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Nerdy guy from Norway. I like videogames and comics. Drawing is pretty much my life.
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    Bård Lilleøien
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@kidcthulhu: I didn't have him in mind, but I wouldn't hesitate a second to cast him in the role.
Just to make sure how "secure" Aris' source is.
Again a page where drawing Grimdock was just a pure joy. Cowardly and opportunistic, but so fun to work with.
So why is Aris bringing Aqualus here? I'm hoping the next pages will add some clarity to that, but I wanted to make it clear she just can't carry a dying man across half the planet, even if she's a paladin. There are clear limits to her strength, and this is one situation where she may have to rely on others...
For some reason, replicating Aris' transparency effect from earlier just didn't work here.
Grimdock was originally intended as a throwaway background character, but then I wrote a backstory for him, which fit in universe. Then I decided to make that backstory a part of the main plot. And then I gave him more of a personality, complete with hopes, dreams, and feelings for his lost cat, and it was done. Now I just feel bad for him, even if he's a douchebag.
New month, new chapter! The previous one went a little dark, so hoping to brighten up the mood with this one.
Anyone missed the cat loving aristocrats? Me neither, but here they are!

Of course, I do have a Patreon if anyone wants to chip in, it would be much appreciated.
Comments are much appreciated too :)
@kidcthulhu: Thanks, I struggled a lot with her face there, so decided just to use her hair to cover it. Easier that way.
@kidcthulhu: This is really her moment to shine. And it's not over yet.
@kidcthulhu: Thanks. Hoping for about 900 more to tell the story!
@Lord Enigma: Not sure if Aris is gonna ask permission...
What is the Emperor planning with this?
Gotta wait a little while to figure that one out, but the next one starts October 1st!

If you enjoy DiS, please check out my Patreon at
I've had this story on my mind for the last 20 years, and while it's fun to finally tell it, making a buck or two while doing so does a lot for my motivation.
Or just read and leave a comment if you like, that helps too. I love every single one of my readers. Thank you.
This leaves Gob Tellus, last of the Paladins...
... poor guy. I'll tell his story one day...
I'm actually not too sure how Aris managed to break the window, but I doubt anyone will notice, unless I comment on it.
Oh snap... well, she probably used a powerful air blast or threw something at it! Yes... that's it!
And I guess we've passed the point of no return.
The Emperor won't be too happy about this one?
Id of course, being inside Aris' mind, knows what will tickle her feelings, and can take on any form she knows will get the job done.
She's not really too different from the ghost, is she?
I needed to show another of Aris memories. One showing Aqualus in another light, where he's kind, humorous and shows compassion. This is also before he went mad, but I wanted to show some of his humanity.

I want to tell the entire story of Jahlil and Aris one day, but short version is the Emperor found him and gave him the position of the Air paladin, which previously belonged to the Emperor himself.
Jahlil, however, had one secret. His daughter Aris. Nobody except Paladins were allowed on DiS, so Jahlil kept her hidden. Tellus found out about her, but helped Jahlil keep her a secret.
Of course, the Emperor really did know, but he didn't care. Having someone with Jahlil's unique genes would only benefit him in the long run.

For this memory, Aqualus does understand what Jahlil is hiding, but he's not about to go tell on him, and this is the kindness Aris suddenly remembers.
So just why does Id want Aqualus alive?
I've spun a pretty complex web of motivations in here, but I'll hopefully be able to make sense of it all... in time.
So, Id doesn't want him killed, but the Emperor does? Or is there something else?