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Nerdy guy from Norway. I like videogames and comics. Drawing is pretty much my life.
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    Bård Lilleøien
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This one is from 2013.
Old one, from 2011...
Sequel to the previous strip, drawn 3 years later...
This one seems to be from 2011...
@Linn: Imagine Gandalf, with a Matrix pattern beard.
@Linn: A tech wizard did it!
@kidcthulhu: It does, actually.
That may or may not be of importance later ;)
Fresh page!
Based on a classic movie I just gave a rewatch.
Page from 2011.
The original page layout made it impossible for me to break apart the panels like I usually do.
November 10th, 2017
Hey I love Ewoks and I'm still waiting for them to bring back Yub Nub...
A jolly old classic from 2010
I made this one all the way back in 2010.
Wups, two black and white ones in a row. Anyways, this is from 2011...
Had I made this today, I'd probably given Death a black cloak.
This one is from 2015, after I originally ended the series.
@kidcthulhu: Thank you.
Traktus do have a reason for switching sides, and his story will be told at a later point.
This one is from 2013...
This is an ancient one. I did it in 2008, and I seem to have lost the original file, meaning I only got this really low res version.
This one is from 2012, I believe.
Gonna try to chop them up a bit when possible to better fit web format. Enjoy!
Time for Chapter 8! Not as many bombshells as the last chapter, but some characters may start to question certain things. Not everything may be as simple as it seems...
Of course, I do have a Patreon if anyone wants to chip in, it would be much appreciated.
Comments are much appreciated too :)
Welcome to Avis Maritima Stulta, a comic I did mostly to entertain myself between 2008 and 2015. I've selected 130 pages I'll be posting between now and the summer. Trying to post one every second day, and I'll TRY to keep in theme with the season.

For this first one, consider it an introduction.