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I hate it when parents do this. They are pretty much forcing me and their kid into a hug that at least one of us doesn't want, if not both. I have a relative who's a master at this even though they used to get it that I Don't Like Hugs (except in controlled situations with very particular people not including them). Aaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh.
Well, I'm enjoying it. I like it when there's a mix of wacky hijinks and varying amounts of drama.
You should always take a toy iguana in your pocket wherever you go. Just in case. You know?
Mmmmmm, cake....

I don't think anyone should feel guilty for eating cake. Cake is just too good.
If I were to fall in love it would be with my 3DS. And no-one will ever convince me otherwise.
First comic, yay! And it's about... my own stupidity and left handedness? Of course, I'm not really that silly - I'm sillier than that because I use both sides of each page without taking into account how uncomfortable it is when the spines are on the left (or rotating 180 degrees - or pi for mathematicians). I don't like wasting notebook or having to rotate all the time.
June 22nd, 2018
Maria's hair is totally awesome. Does this mean that we might see more of Centerville High? Oooh...
June 12th, 2018
@Guest: because he is evil and:

n -> e in rot 17
o -> v in rot 7
s -> i in rot 16
e -> l in rot 7

Therefore it's there to tell us how evil he is.
June 11th, 2018
Huzzah! Brother Arthur used Confront! It's super effective!
@Jarvi: Yeah. Even if she knows logically that she wouldn't actually want that kind of attention, it really must be playing into her insecurities about her looks or her body or whatever that she didn't get asked by the guy who was asking almost anyone. (For some reason Debbie strikes me as feeling insecure about these things, and anyway those of us brought up as girls are taught to feel this way by society and such like. Man, society sucks).
@Username_not_found: (and @B37H) I was going for a correct example where it works there... Maybe I didn't make that clear enough though, so this one's on me. Sorry! (Should I have gone for "I thought it was just me he acted like that as well" there? Probably)
@12AbbyRainbow: It's "to" because if you rearrange the sentence it would be "to" there, whereas if it was "too" you could replace it with a synonym such as "as well".

Eg "He acted like that to me."
"Maybe lots of other girls had this run-in as well."

Little technical details matter to me as a writer because I want to make my work as good as possible. And I suspect a lot of creators find that as well. (I didn't say anything about it because others had already commented and so such would be pointless and piling on, so plenty of people may have thought the same way too. So people do know)
I love Holly and it's nice to see her being serious. And as I suspected, she didn't even think of reporting it until nudged by Emily to. And nice to hear that Brother Arthur is being a good egg and collecting data points on Todd.

And as for Todd... we know he never asked Colette or Debbie who are Seniors who could take him to prom, but he did ask Ana and Chanel who aren't Seniors and as he isn't one himself they wouldn't be allowed to go. Which makes his omissions even more odd. I'm starting to think his asking Chanel was very much a last-ditch attempt because of her race (as opposed to which class she's in) because Colette is definitely black and Debbie could be a poc as well? (her skin colour is a bit darker than much of the cast) Todd does give off racist vibes in his interactions with Colette (the first time he makes a 'tch' sound at him ( and the second time he doesn't even look at Colette ( (and actually those two pages show Todd's escalation very nicely - the first time, he is somewhat put out and a little mad but also he is muttering and trying to be unheard, whereas in the second link he is now shouting and being very clear about his anger. A nice touch))

I wonder who Debbie may have witnessed being asked out by Todd. Possibly Emily, given she was in the general area for that (, although she'd probably have mentioned it was Emily if she'd known it was. She may have been hanging around to witness Rain's seeing as that was almost directly after Debbie confronted Rain, though I don't think she'd stick around after being called out on her shit. If it was I'm worried about Rain - Debbie already feels jealousy towards Rain over Emily and this will only stick the envy nail in further. Because Rain got asked out and she didn't, even if it was by the sketchiest guy in school. It could be worse than that, even - Debbie might have half-witnessed Todd's asking Emily out and thought that *Rain* was the one being asked out, in which case the last panel here: ? Debbie would see that as Emily sticking up for "that bitch" Rain which could really motivate her to screw with Rain to get her out of the picture once again. So I really hope Debbie saw one of the other fifty-odd askings of Todd.
@12AbbyRainbow: Jocelyn has said she won't be retelling the games's storyline:

She later elaborates a little more on what we might expect: 18/

I'm looking forward to July or whenever when she starts posting. Queer and trans characters, and Pokémon, what's not to like? :D
@12AbbyRainbow: Nope, Emily and Rain were trying to keep it secret because of Emily's old friends and Rudy:
@Blop: It *is* risky, but:

a) Maria already knows her parents have been called to the school. And that they were at work when they were called ( and so they're likely going to go straight to the school without going home first.

b) Even if they did pop home between leaving work and going to the school for some reason, there would still be signs of life in the house while they're there (lights turned on, car in driveway, etc.)

c) If the parents were to turn up while she was there (a genuine possibility in that situation) she likely already knows alternate routes of getting out or places she can quickly and temporarily hide in. (Rudy's room, maybe?) She's probably been thinking of escaping for a while (given the conversion therapy stuff first was brought up around a month ago in comic time) so it's fairly conceivable she's been planning in her head, possibly she packed some bags in case she needed to move quickly as well. (This is stuff I've been thinking of lately and I'm in nowhere near the same danger as Maria right now. I've got a bag that is practically ready to go just in case)

d) Maria's got a good support network here and it's plausible any of them might have lent their phone to Rudy with Blair's number so when the Strongwells leave the school Rudy can text Blair with warning and so Maria and Blair can scarper. (There's likely at least a couple of minutes between the school and home. Though it's also plausible none of them think of this, they are all teenagers after all.)

e) Would you trust your sibling with your underwear drawer? [/sillyjoke]

(of course, this is all a moot point anyway seeing as we already know she succeeded in her mission)
@12AbbyRainbow: I suppose it could be a shortened form of Abel or Abraham? That way it could be(come) gender neutral.
@Itsmekystanley: You can do that if you have a long line with no spaces in.
Taking the whole planet, about 1 in 4 people is Chinese (or so I've heard). But if you were to look at only the people I'd met, for instance, you'd find pretty much no Chinese people and loads of people Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin. People we meet are not evenly distributed, we tend to be attracted to those who are similar to us or familiar to us. Nothing here seems unrealistic to me. (and I'm a bit of a maths nerd, but then anyone who is a maths nerd should know that statistics are imperfect and easily manipulated and that people are not even distributions)

It's a shame that Cole(tte) had to discover his trans nature by hearing his parents' transphobic gripes. It's a shame those attitudes exist in society to be honest. In my country there's been a rise in transphobic "debate" over the past year or so that's completely misinformed and misguided (basically the government are considering updating the law so it's easier for trans people to change their birth certificates and maybe allow for legal recognition of non-binary genders. You'd hear a very different story from the 'phobes, though). Still, the situation is going to improve over time - it will just take patience and a hell of a lot of hard work. But for now it's sad that trans kids have to figure it all out on their own without the help of their parents - and even with the antagonism of such like.

(Apologies if I am rambling a bit much - trying to keep my mind off of something.)
I like Col(ette) already and I am liking seeing more of them. Can't wait to see where this goes. *keeping ambiguous about gender until certain any way or another*