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Nerdy guy from Norway. I like videogames and comics. Drawing is pretty much my life.
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    Bård Lilleøien
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@kidcthulhu: Haha... it's kinda different for strips. I try to draw backgrounds in as many DiS panels as I can, and whenever I do just a plain room like this, it feels like something is missing.
February 13th, 2019
@kidcthulhu: Took me 5 minutes to decipher the first panel and the answer was just in front of me the entire time...
@kidcthulhu: Yeah, had the big picture down before I even started, tried putting story elements in layers. It's tough to balance and not tell too much at once since that may bore people, but I also need to make sure stuff comes up when it's important to know something.

Writing is hard, but fun.
@kidcthulhu: Thanks, felt this was about the right time for this one.
Also I got so much sketches and WIP art I simply haven't been able to show before because someone's Id is a part of it.
@Lord Enigma: Removing it and retaining powers is possible, but it may come with a great cost...
In retrospect, I regret setting this scene in a stairwell. It's not an interesting background, nothing fun to see, while being surrisingly difficult to draw at the same time. Some lazy solutions like the second panel where I didn't even do proper lineart for the background.
Had I done this scene today, I'd probably add some window, or just made Embla wait for an elevator or something.
The ghost hunt was originally not part of the first story, but I added it in order for Embla, Panik and Aris to build characters and relationships before the main plot started, as well as introducing the city council of Atlantis.
Seeing as this ghost becomes a very important part of the story going forward, I felt like I needed a quick flashback, just to establish the fact that Embla has already faced a ghost and knows how to defeat it.
Well, it does sound like the ghost is back!
Also, I did plant a plothole somewhere for that uneasy feeling, and now I'm curious if anyone are able to point it out. It will be revealed eventually, of course.
Seeing as they're both former Fire Paladins, giving both Embla and Traktus short tempers was a given, and it also makes their personalities to crash easily. As well as Traktus still being bitter about Embla stabbing her with a spear, nearly killing him.
Needless to say, this conflic is not making it any easier for Embla to learn to "control her mind".

So, Serise, a new character. Believe it or not, but this is a character we've seen once before. Her backstory will be revealed in bits and pieces, and one may be able to put it together fairly soon.
As for now, I needed Embla to have someone to talk to amiably now that Id is out of the question...
... and I guess that explains Aqualus' mental issues. But have to admit, operating your own brain is kinda badass.
I didn't want this to be a simple solution to the Id problem, but it was natural for someone like Aqualus to attempt it, and it being successful is also why the Emperor never managed to find him while he was hiding out beneath Atlantis.
I guess this means it's official. Id is bad news.
Who is Id? What is Id? There have been hints, but also red herrings.

But one question remains. Why didn't Traktus simply tell them about Id earlier?
Short answer because I wanted that final page twist on the end of part 1.
Long answer: revealing Id for Embla and Panik would not make them think of Id any less. In fact it could have made them accidentally revealing more information to Id just by trying not to think of everything they should not reveal to Id. Neither of them knows the necessary meditation or mind control required to supress information like that, so simply not giving them any reasons to not think of something would be the safest bet. Also there was no time. Aqualus didn't even want Traktus to come with him for the chance of an accidental reveal, and Panik tricked Traktus on the suicidal rescue mission.

But now that Embla seems to have all the time in the world to learn to control her mind, who knows what she'll do in the future? All she needs now is to have a little bit of patience... oh
One of my favorite artists is Don Rosa, famous for his Duck comics during the 90s and 00s, keeping up with Carl Barks' legacy.
Rosa would always hide silly background details in his stories, and that's where I found a lot of inspiration.
Something is burning? Why not have a character ready with a frying pan?
Makes no sense, but it does make for a cheap chuckle, and seeing as 45-K is such a dark character, I felt like I needed that silliness.

There was also a plot hole showing up, about Panik being allowed to leave, and while not giving it entirely away, I had to address it somehow. Traktus wants something, and he believes Panik going to Mu will help him with that. But having both of them go would be far too risky, and that's why he keeps Embla at the base, at least until she learns to control her mind...
I do wish I have introduced the protein sticks. I originally planned to have Embla eat one during one of her talks with Id back in chapter 7... but I simply forgot to add the idea it to the final script and so I left it out of the story. But that tube the paladins always keeps in their belt? That's where they keep them.
Idea is the food in Atlantis being strictly industrial because of the huge population. In order to feed everyone, they're making all the food in labs, for cheap. Its sustainable, but not very tasty.
While in Aqualus' city, crops is being grown naturally.
I don't want to go into the debate about industry food here, but I do love good food, and find the idea of it all just being condensed into tasteless protein sticks repulsive.

And speaking of repulsive, seeing as 45-K is Embla's dead childhood friend reanimated as a souless shell, I couldn't possibly have her react in any other way. He naturally creeps her out, but she also feels sorry for him.
So what's going on with Embla? This chapter will answer that, as well as give her a short call to action.
One mystery will be unraveled a bit, and there will be a new character introduction. Stay tuned!

Of course, I do have a Patreon if anyone wants to chip in, it would be much appreciated.
Comments are much appreciated too :)
You grabbed the flower by the thorns on this one
@kidcthulhu: Good to know, I wanted to cut expositions down to when it's absolutely necessary for the plot. No idea if I succeeded, but I just wanted to keep stuff moving this time.
@Lord Enigma: He's got reasons... sinister ones...
This made me realize how kickass father I had. I remember watching Life of Brian at 7
Well, nothing of value was lost :P
Unfortunately, we already know it won't end too well for him :(