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September 8th, 2018
@kidcthulhu: Somehow I got out of the swing of things. I shall have to get back into the swing of things.
That old chestnut, eh? Mark, I don't think you're going to find anything under there. Except tarmac.
Hammers are good.
Some people...
Trees are good. Love trees.
I'm going to have to start a character page. Helena was the last (and first) person we saw Margaret talking to: . Continuity! Yay!
Random strangers can really turn your day around sometimes, can't they?
@kidcthulhu: Puns are awesome, and so is Wales given there's a dragon on the Welsh flag and all.
Nobody in their right mind wants to talk about Brexit much at all. It's either overwhelmingly excruciating or overwhelmingly boring. Or both.
I like snakes. I like their sense of scale.
I enjoy a bit of leek sometimes.
I like The Usher too. Sounds pretty badass, actually.
A comic featuring characters other than Mark. Talking about Mark. Well, at least they've got his name right.
Honestly, people who think there's a joke to be had...
Well, we've got a name now...

Yeah, never dismiss a person's name. It doesn't matter if they chose it themselves or if it's not their legal name - call people what they want you to call them. (And don't backhandedly refer to them by a different name when around other people - especially not when they're in the room. And no arguing about it if they correct you!)
@kidcthulhu: Snark is fun. :)
Spiders often like to hang out outside my room. I don't really mind them all that much.
I can hear voices, but I ignore them because I can't distinguish one word from another.
@kidcthulhu: Mine eased off when I was about 16. I've become a lot more chilled about it since.
Just a heads up, this is the 10th comic I've published here. I wonder how many there'll be.