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i am currently a freshman attending the local community college for the time being.
Free time is limited for me, because I work part time at Dunhams, I am involved in several sports (often more than one at once).

I love to draw though, as well as tell stories. some of my stories are dirived from books or movies that have given me some inspiration to write something. (or draw it).

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    Barrie Rupp
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I am so happy to have come across this comic! I was actually wondering to myself, isn't the idea of pokemon kinda messed up? its like animal brutality but its not frowned upon by everyone. lol I love the artwork, characters and the story so far! good luck on this one!
Lashana: thanks for catching that. its one of those things that i dont pick up when i half heartily check the dialog. lol i'll fix it...some day lol
Retribution Cover
this is the new cover for retribution
pg. 17
I should warn you...theres going to be alot of green :/ sorry
Welcome to Chapter 3
Summerleaf being pensive
this put a smile on my face! Thank you Jezzlin! :)
Jezzlin, that makes me so happy to hear that you have made me some fanart,
i immediatly checked my email after reading your comment, but i didnt see the message anywhere :/ maybe try resending it?
the last three panels were put together very cleverly :P
tricked you didn't I? you weren't expecting a tween page huh?

sorry to those of you who were really excited about chapter 3 :/ it'll be up next week i promise.

until then, enjoy this comic of Summerleaf's dream! blurriness was intentional, if you cant read it, im sorry thats the best handwriting i could force myself to create, since i didn't feel like opening up photoshop....odd isnt it?
hmm im not sure what kits you are referring to...
The result of OD'ing on poppy seeds...
so thats the end of Chapter 2..
so its a half an hour before thursday, i was just really excited to get this page up. unfortunatly, i have absolutly zero pages ready for next week so i need to haul ass :[
no, but close they're denmates from when they were kits
its thursday?
im getting my days mixed up. thursday totally snuck up on me and im really concerned for tomorrow cause i really dont know if i work or not :/ prolly not a good thing....

anyway, i wont deny that this page is a little on the 'blah' side, BUT:
1- now you know what the prophecy says
2-you can see the size difference between Pumatail and Summerleaf...sorta,
and 3- this page sparked an idea in my head that will likely be very pleasing to you all. shh cant say anymore than that :P

<3 barr
poppy seeds
someone please explain to me why it took me four times of going going back onto photoshop and uploading it on photobucket and here, to finally figure out how the hell you spell 'prophecy...'
oh, and also, i apologize for the second panel ...
finally got the .jpg image to work. turned out it wouldnt take because i forgot the merge the text layer with the actual pic :/

oh well now its not so fuzzy ! :)
for some reason SJ wouldnt let me upload the original jpg so i had to take a snap of it. i'll try to fix it later :/

oh yeah, um YAYyy comic is back!! ^^;
madam...i fail to see your logic...
you see...
i am always right... ;D
tuberculosis? :/

if it is even if its untreated he cant die so soon! :<
great work on building the suspense !
Robin: 'omg a wewo butaw fly' XP
thats prolly as extreme as his speech problem will get tho lol..

Khemir: That would be excellent, thanks!

desertkitt: I muchly agree, however i have to work on kittens alot to make them look ...right...idk, muscular lean adults come to me better :<

KH_fan: everything except the words (except on rare occasions when i download a art program trial, i might do a whole page with it) everything is had drawn. are you asking about how i draw/color them? if so i was thinking about putting up a how-to page just for fun on the menu soon. idk when tho i'll keep you updated!

thanks for all the support guys!