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Hello Who am I?
I am PhoenixFire, of Fennie.
I enjoy making art and hope people enjoy what I make!

I am the author of Tales of Burrow Town.

You can also find me on

twitter: PhoenixFire__
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@comercole: Thank you, I hope you will enjoy it ^^
@Volt the fox :3: So is the Chespin!
A bit early, but here is the first page of the comic!
Dawww such a CUTIE eevee!
~~He was probably framed for arson~~
Good page Neko ^^
I love amber so much >.<
such a high price!
Yay my first page I am existed!
Anyway it looks like our good friend Natalya is a about to cool down.
will there be ice puns!? will she get out of this pickle!
find out soon tm