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Hey Peeps!

I enjoy creating comics and original characters.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, just note me and I'll get back to you. Thanks and have a good day!
Hi! :)
I swear! It's not that sour! :)
I gotcha now! :)
Don't be sad! Cheer up! :)
You're silly, you know that? :)
Just a little surprise! :)
@Micahjjg: I love pineapples too! :)
@ArgusPersa: Thanks! I appreciate it!
I like pizza! What's your favorite pizza topping? :)
Berries! :)
Do you like to play game cards?
Just a little smoochie! :)
Hey Peeps! Enjoy! :)
Say goodbye to old things...and hello to new things!
I love gingerbread cookie house! If I could build a big one to live in, I would! :)
Sometimes I miss the snow but I do really miss Christmas.
I don't like the flu...
Do you like spicy food? :)