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Nerdy guy from Norway. I like videogames and comics. Drawing is pretty much my life.
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@kidcthulhu: Thanks. This was one of my favorite pages to draw.
@kidcthulhu: Oh, he did. The Emperor is that kind of man. And I guess Embla is too important to him to risk her getting shot.
@kidcthulhu: It is Ask, yes :)
@Lord Enigma: I'm sure he'll recover :P
@kidcthulhu: All we need now is for Leeroy to shout NOOOOO so all the kids can make memes of it for years :)
@Lord Enigma: He's got the power of snow. Why wouldn't he think he's all powerful? :P
@kidcthulhu: Indeed, and before he went all cyborgy, however that happened ;)
September 6th, 2017
Not sure when I'll update this one next. As for today, this is one I only have time for on occasion. Thanks for reading.
September 5th, 2017
Just made a couple of more strips. Family Tie isn't a priority for me anymore, however, given time and inspiration, I'll probably make new strips occationally.
@kidcthulhu: When you mention it, they do kinda look alike in a way. They both have black untidy hair, and both had the position of being the water based Paladin. I haven't showed much of Aqualus yet, though, but he's kinda modelled after another crazy old wizard I did in another comic.
That's it for Chapter 6!
DiS in Space will return October 1st.
Meanwhile, check out my Patreon if you haven't already,
Start of Chapter 6, which is the big flashback chapter, explaining a few things about Panik and Embla.
As always, I have a Patreon at if anyone wants to join. If you can't contribute, that's cool too, I always enjoy comments :)

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@kidcthulhu: Yeah, the Emperor seems to have forgotten that as well ;)
@kidcthulhu: Just had to draw the headbonks when I still can. Emperor's not coming with them :P
@kidcthulhu: Hard to avoid it when these guys are in the same room :P
@Linn: His name is spoiler :P
(his name is Traktus, he just haven't showed up yet, but I guess saying his name is okay) :)
@Linn: This guy is Aqualus. The man in the hovering chair who attacks with his hair is Gob Tellus.
@kidcthulhu: It could be revealing :)
@Linn: Punch and pie
@kidcthulhu: Good eye for details. The statics is kinda important