And there will be another one very soon. But that will be it for splashpages for a while...
@kidcthulhu: Thanks, needed some sibling love during this fight scene, and this was the moment.
Yet another full screen panel. I didn't try to stretch this chapter out, it just happened to have two of these.
This one I felt was important just to show some vertical action. The leap of faith.
There will be a lot of falling, so I needed to set up the situation correctly. Have one page with a clear overview of where all the characters are in relation to each other.
One last desperate move from Panik... is it enough?
Full page panel, I rarely do these, but I feel like this was one situation where it fit. Just needed some overview of the chaotic situation.

Also, I have to admit Tellus' fear of heights was kind of an afterthought. I originally planted it as a gag in an earlier draft of the story, and in a later draft, it came back as a comedic effect at the end. Combining those, it worked as a way to take him out of the action, while him staying around is still relevant.

The fear of height is a very important part of Tellus' character. It has quite literally formed him into the man he is today, but that's a story for another day.
Remember when these titans smashed through solid ice walls and half a city in the arctic caverns?
We're not there anymore...
This is like the second time Tellus drops out of nowhere to save everyone?

Poor Tellus, he's not been much of a character yet. I have big plans for his character, but it may be a while until I get there.
I am however, planting stuff already. For one, he's obsessed with Aris' safety, which is another thing I may hint more at soon, as I will make Aris a far more important character in part 2.

Also, careful with the floor, Tellus!
The Emperor turned out so cold and evil here, I'm curious if I can ever redeem that character.
Maybe I will, maybe not, but his story will be told one day, and it's key to how I plan everything to happen in the end. As I mentioned before, the road to hell is paved in good intentions, and while I don't expect anyone to forgive the Emperor anytime soon (or ever), I can't wait to I get to tell his side of the story.

Also, Deus ex Machina?
I haven't commented about the artwork for a while. I kinda ran out of stuff to say about it.
But action scenes are fun to do, and I got quite happy with the way I did the Emperor's grey goo powers. This page is a rare one in that it translated exactly the way I wanted it from the sketchbook to the finished page. I often lose some of that raw energy you get in a first draft, but here it remained. There's a sense of speed and chaos I wanted to have here, and I'm still happy about how it turned out.
So while I wanted it to be clear Panik did pick a side, he's now being pushed away by the Emperor himself.
My original plan was to have Panik as a villain, but during my later drafts, he became more of an anti hero, or a tragic hero. Having his father figure, the emperor, coldly push him away like this is the thing that may set him down that path.
I do have a plan for him, but he may be too conflicted still to simply join Embla and Traktus.
Reading this a while after I made the artwork, it seems like I didn't really make it clear that 45-K is still living here, mostly because he's a cyborg. Being stabbed through his chest do hurt him, but Traktus must have discovered a pulse or something in there, which is why he doesn't abandon him the way he abandons his brother.
If I was to make one change in these two chapters, it would be to make it clearer that Aqualus is beyond saving at this point.... but I guess everything happens so fast nobody really have time to think about anything anyway.
Time for chapter 17, and oboy, I guess this may be the final battle? Who will live? Who will die? It may be decided this month!

Of course, I do have a Patreon if anyone wants to chip in, it would be much appreciated.
Comments are much appreciated too :)
Final page with the School Detective running theme. Made in 2014...
And I'm afraid this will be it for Dumb Seabirds for now.
I made these pages mostly between 2009 and 2014 to entertain myself and practice. I've now ran out of pages that I can argue can make sense for an international audience.

I may still produce some new pages on occation, so stay subscribed if you like this!
@kidcthulhu: Nice to be able to do something unexpected.
I still feel bad for it, though, but at least Aqualus may still have some role to play...
Another one! I made one every year, this one is from 2013...
Third page following this joke, made in 2012, one year after the previous one...
Continuing on after the previous page, this one was made in 2011...
@Lord Enigma: Who knows? That attack might have killed Aqualus, but 45-K is a cyborg...
@kidcthulhu: Glass Cannon is a very common term in videogames where you can build your character to do high burst damage without being able to tank hits back.
It's one of my favorite ways of playing certain games.
Not sure if I've heard the term outside of gaming, but I think it fits here.
Made in 2009, first of several pages following the same idea, all inspired by one of Carl Barks' Duck stories.
I made one of these every year, and it became kind of a running gag.