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I like Col(ette) already and I am liking seeing more of them. Can't wait to see where this goes. *keeping ambiguous about gender until certain any way or another*
@12AbbyRainbow: I have one or two snippets of advice if you like:

1) talk to your teachers. They're the ones who know your school and education system best, and they're the ones who can extend deadlines on homework and so on if need be. (I don't know if you've got external exams or not, but if you do your teachers should know the varying protocols associated with that)

2) Work hard on what you can. You probably already know that, of course.

3) Play hard as well. Make sure you *are* getting in activities you find fun - video games, knitting, hanging out with mates, whatever. These are the things that help reduce stress after all. (Also there are good stress-relieving exercises you can find on the internet - have a look and see what works for you.)

4) In general, just take care of yourself. You've just been ill after all, and your body will still be recovering from that. so make sure to sleep, eat, take care of hygiene, take gentle exercise (or whatever your doctor mandates), and so on so forth. Prioritise your health first.

5) Remember that you aren't the first and won't be the last to be ill around exam time. Many people have survived this exact situation, and you can too. You can do it! :)
@NikuComics: Her birthday's February 14th (1995 given the year Rain takes place in).
We love you too! <3 <3 <3 Congratulations on 1000 comics!
@Guest: School nurses are rubbish. The one time we saw this particular nurse she essentially called Gavin a liar for saying he had insomnia, even though it was evident from his face. (and don't get me started on the ones at my own school...)
May 16th, 2018
@Climaxstriker: Wow that is a terrifying possibility. I hope that doesn't happen but I could see it happening. (I guess though that even if the school did hire Marcus Flaherty as a lawyer that's no guarantee he'll even think of Rain at all whilst he's around? But even just seeing his faaaaace could pour salt into Rain's wounds. And of course there has to be loads of conflict for the characters to get through - it wouldn't be a good story otherwise!)
May 15th, 2018
@Haldo: I think that's the point. I admit I was scared by that one too ;)
May 15th, 2018
@CatPerson: But would Maria even have the resources to sue? Hell, would she even think that being eighteen means she's free to do as she wishes without having to defer to the (older) adults? Simply reaching past the age barrier doesn't mean you have the frame of mind to consider those sorts of thoughts (I think that's probably especially true if you're still in school and surrounded by people who don't have those options). After all, the past month Maria has had as an eighteen year old isn't going to eclipse the lifetime she's had without those privileges - and that's not forgetting that even if it did occur to her, she still isn't in a good position to sue anyone right now (suing someone is *always* a risk and Maria is unlikely to have the money to support herself right now, let alone get involved in any kind of lawsuit where it can be avoided).
@kidcthulhu: Really I was thinking of a word filter on the comments of another webcomic. I honestly have no idea if it's a regional thing!
Georgia is a bit of a bongo, isn't she. Unfortunately, media people can be like that (the UK's phone hacking scandal, anyone?).
@Guest: I'm not sure about his asking Chanel being out of desperation because one of the first girls he asked out was Ana who's in the same year as him (and that was before he asked Rain or Emily or Holly though that last was only mentioned in passing). His asking non-Seniors was brought up as a notable point well before he tried asking Chanel. There's definitely something *else* going on there.

Todd being entrenched in the closet is definitely plausible, though I find it equally plausible that he isn't. If he is, I'm not sure his endgame would be to attend prom with a guy he likes - same-sex attracted homophobes tend to really hate those kinds of feelings in themselves. Maybe he's just trying to prove to *himself* that he is a completely "normal" dude who likes girls and who wants to date girls.
@TranshumanAr: There is something fishy about him, but apart from asking the girls out and getting pissy when they haven't gone out with him (which he only did once to each girl don't forget - not exactly something anyone would bother reporting) and bullying Rudy, he hasn't done very much. Both things are assholic enough on their own accounts, and maybe he has bullied other students, but those sorts of actions are often exactly the type of thing schools don't notice (and sometimes ignore if it's brought to their attention).
@12AbbyRainbow: Why shouldn't he read both?
A load of comments by Anna Rei have been deleted now. I'm just saying this now in case anyone's confuddled by a bunch of comments up there. :)

On a completely different note, I love Brother Arthur. He is the sort of teacher that every school needs.
@Anna Rei: Mate, seriously? You regret sharing a comic with people just because the author (rightfully) believes the comments section isn't a place for posting your go fund me? Nobody owes you anything simply for you buying stuff from them in the past. No matter how desperate you are there is a time and a place for everything, and this is not it.

I'd like to commend Jocelyn and this part of the internet for not making me feel uncomfortable or guilty because I'm not in a position where I can financially support the webcomic or anyone else (except me) right now. All too often I see people saying "It's only x amount and surely everyone can afford that, right?" and I am glad that isn't the case here.
I am in a not-dissimilar situation to the hypothetical situation being discussed here (I'm transmasc in some way, present as fremale, and am out to only one person who isn't very helpful) and yeah, if anyone I knew in real life started probing into whatever gender I was, most likely I would run to the hills and never look back. I would love to be open and visible to the world with my gender, just as I am with my aroaceness and always have been for years longer than I knew the words 'aro' or 'ace'. But I am not currently in a situation where I feel at all comfortable with doing that and I don't expect that to change in the near future. I probably wouldn't even open up if someone assured me they're safe to talk to, but at least with that I know they're more likely to be chill once my situation has changed and they're more likely to have my back should things go wrong.

In more general terms I remember being a kid - about 9 or 10 years old - and being forced to tell a particular someone, 'M', about being bullied. I very much did *not* want to tell M anything about it at that time and doubly so when she insisted for me to give her a name of the person who was the bully. In reality most of the class was involved to some extent, but what I ended up saying was that it was S (who I perceived as one of the more aggressive about it) and when asked if there was anyone else I said there wasn't just to end the conversation. The result was that the few times I came across S after we finished at that school (by a couple of years and) he was *still* salty whilst denying his part in any of it, also I completely stopped wanting to share anything serious about my life with M or anyone else. (even now when it comes to opening up about some of the most pressing issues in my life I really struggle with it. I seem to prefer doing it over the internet, often to strangers.)
@Dawn: It's also been hinted at/touched upon in the main comic itself (Probably not as in-depth, but I can't say for certain as I do not have any of the books (yet)). The difference is that Heather seems to have actually started making peace with her own situation, whereas Ana hasn't as of yet. I think knowing other intersex people would be good for both Ana and Heather, so that they both could find solidarity and sympathy with people who are going through and have experienced similar things to what they have. Meeting each other wouldn't be a bad start,
even though they may have had very different experiences to each other in relation to their intersexuality. (After all, everyone's relationship to their own bodies and identities is different, no matter which banners we fly under!)
April 30th, 2018
@NikuComics: I know! The new look is so cute on her. <3
April 25th, 2018
Ah Pete. Poor Pete. Somehow I doubt his regular duties involve babysitting students. And teenagers don't tend to be the most supportive when it comes to support staff (and plenty of teachers aren't either).
April 25th, 2018
@Oka: This happened March 18th, so Emily's about 5 months in. So yeah, it'll come around summer if all goes well. (a quick google suggests she could start having Braxton Hicks contractions about this time too, so any "crying wolf" could be taken to be those)