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yeeeeeeeeeeeee Rain is back! :D
My flatmate and I tried out a new-to-us Indian place recently and it spiced the tongues off of us... I'm not a spice person myself and not really good with trying new foods either. Pearl is really relatable here.
It only takes a few people for the rumour mill to get going, and once that's happening people will be hearing it from their friends, friends of friends, overhearing other people talking about it, etc. The first few who are hearing it from Ava may be gullible or naive, might be unaware of her vitriol towards Penny, might not believe it but spread it because they don't like Penny/Teri, might not believe it but spread it so that they're not the next target for the rumour mill, etc. (And of course teenagers are often not the best at critical thinking, so anything juicy is going to make the rounds no matter *how* implausible it really is)

Of course, the sort of thing Ava's spreading shouldn't really be a big deal (well, the fact that she's lying her ass off is a bit of a deal, but two people snogging just... isn't). But then add in the homophobes and the creepers and the fact that teenagers love to latch on to *anything* they perceive as "different" and, well, there you go...
September 8th, 2018
@kidcthulhu: Somehow I got out of the swing of things. I shall have to get back into the swing of things.
That old chestnut, eh? Mark, I don't think you're going to find anything under there. Except tarmac.
Hammers are good.
Some people...
Trees are good. Love trees.
I'm going to have to start a character page. Helena was the last (and first) person we saw Margaret talking to: . Continuity! Yay!
Random strangers can really turn your day around sometimes, can't they?
@kidcthulhu: Puns are awesome, and so is Wales given there's a dragon on the Welsh flag and all.
Nobody in their right mind wants to talk about Brexit much at all. It's either overwhelmingly excruciating or overwhelmingly boring. Or both.
I like snakes. I like their sense of scale.
I enjoy a bit of leek sometimes.
I like The Usher too. Sounds pretty badass, actually.
A comic featuring characters other than Mark. Talking about Mark. Well, at least they've got his name right.
Honestly, people who think there's a joke to be had...
Well, we've got a name now...

Yeah, never dismiss a person's name. It doesn't matter if they chose it themselves or if it's not their legal name - call people what they want you to call them. (And don't backhandedly refer to them by a different name when around other people - especially not when they're in the room. And no arguing about it if they correct you!)
@kidcthulhu: Snark is fun. :)
Spiders often like to hang out outside my room. I don't really mind them all that much.