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Nerdy guy from Norway. I like videogames and comics. Drawing is pretty much my life.
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    Bård Lilleøien
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I rarely make new pages, but this is one of them. Drawn earlier this week.
Made in 2014...
The building at the end is the Norwegian Parlament building.
@kidcthulhu: Thanks. Hoping to do more rain in the future. Wanted it for the ominous mood here.
Made in 2014...
@Lord Enigma: He might be about to find out for real... maybe
Avis = Bird
Ovis = Sheep
This page from 2014 is based on a dish.
Made in 2014...
Made in 2011...
To put it into gaming perspective, I made this one a year and a half before the Nintendo WiiU was released, if anyone remembers that console.
Made in 2014...
Made in 2013...
@kidcthulhu: Yeah, I have considered other elements, to get away from the traditional four. 45-K uses lightning and electromagnetic pulses, not sure where that places him.
Toyed with some other ideas as well, and then there's also Mu... who knows what element that "Ghost" is ;)
(I do because I'm the author, but I'm not sharing... yet)
Made in 2010... Couldn't do much to restructure this one because of the one very wide panel.
Made in 2009...
@Linn: Giggling? I was CRYING!
Oh my GOD!

RIP BLAZE :( :( :(
Made in 2013...
Made in 2014...
Made in 2014...
Made in 2014...
Made in 2013.
This one is an example of pages being difficult to translate due to cultural phenomenons.
Not sure how it is other places, but over here, they give homeless people and drug users free street magazines to sell. The idea is to give them a source of income so they stay away from criminal activities, and it works.