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Kanilla Maxwell

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Now you made me laugh at the thought of Guthlac trying to sway Scarrow into ballroom dancing in fancy tuxedos, or possibly attempt to have a bunch of red roses sent to Scarrow's room. There's the good old kiss-on-the-hand as well ;)
@archia: Either Guthlac is smooth and direct with the whole flirting-thing, or he's stiff and unintentionally awkward, with a dollop of creepy on top.

Or something like that :)
Hey, Archia! You might want to fix the spelling error in the first panel :)

I'm glad to see that Guthlac can appear comforting too. He certainly seems to know what to say in any situation (although I wonder what would happen in a situation where he might need to flirt, like Fidus did with Scarrow). And really, Guthlac is so dapper on this page that it's hard to see anything else.
Oh gosh, look at Guthlac's fancy hat *3* I really enjoy this look on him, Archia. Now, Arin's question is very valid from his point of view- I doubt he ever did anything wrong in his servitude, so why would his master want to sell him?
This page is incredibly intense and gorgeous at the same time :) Love the perspectives!
Hey, Archia :) Sorry about my lack of comments. I've been exhausted and busy in general, but I'd never miss out on an update!

I don't have much to say, but I do enjoy these pages with a lack of light and little text~ I'm curious to see what sort of action Guthlac will take. Good luck with commissions!
My guess is that someone poisoned Vanilla's drink at a club the previous night, Hertz went monster-mode-gung-ho on the person who did it, but somehow managed to tear down one of the stripper poles and get it jabbed through his hand, which, at the time, was holding his phone.


I'm curious to see what the actual story is, though!
I've been good :) I just haven't had the energy or words to comment much, but I'm always around, lurking. As much as I enjoy the wonderfully drawn sex, I'm one of those people who are eager to get back to plot too. XD. There is so much delicious plot to unfold!

That first panel with Scarrow pushing his face into the pillow is adorable, though~ And it's nice to see them gradually come down from the high and smile about it.
This makes my day a little better. I always enjoy seeing characters make faces, and sex faces are both amusing and attractive. I honestly don't have much to say right now, but I enjoy the composition of the page and Scarrow's drunken smirk in that second panel~

(and I feel oddly pleased about seeing nipples? They seem to be left out in many pictures/comics I see, for some reason)
Such gentle faces you make, Fidus. What a tricky person you are~ I have a bit of a silly question, actually- do vampires generally have little to no body hair, or is that just an aesthetical preference of yours? A completely unimportant question, but it tickled my mind.

As LuckyDespair commented, I also can't help but wonder if Guthlac would have had a whole other approach to the mission in Fidus's shoes. I suppose Guthlac's humanity is somewhat deeper buried than Fidus's, possibly because of the age gap there (every time I read a new page of Enthrall I want to go draw Guthlac. I think he might have wormed his way into my heart as a favourite, for reasons I can't distinguish. I feel like there are so many complicated things to him that we have yet to see!).

And Archia, my dear, you are doing a wonderful job with the mood in their foreplay~ The shift in angles is pleasant!
Oh gosh, your answer to another comment on how Guthlac's sexiness is hidden beneath all of those layers. XD. Well hidden, I imagine, but once it comes out it's probably a deadly thing.

The intertwining of the two scenes is interesting! I'm not sure what they say about Fidus's feeings, but I'm curious to find out why they appear in his mind at the same time. I certainly can't complain about the Scarrow part of the flashback :)
This is my girlfriend and me, yep. With her being the one who won't kiss :)
Oh gosh, all the little things on this page~ I love how Scarrow goes from surprise to having a moment of decision/hesitation, then deciding to roll with it in the next moment. I love subtle little gestures like that~

Smooth adjustment to any situation is a must-have-talent for any undercover agent! ;) And height differences are ridiculously hot. Really. No matter how much of a chameleon Fidus is though, I believe that he does care about Scarrow- why else would he shield him from the explosion? Looking at that last panel too, I just want to melt, because any sex between them seems like it will be oddly tender (despite Scarrow's occupation), and I'm all for that.

Looking forward to the rest of this scene! ;)
Pffft, what the heck, Fidus. That is a foxy smirk right there~ He's a smooth one. He certainly has Scarrow charmed ;) I sort of get the feeling that there are many, many sides to Fidus that we have yet to see- and that he's a bit of a chameleon that shows whichever side that suits the situation.

I quite like the panel where Scarrow is looking up at Fidus in the middle row. Height difference is sexy!
I don't think Fidus is listening in those last panels, Jack. Sorry.

And well, if there is nsfw stuff about to go down, I think you can count on many of us biting our knuckles in joy over that. It's good to see that Fidus can make startled/scared faces too, though!

Though I wonder...what happened to Jack in the end? Maybe he's a slave too now :<

And if someone is not following your Tumblr, they are missing out ;)
I think you'll have to kick us out and board up your site if you want us to go away, Archia m'dear. Haha, I'll admit, I just really ejoy seeing Fidus and Arin interact. It provides some emotional relief from all the less pleasant things that are happening in the current time of the comic! As for relatable characters and people preferring Scarrow over Arin, I honestly relate better to Arin. Maybe people prefer Scarrow because he's got the tenser, angrier story going on, while Arin's is calm and mellow (so far). Shippers do love their tension, especially the sexual sort, haha.

Scarrow makes one adorable drunk :) I knew there had to be a relaxed man in him, deep, deep down there, hidden away under frustration. It's really nice to see them both being so casual (although Fidus is, technically, on the job here).

You know, you should do a Christmas-themed picture for the upcoming holidays ;) Could be good colour practice to have a Christmas tree with pretty lights and a fireplace burning~

Edit: I just went back to read some earlier pages, and I noticed that there's quite a bit of change to your style! Your more recent pages have this looser, sketchier, lighter look that I really like compared to the heavier line quality of the older ones :) It's one of those things you don't notice until you go back to compare.
This page- THIS page. Oh gosh, it's such a delight to see Arin smile like that! We have scarcely seen him happy so far, so this is a little gold nugget. And well, I think Arin can be forgiven for being protective of Fidus; it seems like a natural reaction to the one person who, to Arin, must have cared about him when he was a slave. I don't think Arin's motives and thoughts are very hard to understand, given his background. That he seems lost when it comes to his own freedom is just natural, since he was a slave for so long. The familiar often feels safer :)

Now, let's see what the secrecy of Fidus is all about ;)

If I am to critique this page in any way, I'd say that it has quite a lot of panels. Judging by the exchange of looks between our two dark-and-handsome, I'd say they are about to have a very serious discussion!

Archia, you make me want to draw your babies. Constantly. They are entirely too handsome~
Tumblr is pretty useless when it comes to responding to comments, sadly.

I'm looking forward to the Fidus flashback! Let's see if he has less kind and charming sides to him too ;) I'm going to assume that not a whole lot of people are aware of Arin's connection to Fidus (not many seem to have been aware of Fidus at all, so I'm guessing the Matriarch has used him to do secret stuff over en extended period of time?). I understand why Arin is getting chewed out- it's pretty stupid to go up against a vampire in any manner when you're human. I still want to cheer him up and pet that sad puppy face, though :<