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I'm a college student from the middle of nowhere. What do you want from me?

I kinda died for a little while. I'm probably gonna take down all of my personal comics and redo them. Also, I want to work on some collabs.
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This comic's awesome appears to have broken photobucket. I applaud your skill.
Umm... Plastic Leg-prop = Self-explanatory?
I just... He's so...

Random art piece I've been working on. I have no idea what I want to do with these characters, but I like their design.

This is also on my y-gallery account, where I've put up a minor contest to name them and give them a story. If you guys have any idea just tell me.
This comic is half-way inspired by a writing prompt I found online:

"You're standing outside a restaurant next to a phone booth when, suddenly, it rings. Your gut tells you not to answer it, but with each ring you can't resist. Finally you pick up the phone—and end up having the most amazing night of your life."
I've finished the next 9 pages. I'm not sure how long this comic is going to be.
So I had this dream last night....
That all of my guy-friends were wearing those Japanese school girl outfits. It was quite disturbing, actually.

But I decided it was a nice way to introduce Corey...

Xander probably won't cross-dress/crossplay very often. It really depends on how this character plays out. I'm still not sure if he's an Uke or Seme. I'm leaning more towards Uke, because that's the kind of person I am. I'm also the kind of person who misses spots when erasing.. Dun dun duuuuuun.

A little fact for you peoples, Xander puts the bow-ties on Corey when the Science teacher is away(he still doesn't know who's doing it). They change daily. This is the only prank, to date, that Xander has gotten away with...
So, this short is going to be rather sketchy. I sorta rushed through it because I wanted to get my idea out before I forgot it. I'm lacking quite severely in the memory department. I'll probably go back and redo the whole thing but I'm not sure when. Could be tonight, could be a year from now...

Also, I only have 10 pages done on my computer, so when those pages are up it will take a little longer for new ones.

Once again, if anyone is interested in toning or shading (hell, even drawing)a comic, just send me a message.
YAY! People like him! Well, his hair. But that's the same thing! 8D

Anyway, people should play with his hair.
Name: Alexander Ferris
Nickname/s: Xander, Alex
Age: 17
Club: Theatre
Job in the Club: Actor
Personality: He's very eccentric, to the point where he'll walk around with different props and act out scenes from plays no one has ever heard of. He also likes pulling pranks but often gets caught while planning them. He has no known mental filter.
Likes: Wigs; props; his pet turtle, nico; confusing/scaring people
Dislikes: If he doesn't like something he'll let you know. The list is rather long.
Interesting Fact: Xander has a large collection of wigs (mostly brightly colored) and loves to hang out in the science lab with the skeleton(whom he's lovingly named Corey)
Other: Music is his life, but he sings like Isaac Brock. I'm not sure if that's a bad thing.
I absolutely love this comic and shall now show it to all of my friends.
Hand down pants?

.... o.o

Also, Herz is my favorite! <3 I want to cosplay him, but I'm unsure of my monster make-up abilities.
Thanks Z-chan!

I wonder what Damon was doing during my mysterious disappearance...
I thought I was dead, too..

But surprise! I was just unconscious! XD

It's good to be back!
A restart should be fun. I'll be more active this time, I promise!! <3

I hate college.

that is all.

Oh.. so that's how it works... O.O
Don't tease me!! TT-TT

BTW - I <3 this comic...
Everyone's posting! I'll be able to by the end of next week by the latest(IS GETTING A TABLET)